1. T

    Bench seat project (update 12/16)

    So most of you know I am working on a table and bench commision. The table is done and delivered. I am working on the 6' long bench now. It will have 6 legs (hope it doesn't rock to bad) and 2 extra vertical rear supports. I am having trouble deciding which method of attaching the supports will...
  2. dwg426

    Plans for Mission table needed

    Hi Everyone, Still kinda new to this site. I purchased Amish Royal Mission dining chairs at a consignment store. I have been trying to find plans for either a Royal Mission table or plain Mission table. Would apperciate any help someone could give me on finding a set....thanks in advance for...
  3. Bas

    Back button - two clicks needed to actually get back

    <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 204); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 204);" size="1"> Got a PM from Jim: Has anyone else seen this problem? I've tried it with the Home page list, New Posts list, and Forum list, and can't reproduce it. Thanks.
  4. jaustin

    Electrician needed

    anyone that is closed to Thomasville, that can hook up a small emergency panel transfer switch. how much would it cost to get hooked up?
  5. DaveO

    Door construction ideas needed...

    I have an upcoming project and I am having trouble figuring out how to build the doors the way I would like. The doors will be approx. 32" tall and 16" wide, frame and raised panel on a frame-less carcass, full overlay. The hard part is that I would like to have the top 6" or so of the door look...
  6. Bas

    Sanding help needed

    I made a couple of end grain cutting boards. They came out pretty good for my first attempt. Unfortunately, I got some burn marks while I was crosscutting the pieces, pushed the wood too hard against the blade. :BangHead::BangHead: Getting rid of these burn marks is proving to be a chore...
  7. S

    Pineapple SS Pattern needed!

    If it's ok to ask for, and borrow, I need a Pineapple SS Pattern. PDF, or Word is perfect. They had one on Woodcraft's site, but won't download properly. Im working on my Holiday Gifts and this would make a dear friend very happy! Thanks, Matt
  8. johnpipe108

    Wagon finished, mules needed ...

    Has anyone got a few very small mules I can borrow? I've got a load of cannonballs to deliver to the guerilleros in Avila, and I can't seem to find any 1/12-size mules! You Don't? Oh, Shazzbaach! Here it is : Some other views, including the only detail view of the original...
  9. SteveColes

    Donations Needed

    Well, I guess, I have to do the one thing that I hate to do, Ask for donations. While I realize that a lot of people sent in donations as a birthday present to me, that money by itself just doesn't do the job.:eek: These last few months have been very expensive for the corporation. Calendar...
  10. SteveColes

    Equipment Needed For Demos at Klingspor

    Here is a list of equipment that is needed for the demos at Klingspor extravaganza: Please sign up to bring and/or supply the needed equipment. If you are not coming but can supply something, please try to find someone who can have it here on Friday morning by 9:00 and someone to take it back...
  11. Tar Heel

    Blade guard needed for Uni

    After suffering the recent TS accident, I want to start using a blade guard. I have a Uni made in 1989 (34-802) that I bought used which didn't have the blade guard. I looked at the Saw Center website and they have a guard for $74.95 that doesn't include the mounting hardware. The guard with the...
  12. TracyP

    A little help needed reducing plans

    I have been asked by a user here to possibly duplicate the end tables I built for my living room, to be used as night stands. He would like to have them a smaller size than the plans call for These are the end tables: My concern is that I have never taken a set of plans and cut them down to...
  13. steviegwood

    Small Projects needed for shows

    Hi Everyone, Most of my work is with a scroll saw but I am always looking for small projects that are quick and easy to make to put in some upcoming fall shows. Any suggestions/patterns would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  14. Mark Gottesman

    Opinions needed on Footprint Chisels

    I am looking into possibly buying a set of Footprint chisels from Sears for use as a starter set. The price is right, $ 6.00 per chisel. I know nothing about them and can find precious little in the way of online reviews. I know it used to be a good brand name, but with Sears "Good-Better-Best"...
  15. T

    Short notice help needed please

    Okay I just found out I have tomorrow morning (Saturday) open and I want to try and get my AC heat pump unit hung up. I need one person with medium strength and very comfortable on a ladder to help me out. I have until 11:00 am and can start anytime. I am hoping from 8 till 11. I have the...
  16. willarda

    Local kiln services needed

    I have some quartersawn beech (4" X 4" by 60"), about 100 billets, which I intend to use as planemaking blanks. The wood was bandsawn about 6 weeks ago, stacked (about 50% open spacing) and covered. I have been monitoring the drying process (the stack is set up so that I can pull out a billet...
  17. DonEve

    Drilling advice needed..

    Guys/Gals, I've still not come to terms on how best, and most economically, to drill my pen blanks. What is your tool of choice? Is a quill travel on a drill press of 2 3/8" enough? Besides using a drill press for "drilling" (Ha!), what else could I use it for? Do any of you use the lathe...
  18. gordonmt

    Crib springs needed

    I'm building my grandaughters first crib and i can't seem to find the springs that go under the mattress. Rockler sells a set but i only want the springs. Anyone have a source for this item?
  19. RandyJ

    Opinion on W Butcher Plane needed

    First let me say, I know nothing about planes!! My neighbor was kind enough to give me this plane after I commented he should leave it to me in his will:wink_smil. I'm not venturing into the neander world (YET) but was wondering if it is worth restoring. The only parts are the iron and body. No...
  20. L

    Local lumber warehouse needed

    I am looking for a source of good furniture grade hardwood plywood. I have used one in Danville, Va but the cost of gas is keeping me closer to home. I looked at our post here but found it a little mind blowing. Could someone give me some information as to what is out there? I understand...

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