1. S

    DeWalt 12, DB Slider w/new Blade $300 Cornelius

    NOt MinE ! Dewalt Heavy Duty Saw - $300 (Cornelius) Date: 2011-01-21, 5:59PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a DEWALT Heavy-Duty 12 In. Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter...
  2. A

    Unisaw Blade guard and extension table

    The uniguard mounting bracket will not mount with the extension table attached on a 1984 unisaw. Has anyone else run into this problem? Also what is a good link that will give me all sorts of information on the Unisaw. I did not get a book with it
  3. S

    Model Maker's Table Saw 4 Inch Blade - $45 (Walnut Cove)

    FOR THOSE REALLY BIG Projects, not min Model Maker's Table Saw 4 Inch Blade - $45 (Walnut Cove) Date: 2011-01-18, 9:19AM EST Reply to: see below Model builders saw 4 inch carbide blade. adjustable height and angle. Email me at...
  4. L

    blade sharpening

    Does anyone know of a good place to have table saw blades sharpened. I've been shipping them to Michigan and hope to find someone closer and quicker.
  5. S

    12 Blade Mix Fein Multimaster, Bosch, SECCO Multi tool - $60 (Morrisville)

    $5 per blade, not mine 12 Blade Mix Fein Multimaster, Bosch, SECCO Multi tool - $60 (Morrisville) Date: 2011-01-10, 1:58PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This set is brand new and...
  6. Canuck

    Happy Birthday Sharp Blade

    :new_birthHappy Birthday Anna- Catherine!:new_birth Wishing you a great day full of pleasant surprises. Wayne
  7. tkpinsc

    moderate priced rip blade

    What are some of the popular 10" rip blades for a 3hp cabnet saw. Price, ease of cut and glue line quality of cut are my priorities. Don't care about kerf thickness or a flat bottom cut. I have always used a combo blade but I currently have six or seven hundred feet of cherry to rip. It was...
  8. A

    Digital Blade Tilt Indicator

    Since Wixey is not planning to make a digital tilt unit for the tablesaw, I decided to take matters into my own hands so I wouldn't need to continuously mess with the tilt box. I made a simple bracket for the Wixey angle gauge and attached it to my saw- now I have a bit more precision, more...
  9. Wolfpacker

    Band Saw blade

    I just remembered that my bandsaw blade (original blade on Ridgid BS) broke a while back after very, very little use. It should have a good bit of life left in it, but didn't know if I can have it welded back and be usable. Isn't that how they're made to start with ? If I have to buy a new...
  10. buildintechie

    Laser or LED Blade system for miter saw

    All- I'd like to get (for christmas) a laser for my dewalt 12" miter saw, and when I was looking online, noticed another system that casts a shadow to show where the blade will go. Has anybody experienced either of these two systems? What do you think of them? Thanks Laser system...
  11. W

    Freud box joint blade set

    For those of you that have a local sears store, they are clearanceing out the freud 8" box joint blade set for 24.97. They are still priced at 99.00 but they ring up at 24.97 at the register. The concord store still had 2 left this evening after I purchased one. Wayne
  12. steviegwood

    Need good economical bandsaw blade?

    Hi Folks, I am in need of some 131 & 1/2" bandsaw blades in 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" . Where is the best most economical place to purchase them? I want to make some bandsaw boxes along with doing a lot of contouring shelf edges. I have no experience with these smaller blades in this application so I...
  13. kooshball

    good cross-cut blade for circular saw?

    I have a standard, no bells or whistles circular saw (7 1/4") that I need to use to cross-cut what will become the top of my 61" wide dresser. Any recommendations for a good cross-cut blade that won't give any tear out (the top is 3/4" walnut)? Thanks
  14. zapdafish

    craftsman lawn mower blade clearance

    I didn't realize it till it rang up at the register but a $19.99 22" craftsman lawnmower blade rang up for $7.97 today. I think I got the last one at cary towne mall but they had larger sized ones. Pretty nice deal.
  15. steviegwood

    Need a planer blade sharpening jig

    Hi Folks,does anyone make and sell a planer blade sharpening jig? I have a 12" & a 13" lunchbox planer and a 6&1/8" joiner. I am willing to pay or trade with someone that is willing to make the jig(s) that I need to be able to sharpen these blades. I have not been able to find anyone local that...
  16. zapdafish

    Q for Toolferone about Freud blade coatings

    Was looking at the Freud rip blades and have two options, the red Perma-SHIELD® coating or Silver ICE™ coating. The Red is 15 bucks more, what's difference? Based on price I am guessing the Red is better but not sure how, if the width of the cutters is wider than the blade, how does the wood...
  17. Diamond circular saw blade - Wet/Dry

    Diamond circular saw blade - Wet/Dry

    Diamond circular saw blade - Wet/Dry
  18. S

    HF circular saw blade sharpener

    Has any one used one of these " 120 volt circular saw blade sharpener sku# 96687" from Harbor freight.
  19. M

    Freud P410 Premier Fusion 10-Inch 40 Tooth Hi-ATB General Purpose Saw Blade

    Freud P410 Premier Fusion 10-Inch 40 Tooth Hi-ATB General Purpose Saw Blade Down to $80.92 right now. Average is $99
  20. A

    Band Saw Tension & Blade Breaking

    First thing is i have not touched a band saw since jr. high and i'm 65. I bought a Skil band saw (not the best) and have broken a number of bands. Given my learning curve it has taken a few changes to get the hang of setting the tension. My question is, is there any other reason for the bands...

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