1. C

    lot of Grizzly, steel city on CL

    If these are in good condition it seems like a great deal. I'd love a piece or two, but location and the fact they won't split it up means I hope someone on here can take advantage. Just send me a few pieces of the walnut as a finders fee ;)...
  2. White Oak Test of Vinegar/Steel Ebonizing Solution

    White Oak Test of Vinegar/Steel Ebonizing Solution

    My 1st attempt
  3. Ebonizing Solution Experiment

    Ebonizing Solution Experiment

    Comparing 2 Acids effects on Steel Wool
  4. jrs

    Steel City Granite Jointer?

    Does anyone have any experience with the steel city granite jointers? In particular, the 8" with helical head? I am thinking about adding a jointer to my arsenal. I was considering one of the J/P combo machines (in particular, the hammer a3-31, or the one of the grizzly G0633/G0634 models)...
  5. S

    Steel City TS Modifications - Router Table

    :eusa_dancMade first modification to the New to Me Table saw! I used the old laminate wing as a template. Added 3 more inches in width. Used Melamine cutoff scrap as well as 3/4 in pywood scrap. Ordered a Rockler Router plate on special with free ship! The Miter track was a Harbor Freight...
  6. BrianGeib

    Steel City sale at

    The band saw deal caught my eye.
  7. farmerbw

    Local, Ral, Sheet Steel Source?

    Anyone know of a local, Raleigh area, source for sheet steel? Perhaps other than Dillion Supply? I've got a bro looking for some 3/8" (preferred) or 1/2" thick sheets of AR400 or AR500 sheet steel. I guess the only requirement be that the sheets fit in a 1/2 ton pickup. TIA, Brian.
  8. roweathers

    Vibration in new Steel City 6 inch jointer

    Hi all. I have a brand new Steel City 6 inch jointer. This is my first jointer and last night was my first use. I noticed more vibration in the jointer than I would have expected, but since I have zero past experience, I don't know what would be considered normal vibration. I would...
  9. Gotcha6

    Steel City ad @ Woodsmith

    Here's text from Woodsmith Store ad: Steel City Tool Works 35675 10" Table Saw, 3hp 30" Industrial Fence System & Table Board SKU # 206262 Regular Price: $1199.99 Now: $749.99 You Save: $450 Steel City Tool Works 50100 14" Deluxe Band Saw SKU # 206382 Regular Price: $829.99 Now: $499.99 You...
  10. A

    Steel City 65115

    Does anyone own the Steel City 65115 Mini Dust Collector? Amazon has it for $39.99 and there are two reviews that do not speak highly of it. I read a professional review that claimed it worked well but was quite loud. My shop is in my barn and noise is not a major concern since I usually wear...
  11. jglord

    The Steel City Saw has been awarded

    Hello folks: Sorry for the delay in posting this, but we had some trouble reaching the winner and did not want to post here before notifying the winner. The winner is Lionel from Charlotte. Lionel is a woodworker but did not have a table saw prior to this This receipient makes us very happy...
  12. jglord

    Win a Steel City saw

    We are having a 15% off bag sale this Saturday 10/11 only (both Raleigh and Charlotte Woodcraft stores) and we will be giving away a Steel City 3 hp granite top table saw. :eusa_danc This contest is only for our two stores and only for one day - i.e. all folks coming in to either store can...
  13. rick7938

    Steel Shim Stock

    I have a Delta dedicated mortiser that needs a little shimming to be perfectly square in all directions. Does anyone know a source close to Fayetteville that might sell thin steel shim stock? Anything else work as well or better? Thanks for any feedback.
  14. DaveO

    Buffing a Tung Oil finish with steel wool????

    On several projects lately I have been using Behr Scandinavian Tung Oil finish. From my research it is a Tung oil, other oils and varnish blend. At $6.00 a quart it was a lot cheaper than mixing my own brew. It recommends buffing the last application with 4/0 steel wool. I have heard of applying...
  15. Glennbear

    Round steel stock for Oland tool

    Part of the legacy my father left me was the collecting habits of Fred Sanford, and the engineering abilities of Rube Goldberg coupled with the "making do with what's you got" inventiveness of Red Green. In several threads recently members have mentioned difficulty in finding mild steel round...
  16. CarvedTones

    small pieces of thick steel plate

    I need a couple of small pieces of 1.25" or so thick steel plate. By small I mean really smalll - 3" x 2" and 2" x 2". They need dead flat parallel faces. EDIT - Oh yeah - Cary/Apex/Raleigh area.
  17. Tom Dunn

    Looking for some used steel roofing....

    Need a few panels of steel roofing, or something similar. Nothing fancy, just need to build a Guinea Hen coop sometime in the next couple months and thought I'd start scrounging. Something like this is the plan:
  18. R

    Steel City Drill - Preliminary Gloat

    With the wise advice of several NCWW members and a lot of help from Herb Shelly, manager of the reborn Raleigh Woodcraft, I got a Steel City drill press this afternoon.:eusa_danc As soon as if figure out how to get that honking big head from the packing crate to the top of the column :roll...
  19. R

    Steel City Drill Press

    I am considering adding a Steel City 17-inch drill press. Does anyone have any experience with this model -- or Steel City tools in general? It seems a bit pricey, but I like the features. Expecially the 6-inch quill travel. I will appreciate any info on experiences, pros, and cons. Even...
  20. sapwood

    Starrett 20-24 24" hardened steel square

    Great stocking stuffer if accuracy is important. Weighs 5 lbs and is available through Amazon. Linky Price is $1,067.09 plus shipping :oops: Roger

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