1. TracyP

    Sanders Woodworking

    Steve Sanders has requested that his user name be changed from Sanders Woodworking to Sanders Fine Woodworking. I have changed Steve's user name and must say after looking at his website; the new name is much more fitting.:notworthy::notworthy:. Please join me in re-welcoming Steve....
  2. pslamp32

    Drum sanders...

    Well since I've started doing some veneer work I've decided I must have a new bandsaw and drum sander. Finding a used bandsaw will probably happen soon, I hope, but I'm less familiar with drum sanders. Just wondering what a fair used price on a sander in good shape would be. Also, what...
  3. RickC

    Sand-flee sanders

    Does anyone here have a Sand-flee sander? If so, what model, and do you like it? What applications have you used it for? It looks like it would be possible to build your own version of it by using the "innards" from here...
  4. SteveColes

    Disk vs combo vs edge sanders

    What does a disk sander do that the belt on a combo sander or edge sander wouldn't do? I'm sure as soon as someone tells me, I'll be embarrassed, But right now, I just don't see it
  5. ScottM

    Bowl sanders

    As a darksider in training, I would like to know what kind of bowl sanders the more experienced folks are using? Also I see sanding disks come in the 1", 2" and 3" sizes. Any preferences on the sizes?
  6. WoodWrangler

    A Visit to Sanders Shop

    Made a trip up to Mooresville on Friday to pick up the duct work. While in the area, I gave Steve Sanders ( a call and decided to swing in for a tour (and beer). Steve is a remarkable artist and excellent turner. He has one of the largest bandsaws I've ever seen...
  7. flywelder

    Wanted: Your thoughts on Belt sanders

    By the sounds of my 30 year old 3x21 belt sander, I should begin soon to look at a replacement. With so many choices, I am wondering what y'all think would be a good, dependable, long life, 3x21, belt sander......... with your inputs I'll be able to make a great choice! Tell me what you...
  8. JackLeg

    RO Sanders? Your thoughts?

    I'm in the market for another ROS. I've heard good and bad things about the new Porter Cable low profile unit. :dontknow: Anyone got one? (I'm betting Travis, Jeremy, or Scott Smith have one) If so, what has your experience been? :eusa_thin If not, what is YOUR favorite ROS and why...
  9. J

    Steve Sanders- how are you doing ?

    Hey Steve, I've seen that you've been on the site but not posting much. I was just wondering how everything is going with you, since your hospital visit in December ? I hope everything is well . Best wishes !
  10. steviegwood

    Belt/File Sanders

    Hi Everyone, I was looking around for a different type of sander to fit into tight spaces and came across this one from Makita. Milwaukee also makes one similar. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other brands that may be a bit cheaper. I know that you get what you pay for but thought that...
  11. TracyP

    Steve Sanders in the Hospital

    I just got a call from Steve Sanders (sanders woodworking) he is in the hospital in Mooresville. He has been sick for a week, they have found an abscess on his liver. I plan on going to see him tomorrow. I can provide room number by pm if anyone wants it. I am sure he would love to hear from...
  12. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Wood run to Sanders Woodworking

    Would all of you coming to get wood today please call me when you're on the way. My wife is having a baby shower for my daughter-in-law today and I'm sure there will be honey-dos. New grandbaby is due next week. The shop is at the very end of the driveway, past my house. Looking forward to...
  13. K

    Trip to Steve Sanders and Jim Tuckers

    Anyone on the South side of Charlotte interested in making a run for the wood Jim and Steve have for sale?
  14. T

    Sanders- Which would be better all round??

    Morning all, I find myself needing to buy a sander, other than the typical flat vibrating, orbital and angle/corner sanders... I have narrowed (??) it down to either an "Oscillating Spindle Sander", likely a bench top model or one of the combo "Belt/Disk sanders". It will mainly be used for...
  15. adowden

    sanders and drills at Sears

    Tonight at the Sears at Southpointe Mall in Durham, they had two Porter Cable sanders for sale. The random orbital sander is model #343 and it is new for $35 (one left after I bought one:wink_smil). It is 5" with a 8 hole hook and loop. They also have one 1/4 sheet Porter Cable finish sander for...
  16. Canuck

    Bosch 1/4 Sheet Sanders

    Stopped off at the Cary Home Depot and found a Bosch 1/4 Sheet Palm finishing sander (1297DK) on clearance for $29.00. It appears that they are clearing them out cause there was none on display. (Pretty good deal if you are in the market. Lowes want $54.00 for it.) They were about halfway...
  17. J

    Belt Sanders at Lowes

    Lowes is clearancing their Delta belt sanders. The SM500 is marked down to $71.00 in Cary, Walnut Street store. This is a 6" disc/ 6 X 36 bench top machine. They also have Delta 31-695 for $134.00, but I got one for $125.00 This is a 9" disc/ 6 X 48 machine with stand. Both use induction motors...
  18. S

    Wilmington CL: two drum sanders

  19. Toddler

    small benchtop belt/disc sanders. Thoughts?

    Hi, I've been considering one of these combination belt/disc sanders. I have a ROS and thought this would be a reasonable addition. Does anyone have something like these and what do you think? ACCURA 01428 42" x 1" BELT-8" DISC SANDER: Home Improvement Palmgren 81081...
  20. Ryan

    RO sanders

    I'm in the market for a new random orbit palm sander. I currently have the 5" Ryobi VS, and I would like something that is a little easier on my hand (the vibration is a little on the excessive side). I've been told to go with the Porter Cable Quick Sand, but I like the looks of the new Bosch...

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