1. K

    Is Vapor Barrier needed when insulating garage?

    I have an attached garage and the exterior wall is uninsulated. I have some R15 Roxul Comfortbatt. However it is unfaced. Does anyone know if I need a vapor barrier? I'm having trouble finding it in the building code. Also from what I've read in other places, how you orient the barrier...
  2. H

    Book Advice Needed

    I am thinking about doing some craft projects which would combine scroll sawing with relief carving. One problem: I know absolutely nothing about relief carving or carving in general. Can someone recommend an elementary book on relief carving? Thanks.
  3. Crrunion

    Plans Needed

    Does anyone have plans for a wooden fly box (to keep fishing flies in) and/or a portable fly tying bench or table? Also, does anyone have a copy of "Off Season Angler" by Saindon? Thanks
  4. T

    Couple of warm bodies needed this Sunday in Apex

    Hi all, I have scored a large I beam in Apex and need a couple of people to help move it. Really Scott will have his skid steer there for all the heavy work, but a couple of people on ropes to help guide it would be great. Scott thinks about 2 hours should cover it. maybe a bit less for you...
  5. K

    Advice needed for mirror frame

    I'd like some advice on the construction details for a mirror frame I'm making. The frame is a basic stile and rail frame, containing a recessed mirror. The mirror is 30" x 36" x 3/16" so I was going to make the frame using 3/4" walnut with inside dimensions of 29.5" x 35.5", allowing for a...
  6. Ken Kimbrell

    Delta Bandsaw Help Needed.

    Over this past weekend one of the items on my shop to-do list was making a mobile base for my bandsaw and everything went haywire when I was mounting the saw onto the base. Being in the shop by myself was not the best idea for lifting the saw into place because in the process both trunnions were...
  7. K

    new jointer needed

    My jointer layed down on me last night and need to buy another one. I have a 6", but while I am buying I would like a larger capacity. I can't afford a lot, but looking at somewhere between $600 to $800 I am thinking. I found this one at Woodcraft. It is below my budget but don't know much...
  8. B

    resawing needed

    I need 30 feet +or- of walnut, maple, and purple heart resawn (2 & 3 foot long boards- 5/4, 6/4 x about 7" wide). I'll pay $1.00 a foot. Willing to travel to drop off and pick up within 60 mile radius of Wilson.
  9. Splinter

    Custom Furniture Needed

    I was contacted by an aquaintance about a lady that is looking for someone to make some furniture for her. I don't know what she wants make. If someone here is interested in making custom furniture send me a PM and I will give you her name and # to call for the deatils.
  10. Gotcha6

    Klingspor Extravaganza Hickory Volunteers Needed

    The Klingspor Extravaganza will be in Hickory at the Metro Convention Center October 21-22. NCWW has always supported Klingspor as they do us. We need to have some volunteers to do demonstrations and also assist in other ways. Tell us what you can offer. I can GUARANTEE you'll get free...
  11. W

    Dust Collector setup ideas needed!

    Getting to the point where I need to add some DC to my work area. I've been using my shop vac connected to the port for my table saw and nothing on the blade guard. But as you know that doesn't work too well, still lots of dust all over the place. My space is small (12x24) and is shared as...
  12. DanR

    Manual for Rockwell 28-140 10" bandsaw, or some knowledge, needed

    Hi Folks, I bought an old (1983) Rockwell Model 10 28-140 bandsaw yesterday. I am trying to figure out the widest blade that can be used on it, but I have no manual. I see in the manuals for other 10" bandsaws that up to 3/4" wide can be used. The wheels that the blade rides on are 1" wide...
  13. b4man

    User ID help needed

    We have a donation that only gives the IP address. I searched in the Mod. user search as I had done once before but this time no info was found. Could someone ID this donor for me? Transaction was 09/08. TIA me
  14. D

    Weathered barn siding needed

    I have a customer needing 3500 SF of weathered barn siding. Any species or profile is acceptable. Some old paint on it is not a problem. The wood needs to be sound. The kicker is he only wants to spend $1.00 or so per square foot. Anyone have a source or knows of an old barn and wants to...
  15. M

    Klingspor Woodworking Showcase -- Support Needed

    The Klingspor Woodworking Showcase will be held on September 17th at the Raleigh Klingspor's Woodworking Shop at 3141 Capitol Blvd. Please review the original announcement thread (here, in Upcoming Events). 1) First and foremost, NC Woodworkers should try to enter one or more of their...
  16. pviser

    drum sander advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm getting tired of leaving swirl marks from my 21 X 3 belt sander. Therefore, I'm now in the market for a drum sander. The Jet oscillating 22" drum sander seems like a good choice. While I'd love to have a monster 5 HP Powermatic wide belt sander, I have to be practical. All...
  17. willarda

    WIA Room mate needed!

    I have a room in a hotel about 3 blocks from the convention center for the Woodworking In America show. The room has 2 queen sized beds (the smallest accomodaltion I could find!). Anyone interested in splitting the expense? The total is around $500 for the 4 nights (Thursday through Sat...
  18. Leviblue

    I needed some shop time

    I haven't been able to spend much time in the shop lately, but today I was able to get out and take a break from the hurricane effects we are having here. I had a Zen kit sitting around for a while and was thinking about what type of wood to put with it. I found some ambrosia maple in a section...
  19. cskipper

    Member support needed - Agri Civic Center Day Space Albemarle, NC

    This weekend is the Agri Civic Center Day in Albemarle, NC. The Friends of the Agri Civic Center are a non profit corp. NCWW has been invited to participate in having a presence to distribute information, conduct demonstrations, and also to sell our wares. We have been given three booths...
  20. TracyP

    BOD meeting needed on classified policy

    I would like to call a special meeting to discuss classified ad policy only. I think our policies are strict for most and lax for some. A for instance is the guy that is selling the I heart woodworking license plates. Another concern of mine is Sully. He is using the classified as sort of a...

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