1. S

    Making My Mark (in Wood) ! -Gloat, wee

    Little brown truck left me a package! Thanks Amazon! $10 for this Crown RH Marking Knife! I love not overpaying for stuff! Anybody order ? (posted in Hot Deals) Thanks Matt
  2. 02blues

    book gloat...

    Found a cool book about wooden hand planes with a listing of the "makers marks". They gathered sale prices from late 70s to early 90s then listed the makers and how much they sold for. Some seem expensive even now. What I am really interested in is a listing or reference of hand plane...
  3. sawduster

    Miter saw gloat

    Thanx to PhilS and a killer sale at HD, I am now the proud owner of his Bosch 3915 sliding miter saw :banana: One step closer to making picture frames :gar-Bi View image in gallery I got the stand for 50% off from Peachtree thanx to the sharp eyes of Phillip " The Enabler " Christy...
  4. JCraig

    Tool Gloat!!!!!

    I had been wanting to get an old Craftsman saw. Yesterday my Son (RCflyer23) called and said CL had one listed. He made the appointment and I traveled to Charlotte today and this is what I landed. Got it back to Greensboro and cleaned it up a little. $62.00 Not too bad. Also got a Delta...
  5. SubGuy

    Tool Gloat! Free

    Got this from work. The guy from one of the companies out there was going to throw this away. It has never been used at all, I cut the manufactures tape off the box. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery I think worth around $180. I LOVE FREE!:icon_cheers
  6. Vetteman9956

    RAS Gloat

    I wanted a RAS to do Dados and a few other things, Found this Delta Model 10 Deluxe and bought it for $100. Not the best looking one, had been sitting in a shed for a couple of years and needs a couple of minor parts and a new table board made, but it's american made delta and for the price I...
  7. Bigdog72

    Smooth Gloat

    I am now the happy owner of an 18/36 delta Drum Sander. Pony express got it from Concord to Hillsborough and I got it home. After running the first piece through this bad boy I can see that it will save me a lot of time on many of my projects. Many thanks to Decibel for the great deal and...
  8. D

    Gloat!! my new $34 table saw

    Picked this up at the dept today after work. View image in gallery Been staying at the comfort inn for the last several years for work and had a bunch of reward points that i had to use before the end of the year. Wet to the store and asked the sales associate ifthey couldn't do a little...
  9. Ehardin

    Jet gloat

    Picked this up today for 350.00, Lathe JET 1014VSI, turning tools and some extras.....
  10. gdoebs

    GLOAT Look what I picked up at lunch...updated with picts!

    Got a call from UPS Freight yesterday letting me know my Grizzly 12" Parallelogram Jointer was ready for pickup. I brought the trailer by at lunch to pick it up: Time to rearrange the shop to get it to fit!
  11. TedAS

    DW 788 Gloat... Need Advice

    With my recent interest in wood gear clocks I found this old Craftsman saw to be a real drag to use. View image in gallery The Christmas elves found a way to put this under my tree!:eusa_danc:eusa_danc View image in gallery I cant believe how smooth and quiet this saw runs WOW...
  12. Matt Schnurbusch

    A 65k-100k BTU gloat

    I met a guy this morning to buy a heater off from CL. We talked for a little bit, and I asked him about his shop and what he did in it. He said he was setting it up for woodworking, so naturally I mentioned NCWW. Turns out the guy is one of our newer members, pbaileyjr. Paul is a nice guy in...
  13. Sharp Blade

    Gloat Alert!

    Christmas came a bit early for me here. I really needed a drill press. Not a big one, at least not a big one right now. :-) Anyway, we went to the Borg and got a nice 12" Ryobi with Laser Crosshairs and speed control. It's really awesome and just what I need. One of these days I will be able...
  14. S

    Triton Wood Rack Install -Gloat!

    With images from the local Shop Crawl germinating in my brain, I was impressed with the idea of adding a woodrack in order to add some valuable floor space (for the recently acquired Delta DC). No sooner did I get that "I really need to have this" burning sensation, Rockler had/ has? the...
  15. Douglas Robinson


    On tuesday morning I awoke at 5:3 AM to get my run for the day in. I checked my email and I had an alert for a tool I have wanted for some time. It was on the Atlanta Craigslist. I emailed the guy and asked if he would ship and did he take Paypal. Later that day when I got to work I had an...
  16. timf67

    Makin' sawdust again! and another gloat

    So, our 3, 4, 5, 6 month long house project is wrapping up. I am saving some $ by doing the trim carpentry myself, so I convinced the LOML that I needed the right :tool: to do a good job. Here is what I got several months ago from Toolnut when they were on special for about 1/2 price: It...
  17. decibel

    Jet Jointer Planer Combo Gloat

    Well it's here. Went and picked up my JJP-12HH yesterday. Will fire it up later today. Still a heavy beast but isn't as awe inspiring as a aircraft jointer but I still like it :) Here's the "proof" and the money shot
  18. S

    DC Vote in, Delta Wins! Gloat!

    Thanks again to all that chimed in, your vote counts! After reading, crunching and then viewing, it all became clear that Delta was way to go! This machine sparkles (5 yrs old, stored for 3). It looks like it was in a time capsule, wrinkles still in the bags, shiny hoses, no paint chips...

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