1. M

    Re Woodworking Source

    These guys are awesome. The two dudes that you meet there Rick and Dane are super cool and have some awesome stuff. I almost don't want to mention the stash of cool boards thats in Ricks shop. Need 200' of Honduran no prob, Oh for some reason you need some ash that has curl in it Rick is the...
  2. Gregory Paolini

    The Woodworking Source

    Hi Everyone! I'm just getting ready for a series of workshops at The Woodworking Source, in Mooresville, NC this weekend! I’ll be demonstrating sharpening techniques, building cabinetry for your home, and how to build doors and finish panels for your cabinetry. The Woodworking Source in...
  3. Mark Stewart

    Looking for a source for???

    Guys Im looking for a source for some 1/4"thick stock bout 8x8 of a bit biggrt for some christmas gifts. I usually use slones but no luck lately. Thanks Mark
  4. scsmith42

    Best source in the RDU area for sheet metal?

    I need to buy some sheet metal (either 18 or 20 guage galvanized steel) to fabricate the discharge chute for the dust collector. My shear is good for 52", so I'd like to find some 48" wide flat sheet (or narrower). This is the same material that commercial HVAC metal ducts are fabricated from...
  5. R

    Plug for The Woodworking Source

    Hope this is the correct forum for this. I went to The Woodworking Source this weekend and got some great deals from Rick. I purchased the router raizer and bit extender (both great prices) and also picked up some pieces for woodturning that Rick had put aside as non useable for his purposes (he...
  6. jarrett

    Source of Sassafras?

    I just took a white coopering class at the John C. Campbell Folk School with Will Hines. It was a extremely great experience, and deserves its own post, (I need to dig up the camera first). But we worked with sassafras, and Will noted that he's having trouble finding a good source of sassafras...
  7. T

    Help with wood source

    I live in Avery County in the Western part of the state. I am in need of either birch or maple lumber for a bathroom vanity. Anyone know of any sources that might be close to me? The closest towns of any size to me are Hickory or Johnson City, Tn. I would really appreciate any help you guys...
  8. rcflyer23

    Wood From The Woodworking Source

    Had a chance to go by Rick's place again this weekend. I got to get some 8/4 Mahogany and 5/4 Hard Maple. That hard maple is freaking heavy. View image in gallery It was great to be able to talk to Rick and Bill(bwat). Hopefully Josh didn't drive you guys nuts. :) He loves going...
  9. KenOfCary

    1/4" Hardboard Source in the Cary area

    Anyone found a source for 1/4" Hardboard anywhere around Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Etc. The Lowes and Home Depot's in the area all seem to have 1/8" and 3/16" but no 1/4". Any leads appreciated.
  10. scsmith42

    Glass source sought - non standard

    For the past few years the surgical lights on my wife's veterinary hospitals have been going through a lot of 85W quartz halogen bulbs and bulb holders. We've been spending close to 1K per year in replacements (ouch!); quite frankly the unit is not designed for the heat nor being left on 6 hours...
  11. J

    Wrought Iron Holdfast Source

    Anybody know where to get true hand-forget iron holdfasts? I'm planning a woodworking bench and would like to know where to find these before I start boring holes everywhere. -Thanks!
  12. WoodWrangler

    The Woodworking Source Online Grand Opening

    Come one, Come all! :thumbs_up Rick (thesource) has authorized me to invite all of NCWWers to celebrate the grand opening of The Woodworking Source Online. Your favorite woodworking store owned by a fellow NCWWer is now taking itself online in high style :icon_thum The Woodworking Source...
  13. cpw

    Source for Ergonomic Data?

    Does anyone know of a good resource (preferably online, but print will do) for ergonomic standards like seat height, depth, angles, etc.; table height; counter height; etc. - both for the shop and for furniture design?
  14. R

    Plywood source

    Just received a card in the mail from Home Depot. The card introduces PureBond hardwood plywood. It goes on to say the stuff is formaldehyde-free. Standard 4 X 8 sheets in 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" thickness. I would have ignored the advert until I got to the price; $39.95 for 3/4" red oak or...
  15. R

    mahogany source

    Can anyone help me find a source of Honduran Mahogany for turning? I'd like something large, maybe 5" dia x 24" long John
  16. mshel

    Juniper source

    I recall some time back that someone was looking for some juniper. My question is to whomever it was, did you find any? I am needing some 8/4 stock for balusters. If anyone has a lead on a source, please send me a PM. Thanks, Mike
  17. mshel

    Moulding Source

    Does Rick have any equipment listed on his site? A friend is looking for a tablesaw and I wondered what Rick might have. Mike
  18. I

    Source of Red Oak

    Folks, I'm planning to build an entertainment center and a couple of other small things in red oak. I was planning to get the wood at the local Lowes or HD, not knowing anything better. Where else could I find red oak in the triangle area, knowing that I do not have a planer in my shop yet...
  19. B

    Question on Juniper source.......

    Hello folks, Somewhere at some point not to long ago, I thought I read somewhere of a source for juniper (AWC) near or in East Lake, NC off of rt 64. Was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a mill and if they have contact info for them. I will be heading to Washington for a decoy...
  20. N

    A Source for Unfinished Chairs?

    I'm looking for a local source that sells unfinished chairs (Concord/CLT area). I just completed building my oldest daughters desk and now I need a chair. Since I have not tried my hand at building chairs yet and my garage is flippin' cold, I thought I would just buy one and save a little...

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