1. cskipper

    Local lumber source

    We found a man in the Forest City area who has a portable saw mill. He cut several trees for us and we were pleased with his service and prices. If anyone is looking for someone to cut downed trees into useful lumber let me know and I'll share his contact information.
  2. Tarhead

    Source for 1970's Era Bath Tile?

    My Mom used the towel rod in her bathroom by the toilet as a grab bar and snapped it in two. While my Dad was trying to wedge a replacement rod into the ceramic holders, one of them popped loose and crashed to the floor cracking into about 20 pieces. The bathroom is a lovely 1972 light...
  3. Mike Davis

    good source

    Our clothes dryer quit. We like the old Maytag we have and I don't want to spend money foolishly. So off to to diagnose and order parts. I plug in my make, model and symptoms and up comes the part I need. New motor $129 + second day shipping $12.95 + two hours...
  4. C

    Source for 8/4 walnut - chair stock

    I need a few more boards for DR chairs. Been a year since I finished the table and someone that I live with here (no names given :nah:) thinks I should start making some progress. :gar-La; I probably need 3 more boards depending on width. AD would be fine so long as it is DRY. Chuck
  5. Gregory Paolini

    Source for Prefinished maple/birch ply - Goldsboro area

    Hi folks, Hope someone can help me out. I'm trying to help a friend that's in the Goldsboro area. He's getting ready to start building Kitchen Cabinets. I'd really like if he could find some pre-finished plywood out that way. It could be eith birch, or maple. It's just going to be for the...
  6. Rhythm House Drums

    Good source for Walnut around Charlotte

    I'm actually in Matthews and am looking for a reasonable source for Walnut and other hardwoods, but mostly walnut. I use a lot of it in what I do, and so far have only found prices I find way high, or the selection is extremely limited. I've seen it over 11 bucks a board foot.. I currently...
  7. M

    Curly Maple source in NC

    In the need of some Curly Maple for a desk project and wondering if there is a dealer in NC, other than Woodcraft or the Woodworking Shop that has this in stock for sale. Thanks in advance. Mike.
  8. manfre

    Source for practice bowl blanks

    I need a lot of practice turning bowls before I end up with something that will not be destined for a fire pit. I picked up a few of the economy blanks during my last trip to Klingspor, but even that is a little bit more expensive than I'd like to pay to practice. Any suggestions would be...
  9. J

    Hardwood source

    Hi, I am new to the forum and Eastern NC. I have just moved to New Bern and can't find a source of furniture grade hardwood that sells retail. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, joe
  10. cskipper

    Rick at the Woodworking Source Rock!!!!!

    :thumbs_up I had the opportunity to visit the Woodworking Source today and enjoyed meeting Rick and Dane. They were extremely helpful and I recommend them to anyone needing lumber. I got a wonderful new stash of wood :eusa_danc, and got to meet fellow ncwwers! Rick, thanks again for all the...
  11. J

    Source for Spruce guitar bracewood?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a source of Spruce billets -- Sitka, Engleman, and/or Adirondack/Red, preferably split and unsawn -- for making guitar top & back braces. I'd like to find approx 20 bd ft. I have some testing to do with various bracing patterns and I'd like to find enough to complete...
  12. Bill Clemmons

    Need source to ID wood

    I'll admit, wood identification is not my strong suit. I'm "okay" at the more common species, especially if they're planed and jointed, and I can get a good look at the grain and color. But when I come to a species I don't use that often, or one that's still rough or weathered, I struggle...
  13. B

    Gregory Paolini table build class at The Woodworking Source

    The Limbert style coffee table build class at The Woodworking Source this past weekend was a blast! A big thanks goes out to Greg Paolini and Rick Dinardo of The Woodworking Source for putting this event together! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Greg is an outstanding teacher and put all skill...
  14. M

    source for rough cut

    i'm building a barn for my step son and will be needing 220 1x12x10 and 220 1x3x10 also some misc 1x6 and 1x8 16 long leaf southern yellow, dose anyone want to give me a price per bdft and estimate on how long it would take to fill the order? please keep it within an hour or two of moore county.
  15. LloydP

    Source for Northern White Cedar

    I am looking to build a couple of tables to match a cedar bed that we have had for some time. I seem to be having a hard time finding Northern White Cedar lumber. Does anyone know of a good source? Thanks.
  16. jarrett

    Hickory Bark source?

    Does anyone know of a place around Raleigh/Durham where I can get some Hickory Bark strips? It's the type generally used for chairmaking (but I'm interested in using it for coopering). Thanks!
  17. zapdafish

    looking for source for bulk foam brushes

    I've tested the Harbor Freight foam brushes but they started to break up on me as I used them to spread some Poly. I am looking for good quality that I can buy in bulk. Where do you buy yours from? Home depot etc has those bags but they mix in a bunch of sizes I don't want. thnx Steve
  18. TracyP

    New Class At The Woodworking Source

    Rick DiNardo and Greg Paolini have introduced a new class to be held at The Woodworking Source. There will be two seats that will be awarded as part of the current Drawing. These two seats will include class fees and quarter sawn white oak to build the project with. So sign up soon so your...
  19. L

    Douglas Fir source?

    I live in Western NC and am about to have an Arts and Crafts influenced house built. I wil be doing the trim and am looking for a local source for straight grain Douglas Fir. Any leads? Thank you in advance.
  20. buildintechie

    Need a source for Cedar

    All- I'm looking for 4/4 or 3/4 cedar, ideally 12" wide, and at least 1S2SE, or FAS. Anybody have a suggestion for a source? Thanks

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