1. Bigdog72

    Broken blade guard

    Set up my 10 year old Delta 36-220 miter saw to cut 2x's today and the screw that attaches the blade guard to the control arm broke out of the plastic. This saw survived two moves and no use for 3 years but nothing lasts forever! Went online to see how much a new blade guard is and they are no...
  2. dancam

    Figuring band saw blade length

    I just got my e-mail newletter from Wood Mag and they had the following free tip for measuring blade length on a band saw. It sure beats tying a string around the wheels. Dan C. Figuring band saw blade length How do you figure the length for a band saw that doesn't have a blade to measure...
  3. Ken Massingale

    Freud Fusion TS Blade

    Having used a Forrest WWII for a few years I decided to take advantage of Peachtree's 25% off sale and grab a Freud Fusion. The Fusion is a 30 degree Hi- ATB 40 tooth blade. I initially had burning when ripping Maple but discovered the rip fence was kicked in a couple of thousandths at the end...
  4. J

    Lowes blade deals

    Earlier I was in the Walnut Street Lowes in Cary. They are clearancing the Delta 7657 for $33.97. The Delta 60 tooth crosscut blade is now $39.99. They also have Hitachi 60 tooth SCM blades for $32.97. The Hitachi blades have plenty of carbide for sharpening, and package says it was made in...
  5. MikeL

    Tensioning Issue w/ New Bandsaw Blade

    I just received a new Bladerunner bandsaw blade in the mail from Iturra Designs. After replacing the factory blade, I am having problems properly tensioning the new blade. It seems that the blade may be too long? :eusa_thin Has anyone run into this issue before? I don't want to mess up the...
  6. J

    Amazon Blade Deals

    Amazon is at it again. Use code BLDPROMO and get 20% off, buy a qualifying power tool and get an additional 20% off. Right now using just the BLDPROMO code and free shipping I can get a Delta 7657 delivered for about $33.00. I have one that need sharpening, but- $8.95 shipping, $13.00...
  7. redhawknc1

    Buying 1st dado blade, which one?

    Confused about dado blades. Have never really used one and needing to cut dado's in a project I'm starting soon. Have a Delta/Rockwell 10" Contractor Saw and a DeWalt 9" RAS. The brands I have been researching are Forrest Dado King and the Freud line-up (stack,safety and dial a width)...
  8. Rescue U

    Great Dado Blade!

    Hey Guys, I just picked up a new Freud Dado Pro blade, and it is really sweet. I was using an Oldham previously, due to using my router table for dadoes more often, but this thing is accurate, and makes seriously flat bottom dadoes. Later, Dom
  9. J

    A good blade for less than forty bucks.

    Today, I was ripping some laminated 12/4 white oak to size. I was using a DeWalt/ Delta 7657 blade. There was almost no burning, and the cuts were jointer smooth. I have had this blade on my saw for about four months now. Best part is this blade, in the Delta version, is only $39.99 at Lowes...
  10. michaelgarner

    Stanley #12 scraper blade

    Hello friends, I was wondering if you fine people knew of any place I could purchase a Stanley #12 scraper blade. I looked at the usual WW places on the net and the closest one was from LN using one of their #112 blades. It is is only 2 7/8" wide. The slot of the one I just purchased (stole it...
  11. S

    What blade do you use??

    I was in Branson Mo. last week and went to a theme park called "Silver Dollar City". It has lots of crafts and demonstrations of craftsmen working with rustic/antique tools, like foot powered lathes, belt driven saws, ect. One man was using an old lathe and cutting out name plates. He was...
  12. rick7938

    Freud Blade Stabilizer

    I just bought a Freud Blade Stabilizer for my 10" Delta Contractor saw. When I opened the package, I found 2 stabilizers. Does one go on each side of the blade or are there 1 stabilizer for 2 applications? I thought that they only went on the outside of the blade, but must be wrong. Thanks...
  13. J

    Need RAS blade suggestion ...

    Hey All, I would like a suggestion for a 10" blade (crosscut) for a Craftsman radial arm saw, I've been told to use a negative grind. I've used the saw for years and have fought the other blades the whole time. I am looking for areasonably priced blade. Thank you all for any suggestions...
  14. Jon

    what saw blade do you like?

    When I picked up the saw from Tom Hintz I asked him what blades he liked on a Table saw. I have 2 Freud blades but I am sure there is something better I just dont know what. Tell me what you like and why. I cut plywood and various hardwoods.
  15. skysharks

    Bandsaw + Carbide Blade = Oh My Gawd

    WOW Night and Day isn't a good enough decription for what went thru my head when I first cut with this thing. I bought the TRI master Carbide tip 1/2" blade for my souped up grizzly. I had a new blade on there from grizzly, but when I put this new one on today when I got it. I almost fell thru...
  16. L

    Dado blade for radial arm saw

    Can dado blades for tablesaw be used on radial arm saw? Are they the same? Lorraine
  17. mkepke

    Hacksaw blade for spring steel ?

    I'm trying to cut a modern handsaw blade into pieces (to make other tools) but I'm not having good luck using the bimetal recip or 'regular' hacksaw blades I have on hand. The handsaw steel just rapidly wears the teeth right off the cutting tools - even using a bit of cutting oil. Should I be...
  18. J

    Bench Dog Blade Loc- $2.99

    Wife and I went down to Erwin tonite. Inventory showed they had one Biese fence in stock. I called a couple of days ago, and tool world girl said she had sold two recently, but couldn't find the third. She assumed it was gone. We went looking. Passed their clearanc table, and saw Bench dog Blade...
  19. ScottM

    Blade sharpening

    I am looking for a recommendation or recommendations on a good place to get table saw blades sharpened. I would prefer a place in Cary / Apex but it could anywhere in this area.
  20. nelsone

    Bandsaw Blade Question

    Is there a bandsaw blade that works well at cutting veneers at 1/8" and thinner that will work on my HF BS/w riser (105" blade)? I have a 1/2" 3tpi Timberwolf blade, but it seems to leave some pretty deep saw marks. Not sure if this is the blade or the saw! I want to be able to use this for...

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