1. K

    Looking for some White Oak or other hardwood

    Just wondering if anyone has any extra/scrap wood they want to sell for cheap. Looking to buy a few pieces to get a project started.
  2. Tarhead

    Hardwood Lumber on Charlotte CL

    43BF by his measurements. No grade. Good deal? Maybe... Especially if the "not limited to" part is significant. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mat/1683831535.html Date: 2010-04-09, 11:19AM EDT Reply to: sale-2wukc-1683831535@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Various...
  3. M

    Regular nail gun for hardwood flooring?

    Hi folks, I'm thinking of installing either bamboo or red oak planks in the room over the garage. If I am careful aiming the thing, can I get by with a regular nail gun? Ideally, it would be best to rent a proper flooring nail gun but the sheckles are low and I want to take my time doing...
  4. froglips

    1/4" bundle packs at the Hardwood Store.....

    I think this is the right forum. I was over at the Hardwood Store today, with Mr. Ed Brant. In the offcut section, they have bundles of planed/joined 1/4 single species hardwood. Most 3" to 6" x 12" to 36" lenghts. Poplar, maple, oak and cedar. No clue what they are/were for. I...
  5. B

    Any tips to match cherry plywood with Brazil. Cherry hardwood?

    I am currently building my own kitchen cabinets. For the doors, I am using Jatoba (Braz. Cherry) for rails and styles and the face frame using the "Shaker Style" look. For the panels I was hoping to use 1/4" cherry, MDF core G2S but I am worried that two will not match up very well and my...
  6. taandctran

    what to do now with hardwood floors

    I bought and installed unfinished hardwood floors (pic coming soon). I sanded stained and applied 4 coats of poly. Now what do I need to do? I'm thinking I may need to put down some type of wax but I have no idea what kind?
  7. taandctran

    hardwood flooring

    My wife wants red oak hardwood flooring. It can be pre-finished or unfinished. Just needs to be red oak or maybe a prefinished white oak. I need over 300 sq ft but if I can find 200 at a good deal I will take that and "find" the rest. Let me know if anyone runs across at a "decent" price...
  8. Scott Kuykendall

    Hardwood Source in Spartanburg SC Area

    I have been using up my stash of Red Oak and I need to find a source for some more in the Spartanburg Area. I am disabled so I don't use much at a time, I need enough to glue up a lid for a Large toy box I am in the middle of making for the grand daughter and there is no way I will pay what the...
  9. C

    New hardwood ad on right sidebar!

    Check out the new ad on the right sidebar - Carolina Lumber Sourcing - just got added and just want to let folks know we're here and have great lumber at low prices. Click on the ad and have a look! Cheers Bill and Gwen Carolina Lumber Sourcing 864 325 9965 843 250 5464
  10. C

    Hardwood Store

    I need 50 bd ft 8/4 walnut - no luck on my WTB ad. The Hardwood Store seems to offer good value for the extra driving time for me compared with closer options. Wall is cheaper but adds significant additional time. I've been to Wall several times now but never the Hardwood Store. Can I get a...
  11. K

    Hardwood flooring

    Has anyone attempted to make their own, or is it just as cheap to go the lowes and buy the engineered stuff? My main reason in doing it is to save 200-300 dollars by buying rough cut wood and doing everything from planing to finishing the boards myself. I'm trying to do Mahogany, and its just...
  12. steviegwood

    Making & Installing Hardwood Flooring

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever made and installed their own hardwood flooring. As most of you know I have a lot of cabinet grade 5/8" wood but the longest pieces being about 32". These panels are made up of several 2" strips that have been butt joined together without any...
  13. Trent Mason

    First HARDwood bowl

    After some practice with pine, I wanted to try some hardwood. As luck would have it, the only scraps in the shop were brazillian cherry and ash. I just looked at a few wood hardness charts and brazillian cherry is up there in the top hardest woods in the world. No wonder I was sweating in a...
  14. A

    Anyone need a hardwood bench top?

    Mike Jurnigan, a woodworker who hangs out at WoodCentral and lives in Suffolk, VA is making a run north in February and will stop at Bally Block in Philly. He has offered to pick up seconds (tops) for people for cost and gas money. If you have never heard of Bally Block/Michigan Maple...
  15. Alex Franke

    Local mixed hardwood firewood sources?

    Can anyone offer me a referral for where I can find seasoned local mixed hardwood firewood at a reasonable price? We're looking for 1/2 - 1 cord delivered to Chapel Hill. I've always heard that the wood should be as local as possible to prevent importing out of town pests... Thanks!
  16. T

    Hardwood flooring nailer

    I need to borrow a Hardwood flooring nailer and before I went and bought one, figured I would see if there was one I could borrow from someone on here that isn't using theirs... Just going to install about 800sqft of 3/4 prefinished brazilian cherry in my house over christmas break. I would...
  17. G_ville_worker

    Calico Hardwood

    Stopped by and got some wood from John Baker of Calico hardwoods. He's just south of Chicod outside of Greenville. I picked up 40 bf of silver maple and 40 bf of red maple. Nice guy. Offers up his planners and drum sanders if you need them at no charge. Even offered the drum sander if I...
  18. D

    Unfinished hardwood flooring as lumber?

    Does anyone ever use 3/4" unfinished hardwood flooring for stock? You'd have to plane off the eased back and cut off the tongue and groove, but if you could get 5" or 6" boards cheap, would you? Thanks
  19. M

    Where to buy cheap Hardwood flooring ???

    My parents are building a log home (www.capefearloghomes.com) and I am trying to find them some hardwood flooring. They are in Atkinson NC (close to wilmington) but they could have it shipped if cheap. They are looking for basic rugged hardwood. They want it to be solid 3/4inch. But between the...
  20. SSuther

    Mooresville Hardwood Source- Tools, Too!

    I just came back from buying some nice rough walnut lumber from one of our members, Rick DiNardo, who operates The Moulding Source in Mooresville. I'd been wanting to find a source convenient to Mooresville and remembered the list on NCWW site. The Moulding Source is listed, so I called them...

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