1. mkepke

    Hacksaw blade for spring steel ?

    I'm trying to cut a modern handsaw blade into pieces (to make other tools) but I'm not having good luck using the bimetal recip or 'regular' hacksaw blades I have on hand. The handsaw steel just rapidly wears the teeth right off the cutting tools - even using a bit of cutting oil. Should I be...
  2. Tarhead

    New Granite Topped Tablesaw From Steel City

    Now this is different!
  3. SteveHall

    Source for tinned steel (i.e., "tin")

    I'm trying to find sheets of tin for making a dust collector cyclone. Ages ago (high school) I used to do some tinsmithing at Old Salem, and we had both hot-dipped and electroplated. I figure it would be good to use for a dust collector since tin is easy to cut and solder, but I can't find a...
  4. walnutjerry

    Steel City Machinery

    Just browsed WWSupply site and was looking at shapers. I like the looks of the Steel City and the price seems to be more appealing. Have any of you seen/used any of their equipment? Would like to hear some pros and cons from any users of Steel City machinery. I think the WG disease is...
  5. C

    Steel City Tools

    I have a friend that asked me if I knew anything about this brand of tools. I told him I didn't but would see if anyone on the board knows. The story he was told was a couple of Delta employees were fed up with Delta and started their own company. Don't know more than that. Anyone know...
  6. froglips

    Steel City Table Saw at Woodworkers Supply....

    Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I walk in the door of Woodworkers Supply in Graham..... Steel City table saw! It looks great. I have no idea how one would judge such a tool on sight and touch alone. Lets just say if CSI were to check, they'd find my prints all over it! Also got...
  7. dancam

    Steel City Tool Works

    Folks, FYI...I queried a SC supplier regarding lathes and jointers and the following is the info supplied. Dancam -------------------------------------------------- We are now stocking some of the Steel City machines. At this time they are only offering mini-lathes. They do offer 6 and 8...
  8. D L Ames

    Steel City bandsaw thread

    Michael, Take a hard look at the new 18" bandsaw Steel City put together. It is loaded with some very innovative features and I really like the design they are using for their blade tensioning mechanism. D L
  9. mshel

    Steel City vs. Shop Fox

    Browsing the web, I came across this info. Might be interesting to know that the new Steel City Toolworks line of jointers came off the same line as the Shop Fox. Check out this link and browse the manual. Nothing remarkable other than theirs is only a 2 hp 3 knife unit but the basic...

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