1. Stuart Kent

    help improve dual drum sander

    Hi all, I have a 26" Steel City Dual drum sander; I have struggled to keep paper on it since the day I bought it. It really is a good machine when it works and I'd like to find a way to make it work reliably. I've tried tape. I've tried adjusting the clips (they are simply junk). The machine is...
  2. steelcitydc


  3. T

    Steel Beam move a success!

    1st off a big thank you to Scott S, Phil S and Papa Smurf! :occasion1 Also Salem for finding the Craig's List post. The beam is 24' long x 12" tall and weighs 624 LBS! It was no match for Scott's Skid steer and our big muscles! The beam is hanging safely at Scotts until I get everything...
  4. Steel beam 1

    Steel beam 1

  5. J

    Steel City BS

    I was looking at a Steel City BS Anyone Know anything about them, I have never own Steel City tools. Thanks in advance!
  6. Ken Kimbrell

    D2 steel good for scrapers?

    Been searching around the Triad for steel supplier that would be a good source for steel to make scrapers and one place has told me that D2 steel would work OK for that purpose. So, my knowledge of metal types is limited, thus the question... would a 3/8 x 1 piece of D2 flat make a good...
  7. farmerbw

    Steel City cab saw RAL CL

    The usual, not mine don't know the dude and can't vouch for it being a steal, but it looks like not a bad deal. The thing that drew my attention to the ad was this statement in the ad. :rotflm: Linky Table Saw Outfit - Pro model - $800 (NW Raleigh) Date: 2011-11-01, 9:03AM EDT Reply to...
  8. JCraig

    Steel City Saw $800

    Not mine. Don't know if this is a good deal or not.
  9. K

    Stainless steel screws

    Where is the best/cheapest place to buy stainless steel screws for outdoor projects ?
  10. tool gloat

    tool gloat

    Steel City granite wood lathe.
  11. manfre

    Table Saw Commercial Line Steel City Saw, Planer, Joiner, dust colle - $5900 (Monroe)

    This would be a lot more interesting if he would sell by the piece. Makes me wonder what is wrong with the set or some of the tools that would push the seller to only sell as a full package. Table Saw Commercial Line Steel City Saw...
  12. bluedawg76

    steel city cabinet saw $750 A Once in a lifetime Deal Steele City Granite Table Cabinet Saw with Riving knife and 30" Fence With roller base Model #35960GR
  13. ErnieM

    Steel Wool and Satin Finishes

    Hi all, I've always had a problem with satin finishes. Currently, I'm working on a harpsichord that will have walnut keys instead of my usual ebony. I've never really cared for finish materials that have flattening agents to kill the gloss as they always look cloudy to me. On the other hand...
  14. Tarhead

    36" Steel Straight Edge on Clearance at Hartville Tool

    Killer deal. .0015" out to 36". They told me they were going like water so jump now or whine later:
  15. S

    Two Folding Steel Sawhorses - $35 (Graham, NC)

    not mine Two Folding Steel Sawhorses - $35 (Graham, NC) Date: 2011-03-26, 10:19AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Set of two folding steel sawhorses- Used Made in USA Manufacturer...
  16. N

    Mobile Base for Steel City Cabinet Saw

    I bought a Steel City 3 HP Cabinet saw this weekend and looking for a mobile base. Any thoughts ?
  17. T

    Lowes selling Steel City Power tools

    Considering the 10% off coupon these could be some good deals,The Contractors Tablesaw,Mortiser and Granite topped Bandsaw,
  18. Leviblue

    Feida 115-piece High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set

    Tanga has a sale on HSS twist bits: I don't know anything about this but for $18.99 for 115 pc.
  19. mkepke

    Triangle source for 6" steel studs ?

    I'm looking for a Triangle-area source for a couple 6" wide steel studs (actually the track that the studs would sit in). Like this track: Not a stock item at the big boxes and while I can probably special-order, that seems to take...
  20. Steel City Deluxe/Industrial Tablesaw Fence

    Steel City Deluxe/Industrial Tablesaw Fence

    Steel City Deluxe/Industrial Tablesaw Fence

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