1. D

    steel tank

    Friend of mine has this fuel oil tank and stand he'd like to get rid of on the cheap. Asking is $50, you haul away. Anyone interested send me a PM and I'll fwd on to him. Thanks for looking.
  2. S

    Interesting table design: "floating top" steel and cherry end table

    One of the TechShop RDU members was working on this table when I was in there the other week. It's one of the cleanest/simplest designs I've seen... but with an interesting twist: a floating top.:cool:
  3. Steel Stand

    Steel Stand

  4. Bryan S

    Steel City TS in Trinity

    Normal disclaimer, not mine. 10" Steel City table saw - $650 (Trinity) Date: 2010-07-30, 10:45AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 10"- 1.75 HP Steel City hybrid table saw. 110/220...
  5. owen299

    Steel Drum

    Not really a woodworking request , except to burn a little scrap. I'm looking for a fairly clean steel 55 gallon drum that has the top w/ ring on it (barrel top comes off). I'm north of Raleigh/ Durham and thought this would be as good a place as any to start looking. Thanks
  6. S

    14 inch Steel City Band Saw - $450 (Lexington, NC)

    not mine! 14 inch Steel City Band Saw - $450 (Lexington, NC) Date: 2010-06-27, 1:46PM EDT Reply to: see below 14 inch steel city band saw that is like new, used very little. 110V, mobile base, new blade. Perfect cond.!! Call 336.479.6761 Location: Lexington, NC it's NOT ok to...
  7. sawduster

    High Carbon Alloy steel

    can anyone 'splain this to me in regard to lathe tools ? :icon_scra I know it is different than HSS but how ? Better, worse ? Yeah I could look it up but I probably wouldn't understand it and I would miss out on all the great fellowship of this site :gar-Bi ...besides < slingblade voice on >...
  8. Phil S

    FREE lights and steel studs

    For the big boys I still have about 15 more 400 w metal-halide 277 volt three phase light fixtures and I have about 15 heavy gauge steel studs The studs are 20 gauge thick, 6" wide and 33' tall. You can cut them onsite for transport. They all must go to the dump next week so let me know...
  9. algustaf

    Steel City Table Saw CL Danville $700

    I thought this seemed pretty reasonable if someone in the triad or triangle is looking. Al G
  10. pslamp32

    Steel pipes to PEX...

    I've got access to enough free PEX to redo my water lines. Right now my pipes are a mix of mostly metal (iron, galvanized?) with a bit of copper. I'd like to start the PEX at the metal inlet in the basement. What's the best way to couple the PEX to the metal inlet? I didn't see anything at the...
  11. Bugle

    Rikon or Steel City?

    I'm considering the purchase of my first lathe. These two are in my price range. Do you see any advantages or disadvantages of either? I would appreciate any expert advice. Thanks 1. 2...
  12. froglips

    Smooth and polish really hard steel (Burnisher)?

    Ok, yes, I am spending hours and more on abrasives than buying a $10 new burnisher. Now that thats out of the way..... My "new" burnisher was badly pitted. I didn't notice for way too long to return it. So, in prep for St. Roy's class last night, I got inspired to try to take out the...
  13. Hill

    Junkyard high-carbon steel?....

    Thought I'd check to see if any auto techs on here might be able to give me some info on whether or not the newer vehicles that I've been seeing in the junkyard might have some decent steel in them. I usually go after the old leaf-springs, coil-springs and whatever else might be higher-carbon...
  14. Sharp Blade

    What happening at Steel City?

    I was just at Woodcraft in Matthews and they told me that they are no longer carrying Steel City tools. The reason he thought was that Steel City could not produce product. He said there isn't a problem with the tools at all, that it was probably upper management. Too bad, I wanted one of the...
  15. B

    Table Saw Steel City 35905G vs Grizzly G0690

    Hello folks. I am new member as of an hour ago. what a great site ya'll have here. I am getting ready to make a big purchase (for me anyway). I've been using a Ridgid 10" Contractors saw for about 6 years now. It's served it's purpose, but I am ready for an upgrade. I've been studying...
  16. mike_wood

    Steel city drill press

    I need a new drill press and like the SC JDP-17DX. Seems like a good, basic, DP. I see good reviews online. Anyone own it? What do you think?
  17. CrealBilly

    Black Finish (white vinegar & steel wool) Update...

    It's been many years since I've messed with black any suggestions on black dyes for RO? Thanks
  18. Fence2_640


  19. Fence1_640


  20. S

    Band Saw New 18" by Steel City - $900 (Clemmons/Winston Salem)

    NOt mine: Band Saw New 18" by Steel City - $900 (Clemmons/Winston Salem) Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-06-23, 11:42AM EDT Location...

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