1. T

    Help & borrow needed.

    I am placing 4 posts this coming Saturday. My dad and my brother are helping. I think one more person might be helpfull. If there is anyone interested in hanging with us Saturday morning through early afternoon. Now, I think this is a long shot, but does anyone have a cement mixer I could...
  2. C

    Sawyer needed in Raleigh or Sanford area

    My inlaws have a ~22 in Oak tree that had to be cut:cool:, and they have reserved an 8-10 foot section of the base for me:gar-Bi. Now, I need to turn this into usable lumber. I am quite willing to provide labor for the prcess but I lack all of the necessary tools. Any help or pointers...
  3. JimThomasson

    Your prayers needed ...

    Dear friends ... During the night, Wednesday, my Mother-in-Law, Mrs. Marva Wade of Debary, Fl, died unexpectedly of an apparent heart-attack. She and her husband, Mr. Harold Wade, had been married for 58 years. Please keep him, my wife Nancy, and her sister Karyn in your prayers. Thank you! Jim
  4. T

    Touch-up paint needed (Grizzly green & white)

    Just in case any one has some sitting around not being used. I can order it from Griz if needed.
  5. T

    Pre-gloat and HELP needed

    OKay, I have a trailer full of heavy tools and I need help tomorrow morning (Sunday, yes Mothers DAy) getting them unloaded. There are 4 tools total. All 4 must come off the trailer and then 2 go back on to be delivered else where. The tools are a: (pics to follow after they are unloaded)...
  6. M

    Rough Cut lumber for equipment shed needed

    I need approx. 1000 sq ft of rough cut lumber for equipment shed I'm building in Sea Level, NC (about 25 miles northeast of Beaufort in Carteret Co.). I need 1"x aprox.13' in length, variable widths OK. thanks, John
  7. SteveColes

    Help Needed - Raleigh Klingspor Woodworking Showcase -Saturday, April 26, 2008

    I posted about this before, but I've waited until Paul was able to be more specific. Then I kept forgetting to actually make a sign up sheet. First let me give you guys some reasons of why we should show support for Klingspor in general and Paul in particular. Paul was the person that...
  8. Badabing

    Bandsaw tuning needed? Help!

    Hi Everyone. At this moment, I am very frustrated. Nothing seems to be going right in the shop today and I have a lot to get done :BangHead: The worst is this piece of wood: It is a piece of Mopani that I tried to resaw off of a 3'' thick 6''x6'' block. I thought I had the bandsaw tuned...
  9. ScottM

    Brown or Copper Flashing needed

    Any one know where I get about a 1 sq foot piece of either brown or copper color flashing. Don't need a roll. I am tied of the dang squirrels chewing on my blue bird houses. If someone has a better suggestion I am open to it. I know a .22 works best but that is not a option,
  10. JimThomasson

    Recomendations needed for a benchtop mortising machine

    .... still got some of Uncle Sam's money to burn and thinking about a good middle of the road mortising machine. General, light work so I don't need top of the line. Recommendations anyone?
  11. MikeH

    NCWW Express needed asap...

    Is anyone possibly headed to Charlotte tomorrow or Tuesday? I need to get the fence energizer from Mike Davis asap. I'm going to be in Charleston Wed through Fri and if I don't do something about our monkey dog soon the LOML is going to get rid of her. If you can help I would greatly...
  12. BKind2Anmls

    V-Belt Piece Needed

    I bought one of those red, linked, V-belts for my bandsaw but it was about 9" too short. I had a little piece left over from a couple of years ago when I replaced my table saw belt and added it. However, I am still short approximately 5 inches. Does anyone out there have a little piece of...
  13. prolfe

    A week of savings; Demos needed for Open House

    March 1 is the kickoff of Klingspor's SEVEN DAY Customer Appreciation Days Sale at all four locations. In Raleigh, there will be vendors on site and at least five local clubs represented, including ncww, doing demonstrations and promoting their respective organizations for the woodworking...
  14. owen299

    Planer / Joiner Help Needed

    HELP... I have a couple of walnut boards that I plan on using for a coffee table but I need to get them surfaced and squared up glueing(?). My little 6 in jointer and small delta plainer just arn't up to the job . they are 12 in wide ,60 in long and 5/4 so there is some room to work. Shouldn't...
  15. SkintKnuckle

    Recomendation needed

    I need a new circular blade for my 10" miter saw, generally I use it for finish materials, since I can keep my old one for the rough cuts. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good one to buy, I'm after a smooth cut. Thanks ahead for any suggestions.
  16. D

    Workshop needed

    I am a new member of NCWW. I live in an apartment in Durham but hope to start building my house soon. I would like to rent a space to begin working on cabinets etc. Some commercial spaces are available for $600-$800/month (ouch!!). I was hoping to find an individual with a shop in their backyard...
  17. Jim M.

    Needed: Bosch 1/4 sheet sander part

    Does anybody have a dead Bosch 1297DK 1/4 sheet sander? :eusa_pray I need one of the screws that holds the pad on the bottom. Noticed today that it was missing and I can't seem to find a replacement local. Shoot me a PM if you can help. Thanks, Jim
  18. bpeterso

    Hard Maple needed for my child due in March!!!

    I'm going to be a Dad soon (March), so I thought one of the best woodworking projects would be to make a crib for my child. I need 4/4 and 8/4, and I'm struggling to find 8/4 maple. Eight feet lengths would be nice, but I can use six feet lengths and just get more. I will need this as rough...
  19. J

    Redwood needed

    I need to purchase some redwood.2 by and 1 by. Are there any local suppliers? Thanks Dwight
  20. Touchwood

    Black Walnut needed

    Hi folks, I thought I had enough of Kyles great black walnut for another rocker but I'm short by about 20 BF of 8/4. The best color/quality of black walnut I ever got was some air-dried 8/4 boards I got from Kyle last year. The wood was almost purple it was so dark.:icon_thum So I'm looking...

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