1. R

    Old gloat

    Got new table saw a few months ago. Love accuracy, scoring blade, and 10' slide. Thanks for looking. Robb
  2. S

    Another Helping of Green T Ice Cream -Gloat!

    Well, it's finally arrived: (BTW, the T is for TOOL :tool:) From Festool's REcon Sale! You wouldn't beleive the pain I've been put through just to get this! It's the LS 130 (Linear Sander). Purchased at a 20% discount! Tell me this doesnt look new, vs recon! What this tool allows me...
  3. tkpinsc

    wood gloat and question

    The Gloat. I finally got hooked up with my wood seller from my last thread. About 200 ft eastern white pine in 6/4 furniture grade. about 200 ft jatoba about 125 ft recovered heart pine about 100 ft wide live edge oak, including some crotch "artistic wood"from a tree the seller cut down...
  4. NC_Horn

    Tool Gloat - Worksharp 3000

    My backordered WS3000 :tool:was just unloaded by UPS from Would think all the orders are being filled now. Duane
  5. Ehardin

    Tool Gloat and Upcoming Gloat

    :banana::banana:My wonderful wife in her extreme awesomeness took me to the WS Klingspors' and bought me a WorkSharp 2000 over the weekend because I had missed the HD sale on them... Then tonite I was telling her about a PSI chuck I was looking at and she took the laptop from me and put it into...
  6. pcooper

    New Tool Gloat...

    My son and I have been turning pens for a while, and he's asked me a few times to get a chuck to add to our ability to turn other stuff. Well, today the UPS guy shows up with a box, and inside is this.... View image in gallery Guess we get to find out just what this tool can do for us real...
  7. flyrod444

    A few calls and a little gloat.

    Here is a quick shot of some of the latest calls to come out of my shop. They are more of my red oak burl, osage, and the crow call is bocote. For my gloat I got a check this week for an article I wrote for Woodturning Design Magazine on how to make a turkey calls, that are for sell this month...
  8. The WoodButcher

    A Little Gloat with A Few Questions???

    Hi all, there's been a new addition the the H&W equipment list. It's a 1990 F 700 14' flatbed truck. Only has 46.000mi. on it and it's a 3 speed automatic. Has a reese hitch and a 5th wheel hitch too. Needs new rubber but the price was right for sure. Hope to get much use out of it. I already...
  9. sawduster

    Thanx Fred ( furniture gloat )

    most of you have seen pics of this already but right before Christmas it found it's home :mrgreen: The Shoppe Widow had been complaining for some time that her dresser was too small. Now old habits die hard so I had been perusing various furniture stores and what-not looking for a good deal on...
  10. S

    73% off Festool!, Ask me how, gloat

    They say, "patience is a bitter pill, but often cures many ills". Finally paid off. UPSSanta in an effort to beat the weather delivered this to me doorstep!:icon_cheers Via Amazon :notworthy: Let me break it down : List: $310.00 discount 5% ( 15.50 ) Amazon points ( 150.00 ) Sale...
  11. C

    Early Christmas Gloat - Plane Box

    Mshel and I exchanged gifts today. When I unwrapped my gift I saw a beautiful box. I knew what would be inside before I opened it. A few years ago when I was visiting Mike at his shop he opened a drawer and took out a really nice box. When he opened the box I saw it was custom fit to hold his...
  12. MrAudio815

    Power Tool Gloat~! & how to change the head?

    Merry Christmas NCWW's, I just wanted to make it official: I got the G0490, it's a monster~! :gar-Bi Got the G0490 before I got the Shelix cutterhead? :banana: But how in the heck do I change it out? Here are some pictures of it getting put together/Cleaned up. PS WD40 works like a champ...
  13. Trent Mason

    Non woodworking related gloat

    I can't remember if I mentioned this before or not, but my first school of the season is Honolulu, HI, in February. :eusa_danc:eusa_danc:eusa_danc I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to bring Christy with me, and of course, she didn't object. :gar-La; So after some planning and...
  14. Vetteman9956

    Start of my new spray booth (Gloat)

    I picked this up Thursday night to build a spray booth. It's a lab fume hood and has a 1/2 hp explosion proof motor and sealed light. The blower moves 700 FPM of air. Figured it was a good deal at $ 80.00 View image in gallery . View image in gallery
  15. MrAudio815

    Jointer Gloat and Help

    Hello NCWW's I got a Jet 6" Jointer for free to use for a few years, its at leat 12+ years old. The bed and fence were very rusted. I cleaned it up and it looks almost new again. The blades are the worst I have ever seen, new ones for sure. Question? When I checked it for square, there was a...
  16. Mark Stewart

    Black Friday gloat on TYhursday

    :banana::eusa_booh Just got me self this spiffy new chuck. got 10.00$ off with card in sale paper and best of all free shipping and I dont have to get up in the morning:banana::occasion1:wtongue::gar-La;
  17. D

    Wood Gloat

    Well, finally got to get out and put some trees on the ground today. Woodman2k was kind enough to tag along and lend a hand :eusa_clap and got some really great stuff out of the deal. I took more pics than I can put in this thread right now because I keep getting an error message about...
  18. Ken Hensley

    New shop Gloat

    Hello All, Well, the paper work is finally done on the new house (just a few miles from where I'm currently living, still in Hubert). The wife loves the house and the new workshop is going to be great, going from 224 sqft to 1360 sqft, 12ft ceilings (sitting on 5 acres) can't wait:gar-Bi. The...
  19. NCTurner

    Updated to Grizz 2hp DC gloat.

    Does anyone have this DC, and how would you rate it?
  20. N

    Maple Gloat and a Homemade Steadyrest

    Rob hooked me up with some Maple he had just cut. One had a whole bunch of greyish/purple stains through it. Such a shame as it was a nice piece of wood, so I burned it. I wanted a steady rest for some upcoming projects. I saw some of the homemade ones and decided that was what I wanted to do...

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