1. mshel

    Wish I had stock in cardboard containers.....

    Received a shipment from Amazon tonight, I got 6 GS 24" clamps and they were individually packaged in 6 cartons with ballon bags. The UPS guy kept shoving them out of the back of the truck and I wondered for a minute whether they overshipped but found out that was not the case. These are the...
  2. J

    Root Stock Turning Squares

    Anything to be concerned about when slicing root balls for turning stock? Nothing like pith or anything like that is there? What make a good root ball turning square or am I wasting my time? Root balls are real PITA to prep, have to power wash the balls at least twice to get rid of the dirt and...
  3. J

    Gun Stock Checkering

    Does anyone have any idea what tools it would take to be able to checker a gun stock? Its something that has been of interest to me. I know there was a little tool at the Charlotte show, but at 300 dollars it seemed a little out of line. Any other ideas?
  4. Joe Scharle

    Walnut 3" turning stock

    I need some walnut 3" turning stock. Called around yesterday, no help. Glueing isn't going to work, tried one anyway. Joe
  5. DaveO

    Looking for some figured stock

    I want to make the LOML a jewelry box for her birthday, actually I was told I could make that or buy her something much more expensive. I would like to use some curly Maple or Cherry. I want some really good figure because the box will be small so I need maximum impact. Went by the local Raleigh...

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