1. Dusty Sawyer

    Need a source for some Welding

    I am looking to find someone who can build me a couple of tool rests for my lathe. They would need a 1 1/8" post and a 1 1/2" by 3/8 bar. I just don't want to pay the high prices to buy some out of the box solution online; I'd rather pay someone local a fair price for thier work. If anyone...
  2. rick7938

    Unusual Source for Sheet Goods

    Don't laugh when I tell you where I got some of the nicest stuff for making shop jigs, auxillary fences, etc. A friend of mine who remodels office buildings got tired of my asking him to get me some good plywood from some of his jobs to make jigs in my shop. One day he dropped off a couple of...
  3. J

    Drawer Slides Source

    Anyone have a good source for quality drawer slides? I may have asked this before, but am just getting around to actually picking up some. They are just for shop cabs, but I am pretty sure I can get a quality slide elsewhere for what the borg wants for the cheap ones.
  4. SteveHall

    Source for tinned steel (i.e., "tin")

    I'm trying to find sheets of tin for making a dust collector cyclone. Ages ago (high school) I used to do some tinsmithing at Old Salem, and we had both hot-dipped and electroplated. I figure it would be good to use for a dust collector since tin is easy to cut and solder, but I can't find a...
  5. T

    Hard Maple source for Workbench

    I am looking for Hard Maple source to build a workbench. I know that I can get 3/4 stock for $3 a BF at Catawba Hardwoods. Has anyone heard of a deal on 8/4 stock?
  6. DaveO

    Local source for lead shot

    I need to find a source, hopefully local, for lead shot or something similar to use to ad weight to an object. I am on a very tight deadline, and don't have time to order anything. I plan on boring some holes, adding the weight and then plugging the holes. The whole bottom of the item will then...
  7. SteveHall

    Source for sweet/red gum?

    Can anyone suggest a source for dried sweet/red gum near Raleigh? Given the number of these trees in my yard and the sweet gum balls I've stepped on bare foot in my life, I would have thought finding a local source would easier than it has been so far.
  8. A

    Source for variable speed control kit

    In view of the interest shown about my variable speed conversions I thought I would post this info I just received from MKC tools-I'm receiving no compensation, just providing info. The below is their response to an email I sent them about display filters and cabling/connectors for my tach (I...
  9. A

    Downeast wood source- trip report

    Ok, I fumble-fingered the first one and lost it so got to type it again IHIWTH. I visited our local tree service guy this morning and the sawyer this afternoon. Some good news for Area 5 and surrounding area! Tree service guy had some pine, cypress and oak, air dried but most of his stuff is...
  10. A

    Help with new source of wood

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I have two issues dealing with wood that I would like to put to you all: First. Sawyer- for anyone east of I-95, within 40 mi. of little Washington (possibly a little farther if the job is big). He has a nice Wood-Mizer LT 40HD with hydraulics and...
  11. R

    MDO Source

    I'm about to build a mobile / construction site chop saw station (maybe a couple of them). It's the version from the NYW. Norm suggests MDO. Anybody know a good source for 3/4" MDO? I'm in the north Raleigh area. Ray
  12. D L Ames

    Good source for Planer/Jointer Knives

    I was searching Amazon the other day and found them to be a decent source for planer and jointer knives. The knives are made by Freud and list for half the price of the OEM knives. I ordered a set of 6" jointer knives for $16 and a set of 15" planer knives for $38. They arrived today well...
  13. T

    Lumber source in Hickory

    I live in Hickory and I am looking for a lumber source. Any suggestions.
  14. quid_non

    Good Source for Wood - Ral/Dur/Gboro area?

    Hi all - I getting ready to build some outdoor furniture - garden benches and chairs (saw some nice plans in the latest Wood magazine). I'm thinking of using either cedar, cypress or white oak. I'd like to keep the cost affordable and will likely need ~150bft. Any suggestions on the choice...
  15. JimThomasson

    Need a source: Beadboard 4' x 8'

    Does anyone know of a good source for quality beadboard in the Triangle area? I've looked at Lowes and Home Depot and their's is lightweight, poor quality. :hello2:
  16. jtdums

    Source for HSS for making turning tools

    Does anyone have a good source for M2 HSS for making their own turning tools? I remember reading some posts about this earlier, but I can't find them now. Any help would be appreciated. :-D
  17. charlie s

    Source needed for glass

    I have need to find a source for some glass for flag cases. The person I'm making the cases for has requested uv glass to prevent the flags from fading; I've been unable to find a source for this type of glass in a small quantity. I'll probably buy enough glass for around 12 cases, so it's a...
  18. C

    Source for Picture Framing Guide

    I would like to make some picture frames for photos, degrees, licenses, etc. I can look at the basic construction of the cheap frames I have now but would like to learn a little more about this subject so I can produce something that is beautiful, functional and durable. Any ideas? I did a...
  19. C

    Walnut Source

    I'd like to get some 4/4 walnut for an upcoming project, probably around 100 bd ft. I'd also like to stock up a little bit on some 1common 4/4 cherry. From Rocky Mount the options are severely limited. I have bought several times from East Wake Hdwd but it's kinda hit or miss sometimes. No...
  20. Steve D

    Source for Finishing Advice & Products

    Forgive me if I'm covering old ground but there is a great source of information out there for finishing at This site is run by Jeff Jewitt and has a forum dedicated to finishing. Jeff is one of the leading experts out there on the subject. He has written several books...

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