1. G

    Turning Spruce?? And source for blanks??

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has tried turning spruce and would have any advice? We have a lot of old spruce wood in our school woodshop because they replaced our bleachers last year and kept the wood and I was going to attempt to turn it into pens as gifts for a few teachers around...
  2. sawduster

    thanks Woodworking Source

    When I need ( or want ) something, I generally try to buy locally ( within my county if possible ) . Failing that I next turn to sponsors listed on our site and then finally as a last resort to the wide world of the web. I recently decided to use my gift cert from the calendar contest towards...
  3. A

    Where's a good source of Oak & Pine

    Getting ready for my 1st Furniture project (Sofa Table). Wife said no more Toys the grandsons room is full. Since this will be my first try at making furniture I don't really want to get to expensive wood. For the toys I've been getting everything at Lowes. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. skysharks

    QS Red Oak and Black walnut ply source?

    Hey folks. I have some case work that I need to do, so I need some nice ply. Looking for black walnut and qs red oak plywood. Anyone know where the best place to get this from coming from the Fayetteville/Eastover area? Thanks in advance. MAc
  5. J

    Source for Black / Lombardy poplar slabs

    Does anyone know of a source for seasoned Black or Lombardy poplar in 10-12/4 thickness slabs approx. 18-20" wide x 4' long? I'm specific about the black / Lombardy variety, not the common tulip poplar ( I've got plenty of that right in the backyard!).I'm getting ready to build another upright...
  6. Truefire

    Anyone know of a good source for Elmer Pro Bond woodglue?

    Can you advise? looking somewhat reasonable price+ shipping for this glue, somewhere online. Chris
  7. S

    Need a source

    I am looking for sources for pine and/or cypress for a good price. I need boards that are 4/4 by 7 - 8 inches wide. Wood should be clear or nearly so. That's pretty reasonable for cypress but not so easy for pine. I live near in Virginia near the NC border North of Henderson and Roxboro. I...
  8. Mark Stewart

    Does any ne have a source for?

    I am looking for a source for jelutong wood. I would rather go to buy rather than ship. I am looking for 11*6 1/2*1 1/4 or there abouts. I have never known of this before it is for my co-worker as a gift for her hubby. Thanks Mark
  9. buildintechie

    Source for metal duct

    Hey all- Anybody have a suggestion for a source for metal duct for my dust collection system? I picked up a bunch of flex tubing from MarkE (thanks Mark!!) for making my final collections, but want to hard pipe my main branches. I've found the fittings I need at woodworker supply, but...
  10. UncleJoe

    looking for source for hardwood in East NC

    Great forum, I am really enjoying it. I live in New Bern NC and would like to find a good source for furniture grade hardwood. Anyone know a good dealer.
  11. BKind2Anmls

    Planer Arrived Home - Visit to WW Source

    Picked up my planer yesterday at the Woodworking Source. Thank you to everyone who helped get it a little farther down the line. Rick (TWWS) is a real nice guy and he has some beautiful wood at great prices. I got some great curly maple and my friend got some really amazing ambrosia maple. By...
  12. W

    Source for Juniper?

    I'm in the Winston area and looking for a source for 4/4 juniper .... for a boatbuilding project that will be strip-built. Can anyone point me somewhere, I don't mind travelling a bit, as I'll need about 250 Bd Ft. thanks
  13. D

    source for turquoise?

    I am a relative newbie and am considering making a lamp base out of a burl. I have heard of liquid turquoise and am wondering if that would be a good idea. The burl has a number of open areas on the top and sides--one area on top may be as large as a baseball. Thanks--don
  14. Scott Kuykendall

    Hardwood Source Charlotte to Spartanburg Area

    I was wondering if any one knows of some where that sells small Qty of hardwood between Charlotte Airport and Spartanburg. I have to take the Family to the airport Thur and need a a about 10 bf of 5/4 Ash and didn't know if there is a place along my route. I e-mailed Advantage Lumber in Grover...
  15. B

    Finishing Workshop w/ Greg Paolini at The Woodworking Source

    Attended a great finishing workshop with Gregory Paolini at The Woodworking Source in Mooresville Saturday! There were around a dozen attendees and we covered the majority of the concerns of the group from "looking for that one miracle finish", to dyes and color matching. Rick provided lots of...
  16. Mark Stewart

    looking for a source for vaneer?

    I would like to find a source for some vaneere. I dont want a lot most of the internet sites have a minimum and I just want some to place in a segmented turning. Speaking on Vaneer ED isint it time for you to come this way?:gar-Bi
  17. JackLeg

    Visit with The Source!

    Enjoyed a brief visit today with Rick Di Nardo at the Woodworking Source. Ya'll buy something from that boy! He needs to get his forklift fixed! :gar-La; Rick is a nice guy and a friend to NCWW for sure. He's ordering me a special (to me) router bit. Gave him a little jar of my honey...
  18. Steve_Honeycutt

    Looking for a source for wood screws, t-track, and shellac

    Looking for sources for the following items: Miscellaneous wood screws T-track Shellac I am looking for reasonable prices and good quality. I have checked on the sponsors websites. I don't like the prices for the screws at the BORG. What can I say, I am cheap, thrifty value-minded:wwink...
  19. Gregory Paolini

    June 4th - Hands on Finishing workshop at The Woodworking Source

    In this full day, hands on, finishing workshop, students will learn about various finishes available to the woodworking enthusiast, their pros and cons, and easy ways to apply those finishes. We’ll remove the mystery that shrouds the uses and compatibilities of the common woodworking solvents...
  20. Mark Gottesman

    Need good source for Cell Phone Batteries.

    I need to get a couple of cell phones batteries to keep our present phones operational. Long story of no interest. Reupping contract and getting new phones not really in the cards at this time. Tried an Amazon vendor, but what they sent were 6 year old batteries that would not charge. Not...

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