1. manfre


  2. J

    Ridgid 12", 100 tooth Fine cut blade $59

    Made my trip to HF this morning and got the two HVLP sprayers I wanted for $9.99 each. After lunch, stopped at HD and they had reduced the price of their 12", 100 tooth fine cut off blade to $59, from $74. Didn't think to check and see if was an Italian made blade though.
  3. Bigdog72

    Bandsaw Blade Storage Solution

    Built this last week for corralling my bandsaw blades. Took the design from one I saw in Wood magazine. Sure beats having them lay in a drawer waiting like cactus to bite me.
  4. Bigdog72

    Best Blade For....

    Need recommendations for the best replacement blade available for a compound sliding miter saw? Only cutting wood as of now.
  5. S

    Table Saw - not 90 degrees after lowering blade

    I had noticed some vibrations (by sound more than anything) after I installed my zero clearance insert. It sounded like the blade was rubbing on the insert. I've realized today that when I raise the blade and spin it by hand (unplugged of course) the blade moves freely and doesn't touch the...
  6. J

    The Little Blade That Could

    Title for this post was stolen from an article by Mark Dugenskie in FWW several years ago. It's the 1/4, .025, 6TPI, hook pattern, bi metal blade. As far as I'm concerned this is about the only blade most will ever need for the band saw. I do everything with it. Plus being bi metal, they outlast...
  7. CarvedTones

    Craftsman 10" Compound Sliding Miter Saw w/ Freud Crosscut Blade - $75 (Cary)

    NOT MINE (if I had a spare $75, I would be considering it though)... Craftsman 10" Compound Sliding Miter Saw w/ Freud Crosscut Blade - $75 (Cary) Date: 2011-05-06, 10:05AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when...
  8. T

    Saw blade cleaner

    Is there a common household item that works as well as the more expensive blade cleaners - removing pitch etc. from blades?
  9. T

    DADO Blade issues

    All I have a Craftsman wobble DADO blade that cuts a slant to the bottom of the DADO. For the life of me I can not figure out whats wrong with it. I have another one which does not do this and they seem like they are set up the same. Any safe ideas on how to fix this. Thanks Terry
  10. A

    Table Saw Blade Deflection When Crosscutting Hardwood

    I'm trying to crosscut 1 1/2" thick by 4 1/2" wide ash on my table saw, but I'm getting uneven cuts. The cut profile is more or less convex, with the leading and trailing edge cut deeper and the middle of the cut proud. The difference is about 0.005-0.006" on a piece that I just cut. Is this...
  11. W

    Need new 71/2 saw blade

    I have a generic 7 1/2 inch blade on my circular saw and need to upgrade and need suggestions. I will use it mainly for ripping large stock down to manageable:saw: size. I don't know what to get and would appreciate any and all suggestions. thanks.
  12. riderkb

    adjustable blade stabilizer

    I'm trying to find a product that I've seen, but I can't remember where or what it is called . . . It looks like a blade stabilizer disk for a TS or RAS, but it has set-screws around the perimeter so that you can tweak the blade to run perfectly true. Sound familiar? I can't find it anywhere.
  13. sash plane

    #3 Lie-Nielsen Toothing blade in Stanley Bailey #3

    Does anybody know if a LN blade will fit a Reg Ole Stanley Bailey plane...? I have a #3 Bailey that i want to buy a toothing blade for, if the LN blade will fit...? If anybody has done this, how was the results planing with the toothed blade... Thank you... Steve
  14. llucas

    Band Saw bad blood, just bad blade..

    So, as a full disclosure, I am generally "safe" around power tools but was using my Rikon 10-345 18" BS yesterday to round up a bowl blank in a "not quite safe" way....the surface of the blank against the table had been partially flattened for stability...but obviously not enough stability...
  15. manfre

    Circular saw blade recommendations

    I have a hand-me-down 7 1/4" sawcat that is old and most likely has the original blade (looks like a 24T). The info plate on the saw has worn off and the blade has no marking on it. Assuming I can clean up the bottom plate (it's clearly been used on asphalt shingles at least once) and the blade...
  16. W

    Need help with BT3000: Raising Blade

    I am having trouble raising the blade completely on my BT3000. I found this out when trying to remove a dado blade and not being able to raise the blade far enough above the internal dust cover. I had to loosen the screws on the dust cover to get the blade off. With the normal blade...
  17. MrAudio815

    Grizzly G0490 4 Blade Cutterhead--For Sale???

    Hello NCWW's, I have the G0490 Jointer that I upgraded the cutter head to the BYRD Shelix cutter head immediately. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying the 4 knife cutter head? I put it in BYRD Shelix wooden box so it is nice and protected for shipping. The blades were never...
  18. R

    Table Saw blade alignment

    Hello fellow woodworkers. I recently purchased a new Incra TSLS fence system for my Table saw. While waiting for it to arrive I decided to check out my alignments on the saw today. What I found is the rear of the blade to the left miter is off by .004 away from the fence (checked by a dial...
  19. W

    Recommend blade guard for unisaw?

    I havd a Delta unisaw with unifence that is 10 yrs old(don't know model numbwr) Am wanting to add blade guard and am seeking recommendations from you all out there as to which one do u think is the best (or worst) and why. Really appreciate any and all input. Am using Gripper splitter with...
  20. kooshball

    Help setting the blade in Stanley Bailey #4 plane!!

    I was given an old Stanley Bailey #4 plane recently (with the ridges in the sole). The trouble is that I can't get the iron to sit in the mouth properly. With the bevel down the iron will sit flush with the front of the mouth which won't allow the shavings to come through the sole. I have...

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