1. eastern cedar pow wow drum

    eastern cedar pow wow drum

  2. froglips

    Picked up my copy of the 2011 Calendar... WOW!

    Not only are all the winning pieces stunning, the layout and printing of the calendar is just fantastic! I've flipped through it a bunch of times, its just a real treat! I got my copy at the Klingspor Show in Hickory. So I carried it around and just had to show it to any hapless vendor who...
  3. BrianInChatham

    Wow that's a lot of veneer...

    Any one of these lots is more veneer than most of us could use in a lifetime, but maybe someone will be interested anyway.
  4. nelsone

    3k - wow!

    You guys and gals have sure to me ramble a lot!
  5. woodArtz

    Wow! Busy weekend...

    Had to edit the following post: It used to read: "Well, I brave the 18 degree temp, 10+ inches of snow and rode my ATV out to the shop to turn my first pen. Does any body have a kit removal tool? The instructions...
  6. Tar Heel


    I just received the calendar and have decided that, in all fairness, it would probably be better to stop referring to myself as a woodworker/turner. Those are some fantastic pictures of some fantastic work. My congrats to the ones whose work is shown here. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up Also a big hand...
  7. froglips

    Wow, Donations Plugins......

    While doing things unrelated to umbrella repair, I stumbled upon this gem... AWCoding- Donation System AWCoding has a very thorough Demo page here: Another option is: Cyb - PayPal Donate...
  8. WoodWrangler

    Mirka Abranet ... WOW!

    If you haven't used Mirka Abranet (link) you don't know what you are missing ... or at least I didn't! Recently I bought a 6" variety pack from Hartville Tools mainly thinking I'd use it on the lathe to sand bowls and such. However, I decided while working on the current project to go ahead...
  9. A

    New bench vise- Wow!!!!!

    For anyone thinking about a bench vise- check out the Glide Vise- be sure to watch the video! If the price of their tail vise is any indicator, it will not be cheap!!
  10. TedAS

    Freud Customer Service - WOW! = Gloat

    This is what Brown delivered on Friday! I just had to take advantage of Lowe’s $99 deal this was too good to pass up.:gar-Bi As I was getting the fixed base ready to mount in my router table I made an unfortunate discovery. One of the holes in the metal casting was machined at the wrong...
  11. Elmojo

    Modified Oland Tool = WOW

    Hi all, I'm too tired to post specifics and photos right now, but I just finished building a modified Oland tool. I made the shaft removable from the handle so I can flip the shaft around and mount angled bits in the other end. I suspect this thing will be my favorite tool for a while! I...
  12. WoodWrangler

    Sleek Veritas Block Planes ... wow

    Have you seen these? Looks like an old-time car, or something.
  13. S

    WOW CHeck this out !

    nOt mine, wish it was, Wood workers dream - 4 tools priced to sell Reply to: Date: 2008-11-04, 2:40PM New still in the boxes - a Delta 10" contractors table saw with 30" biesemeyer fence system and table board (model 36-451X), a Delta 16.5" drill press (model...
  14. A

    Tools wow!!!!!

    Take a look at gotojeremy's (AKA Wood Wrangler :lol: ) classified "Bunch o' tools". Some nice equipment there!!!! This guy had some serious money invested in this stuff. It all sounds fairly new based a few model #s. It reads like a Dewalt and Porter Cable catalog! How about a 37" $7700...
  15. Jon

    WOW what a difference. (Delta Planer)

    Before Christmas I bought some 8/4 hard maple and some 8/4 Purple Heart. They were both about 6 inches wide and 12 feet long. I cut them in half and then cut them down to 18 inch lengths and made a few cutting boards for family and sold 3. It took me about 6 hours to Run it all on the...
  16. SteveColes

    Long tale of wow

    Sorry, everyone, but I have not really been on the site and active. My main machine is down.:-( That Happened 2 days before Klingspor. I backup every day. but the the restore software said my backups were bad. :BangHead:I have finally managed to recover the most critical financial files. I have...
  17. DaveO

    NC Wood = WOW!!!!

    I had a hankerin' for some turning wood today. Unable to find anything that really spoke to me at my usual sources (Woodcraft :crybaby2:and Klingspor) I decided I would give NC Wood a try. I knew that they were close to where my daughter goes to daycare, and had looked for them once in the past...
  18. T

    Wow, finaly over a 1000!!

    I just noticed that I am over a 1000 posts. Not bad considering I am one of the fist 10 signed up on the board. Watch out Dave here I come!! :lol::lol:
  19. Kyle

    wow factor.. the price tag is pretty wow as well.
  20. A

    Shelix installation done!!! WOW!!!!! *pics*

    I finished installing the Byrd Shelix head in my Delta 15" planer tonight. Here is the new journal waiting to be installed: Here is the old journal waiting to be shipped (to whoever buys it ) : I would have taken pics of my planer during the process, but the pics and step by step...

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