1. jmauldin

    Flea market Gloat

    Got the following items at the flea market - all for a Case pocket knife and $25.00. Didn't think this was too bad a deal. Jim in Mayberry
  2. Rob

    Tool gloat

    Never thought I would get excited over hand tools, but picked up a Stanley #82 cabinet scraper in CA for $25. Then a friend came into work with a complete Stanley #78 rabbet plane ($40), and a Bailey #6 plane($30), both need cleaned up but I'm very happy with them. The Bailey has the...
  3. HP 2HP DC with 35A cartridge filter

    HP 2HP DC with 35A cartridge filter

    Gloat.. Next step: making a new Thein cyclone lid for the garbage can with 4 inch piping to attach to the DC.
  4. dino drosas

    Three Wheel Band Saw - A Shamfull Gloat

    I have a 24" Laguna band saw and keep a wide carbide tipped installed. Anytime any curved cuts are needed a blade change is required along with readjusting the guides. I decided that a small band saw would be a good addition to the shop. The odds of my winning the one at the picnic were...
  5. CarvedTones

    Dust Deputy gloat thread

    I know others got them during the sale also; feel free to add your posts... I got the DIY. Michael Shelly had some extra vacuum hoses he gave me when I bought some wood from him and I have this large Plano dry box (from the thrift store) that always seems too deep for whatever I put in it. I...
  6. mshel

    Updated shop photos and gloat

    I am finally getting in the short rows of getting my home shop back in order. I basically started with a blank slate and did the following: moved some wiring and added a couple new outlets insulated all the walls and used a foam board with silver covering on the roof rafters put slat wall...
  7. CDPeters

    I'm Back - Tool Gloat

    Hey Guys/Gals: Sorry to be away for so long - but other demands on my time have pretty much taken me out of the shop and worse, away from you fine folks! Thanks to the generosity of the company I work for and a good year last year, I can finally report that I have received/ordered some of the...
  8. W

    Cumulative Tool Gloat

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery I've acquired a few tools in the last month or so and figured it was time to post a few photograph's of the goodies.Picked up the TS and BS from a guy in West Virginia.The TS came with a small crate of extras.The Router...
  9. BrianInChatham

    A little gloat...

    I don't usually post gloats but thought I'd make an exception today. About a week ago I saw an ad on CL for a saw I thought I might be interested in, so I sent an inquiry. Turns out it belongs to a good friend of mine who unfortunately is closing the doors on a cabinet shop he started with a...
  10. Gloat


  11. Gloat


  12. Gloat


  13. manfre

    Routing Gloat

    I picked up a Triton 3 1/4 HP from Woodcraft a couple of weeks ago and got a great deal on the Kreg table at the Charlotte show. I need to get a split for the hose so I can also connect the under table dust port on the router.
  14. Carl Fisher

    Gloat from the Charlotte Wood Working show

    We went to the show both Saturday and Sunday. Came home with a Sommerfeld angle bit set, a set of Shaker Raised panel bits, band saw blades, tires, cool blocks, micro splitters, link belts and just sooo much more. What's better is that the wife was with me the whole time and actually approved...
  15. MarkE

    Gloat... And a thank-you to NCTurner

    Picked up this Incra 1000SE miter gauge from Gary (NCTurner) yesterday. Got it all set up and dialed in last night. I am a big fan of Incra gear. Always found their stuff to be of very good quality and easy to use. View image in gallery View image in gallery Thanks again Gary. :icon_thum
  16. Steve W

    RAS Gloat

    Picked up this circa-1960 Craftsman RAS from one of my ham friends, with moulding cutters, picture frame jig and dado stack guard for $75 - he wanted it out of his garage. This thing was heavy and I'm still surprised my wife and I were able to get it up into the shop by ourselves.:eek: I've...
  17. T

    New tool gloat!

    Was at an auction house picking up my new treadmill and saw this little lathe all alone on a shelf. I have been wanting a metal lathe for some time now. This one from HF is $500 new. When I asked how much he said haw about $125.00! I held my composer and okay, I'll take it. It is missing a few...
  18. MarkE

    Small tool gloat

    Thanks to Travis' (Mt. Gomer) tip here, I ordered this Ridgid 18v drill kit. Ordered on Tuesday, arrived today. :thumbs_up This is a nice kit, Drill, 2 LI batteries with 20 minute charger and a heavy duty carrying bag. HD has this listed with a 3 year warranty but if you register it at...
  19. S

    MFT Jigs for New Table! Gloat !

    Spent the WE testing and building new brackets, jigs, etc.. on new Workbench. Posted earlier thread: Hopefully these pics will illustrate just how functional this new table is! This pic shows all the jigs set up. They consist of a...
  20. TN Woodie

    Gloat? Ridgid Jointer/Planer

    I found this puppy on Craigslist yesterday. For the price of the Shelix cutter head, I got that, the jointer, the Shopfox mobile base, and the original cutter head. I think, not bad.

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