1. R

    Table saw blade warping

    I’ve had an ongoing issue with my hybrid Grizzly table saw for a while now and despite my best efforts I can’t figure out how to fix it. . When I install the blade the it warps in the middle at the arbor. It’s like a really shallow bowl. It is a full kerf Diablo. I have a Woodpeckers SRX...
  2. scrollsaw blade stand

    scrollsaw blade stand

    Simple scrollsaw blade stand from PVC pipe, color coded and with a blade size per minimum radius chart.
  3. jonnyfontaine

    Best vintage plane irons that'll fit a modern plane

    I know a lot has been written about how so old irons are as good if not better than new and aftermarket planes. There's a plane iron called STS (I think) that tapers to 1/4" thick at the cutter. Does anyone know of that would fit with a modern chip breaker. Or can anyone recommend any other...
  4. Blade Organizer - Filled

    Blade Organizer - Filled

  5. Blade Organizer - Rear

    Blade Organizer - Rear

  6. Blade Organizer - Front

    Blade Organizer - Front

    Here is something I worked up a while back to hold our scroll saw blades… The top is a 1x and the bottom is a 2x pine with 1/4” plywood sides. I drilled the top and bottom at the same time by using double sided tape to hold them together while I drilled the holes…
  7. 0311121121a


  8. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Sharp Blade

  9. cpw

    Best Bandsaw Blade for curves?

    I have read all the raves about woodslicer resaw blades, but does anyone have a favorite brand of 3/16" - 1/4" blade for cutting curves? I need one for my Jet 18".
  10. thrt15nc

    Grizzly G0555 and blade guides ?

    I’ve got the Grizzly G0555 (not the X) bandsaw that I got back in 2003 or 2004. I added the extension kit last year and put on better tires. I like it, but I’m wondering if changing the blade guides to cool blocks or something like that would help. I just can’t get a good feeling about how well...
  11. HMH

    Over the blade dust collection - pros/cons.

    Hey folks, With my baby boy looking to venture out into the shop (garage) more and more, efficient dust collection has moved to the top of my list of priorities. (Not the easiest task when you're an OWWM guy - DC wasn't really on the radar at that point in our history). I've got a solid game...
  12. Hook

    This blade changing mechanism has GOT to change

    Spend some time working on a lighthouse clock and got tired of struggling with changing blades on my Delta SS350. So I switched projects. Pattern courtesy of SSW&C
  13. Sandy Rose

    Which Bandsaw Blade?

    I need to replace the stock blade on my bandsaw - What are everyone's opinion between Grizzly and Timberwolf? It takes a 59.25" blade so I need to special order it from one or the other since no one stocks that size. Any advice/other suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. CrealBilly

    .023 kerf TS blade

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a 10" TS blade that cuts a .023 kerf? I've looked around and all I've found is this one. I sure would like more options than just one. There is also one here but the required stabilizers are turning me off. I'm wondering if a custom saw shop might be able...
  15. scsmith42

    Small bandsaw blade advice sought

    I snapped the band on my 17" Grizzly bandsaw recently and need to replace it. I use this saw for everything but resawing, and the band that I snapped was 1/4" deep, around .028 thick, and 10 tpi. I really like the general purpose nature of this band. The Grizzly band worked well, but before...
  16. golfdad

    Delta Dado Blade

    Does anyone have the Delta 7670 dado blade and if so how good is the quality ?:help:
  17. sawman101

    Dressing Blade Clamp Screw on DW788

    I experienced a lot of blade breakage on my DW788 awhile back. The blade clamp screw must be flat to work correctly, and my attempts at hand dressing them just wasn't good enough. I found a quick and simple way to accomplish this task. I took a piece of hardwood, approximately 1/4" thick. The...
  18. N

    Where to buy biscuit blade near Apex?

    I need a generic Feud/CMT blade for my Dewalt biscuit joiner today and calls to big boxes came up dry. Anybody know where I can find one local?
  19. decibel

    Good dedicated rip blade?

    Looking for some advice on a rip blade. I currently use the Forrest WWII and Love it. I make end grin cutting boards from time to time and usually just leave in the Forrest and it's fine. Last week I was matching out several And decided to switch to my Freud rip blade from home depot. It...
  20. The Damage

    The Damage

    The Damaged saw blade

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