1. Truefire

    Looking some turning stock ?

    Hey guys, would any of you guys have some turning stock for sale in the arena of approximately 1.25 -1.5" and any lengths are fine. I just need this exterior width, thickness measurements. Looking for dense native woods, burl woods or especially exotics if you have some you are willing to...
  2. C

    Thin stock cherry?

    Good day, Looking for thin stock clear cherry 2" x 1/2" x at least 56" long. Any idea where I might find this? Most stores only carry to 24". I'm in Concord NC. thanks
  3. Truefire

    Padauk, Bocote Turning stock (smaller pieces wanted)

    Hello gentleman i was wondering if any of you guys had some Bocote and Padauk turning stock in the arena of 1 3/8" (+-) x 1 3/8" (+-) x 6" or longer. I am desiring several pieces of each. Let me know, Thanks a great deal Chris 252-717-6699
  4. N

    Got a bow in my stock

    Hi all, I'm new and just seeking some advice on how to deal with red oak plywood and solid stock forming a bow after ripping on the table saw. The pieces are small - the ply is 3/4" x 2-1/4", solid stock 1"x 1-1/4". After ripping these pieces they got a considerable bow in them. I need to run...
  5. ScottM

    Free turning stock

    At this price I am sure you can find some good stock
  6. liftnaleg1

    Gun Stock...

    Can anyone help with a gun stock I'm wanting to make? I just have a 20ga my father bought me when I was little and want to pass it down to my son. I have some birdseye maple I was wanting to use and for payment I can send you a much wood as you request...Birdseye maple, Ambrosia Maple, Cherry...
  7. KurtG

    Combining stock

    Here is a question from one who is inexperienced: If I have two boards that are 4/4, can I glue them together to get the 8/4 thickness that I desire or am I better off starting with an 8/4 board. Look forward to reading what you all have to say.
  8. CohibaCris

    Finding large stock...

    I'm a fairly experienced woodworker and carver with a conundrum - I want to break into carving large billets or logs (12" or larger diameter - 3 to 6' lengths) and I've got the proper equipment to get going - except the wood... (minor problem to be sure) So, can anyone help me out with: A...
  9. NCTurner

    Paper Bag Drying Green Stock Article.

    I found this a very informative article so I thought I'd share it here. :occasion1
  10. rick7938

    Steel Shim Stock

    I have a Delta dedicated mortiser that needs a little shimming to be perfectly square in all directions. Does anyone know a source close to Fayetteville that might sell thin steel shim stock? Anything else work as well or better? Thanks for any feedback.
  11. Threejs

    Acrylic Turning Stock

    So where can you pick up acrylic turning stock that is larger than a pen blank. I would like to find rods or blocks up to 3" in diameter so that I can turn discs and whirls for top spindles.
  12. Glennbear

    Round steel stock for Oland tool

    Part of the legacy my father left me was the collecting habits of Fred Sanford, and the engineering abilities of Rube Goldberg coupled with the "making do with what's you got" inventiveness of Red Green. In several threads recently members have mentioned difficulty in finding mild steel round...
  13. nelsone

    Scratch Stock Question

    Does anyone use a scratch stock for beading? I would like to add a bead to the hall table I'm working on and need to make a scratch stock that will handle curved pieces. I'm mostly concerned with the holder. If you have one, will you post a picture of it so I can see how to make one?
  14. Threejs

    Set for turning stock for awhile

    I went home (in the mountains) today to help my father work around the yard. Ended up coming home with a 14" diameter black locust, and 2 8" dogwood trees. Tomorrow, or next weekend, I will cut them into bowl blanks and paint them up good for storage. While I was there, my mother asked me if I...
  15. rick7938

    Shortening Shotgun Stock

    I need advice on shortening 2 shotgun stocks for my wife. She has a pair of Ithaca Model 37's that she has struggled with the last few years. The length of pull (distance from trigger to center of buttplate) of the stock is 14". This is about an inch too long for her according to the "pro" at...
  16. T

    HELP! Bandsaw not cutting parallel to stock edge

    I am trying to make 3/8" check cuts on 3 1/2" wide tenons. The problem is the bandsaw is not cutting parallel. I have the saw set up correctly with a new blade. Blade is square to the table, table is square to the fence, fence is parallel to the blade, the stock is square but the cuts are off...
  17. Arguseyed

    Contractor's saw rip 8/4 stock?

    A rookie needs some guidance here. I'm building an outfeed table for my contractor's saw and need to make some 1.5" square legs. Will my Delta contractor's saw rip 8/4 birch stock? Since I now have a jointer and a planer, I refuse to go to the BORG and buy poplar or red oak! I've got some extra...
  18. johnpipe108

    Took stock of my hardwoods collection

    I finally took stock of and photos of my small collection of hardwoods. The rosewoods (Brazilian and cocobolo) were given to me about 25 years ago by a lady friend after her return from Mexico in return for looking after her mail; The first three pix are the rosewoods. which came from a Mexican...
  19. Jon

    Cabinet grade plywood and 3/4 stock

    I live in Winston Salem and was wondering where I can get Cherry and cherry Plywood. Is there anywhere local? I dont mind driving to get it I just cant find any anywhere.
  20. Jim Murphy

    Drawer stock

    I'm ready to make some utility drawers for the shop, and I want the box to be 1/2" thick, more or less (that is, 7/16-9/16 works too). I'm shying away from plywood, and surely don't want to plane down stock. Yes, I can resaw 4/4 and get close enough, but I'd rather purchase material that's...

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