Gregory Paolini table build class at The Woodworking Source

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The Limbert style coffee table build class at The Woodworking Source this past weekend was a blast! A big thanks goes out to Greg Paolini and Rick Dinardo of The Woodworking Source for putting this event together! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap

Greg is an outstanding teacher and put all skill levels at ease from the beginning of Day 1. This table is not difficult to build but utilizes multiple joinery techniques resulting in a tight fitting "puzzle" when complete. Three tables were constructed allowing all participants to get hands-on experience with each aspect of the project. Personally, I learned far more than anticipated in a single project. Thanks Greg!

Rick provided beautiful QS white oak and clear cherry for the tables. Class attendees were made welcome to roam his shop and use many of the tools in the project. A lot was learned from simply hanging around these guys for a couple of days. Rick even provided lunch each day also make a pretty good cup of high test coffee!:eusa_dancThanks Rick!

The event afforded opportunity to meet several new woodworkers and introduce a few new folks to NCWW. I'm sure we will see new members/friends as a result.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of classes these guys come up with next. Count me in!:icon_thum

I'll post a few pics soon.


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I concur - excellent class and Greg is an excellent, patient teacher. I learned some refined techniques, but more importantly learned that it really isn't that difficult to do great work - just a little patience and understanding.... Now if I only had some of Ricks tools....

Thanks Rick and Greg
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