1. J

    Some nice walnut at Hardwood Store

    Just an FYI if you in the market for some walnut. I was at the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville on Saturday and they have some pretty nice 4/4 and 5/4 walnut right now. Nice color, not much sapwood and fairly good widths. Better selection than you often see these days, IMO. It is mostly s2s at...
  2. R


    I am moving to Charleston, SC in July. Does anyone know where I will be able to purchase cherry, walnut, etc. in the Charleston area or within a reasonabe drive?
  3. TracyP

    Customer Appreciation Day At The Hardwood Store Of North Carolina

    Cheryl Lewis has requested that we let all of you know the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville is having a customer appreciation day and tool swap on May 14 from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. I will attach the flyer to this post. This is the same day as the picnic so most of you could make both events...
  4. A

    Table Saw Blade Deflection When Crosscutting Hardwood

    I'm trying to crosscut 1 1/2" thick by 4 1/2" wide ash on my table saw, but I'm getting uneven cuts. The cut profile is more or less convex, with the leading and trailing edge cut deeper and the middle of the cut proud. The difference is about 0.005-0.006" on a piece that I just cut. Is this...
  5. B

    Newbie wants to buy hardwood in WNC

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and hope I'm in the right place. I have a small workshop and do turnings and some custom chess boards. I'm looking for a place within a 1 hr drive of Hendersonville, NC to buy hardwood. Mostly domestic but some exotic. It needs to be planed and jointed (their on my...
  6. D

    Looking For Hardwood Flooring Material

    I'm looking for a mill or manufacture who produce hardwood flooring that may toss or sale cheaply the pieces that are not suitable for flooring.
  7. G

    First trip to NC Hardwood store

    I must say I was very impressed not only with the amount and types of lumber but with the staff as well. They gave me a pricing guide and just let me wander around without bugging me. I just wish I had a truck and money...lots and lots of money. :wsmile:
  8. timf67

    Quote for refinishing hardwood floors in Monroe, NC

    A friend of mine is selling his house in Monroe, NC and needs to refinish his hardwood floors. It is approx 2000 SF of stained oak flooring. Does anyone out there do floors or know someone who does? He obviously doesn't want to spend a lot of money since he is selling. Thanks!
  9. Truefire

    29" Hardwood Table Legs needed

    Hey guys i am building a contemporary style sofa table with an elegant appeal and I am in need of some block style tapered legs that would accommodate a 4" drawer space. I am need of four legs 29" long and 4 - 21" in length. preferably hardwood legs or either maple legs revealing slight...
  10. TracyP

    NCWW Has A New Paying Advertiser, The Hardwood Store

    Please welcome The Hardwood Store of North Carolina to our generous list of advertisers. Please consider buying from one of our sponsors when you are looking to make a purchase and support those who support Us. Thank you to all of our supporters.
  11. ScottM

    Scrollers - BB plywood deal at Hardwood Store

    Scrollers take note. I found this a couple weeks back but was keeping it a close secret . I did share with a few others. But now that the Hardwood Store is a site sponsor I figured I would highlight it for the rest. Check this deal out. 25 square feet of Baltic Birch Plywood 1/8" - $32...
  12. Hardwood_Store


  13. wooduser

    The Hardwood Store

    I visited The Hardwood Store in G'ville. Cheryl was there to check me out. I mentioned I was a NCWW and I got a discount even though the quantity of lumber I bought was small. Nice lady. She claimed her handle was Cheryl Hardhead. That didn't seem to fit. Check her out. :gar-La;
  14. J

    Hardwood source

    Hi, I am new to the forum and Eastern NC. I have just moved to New Bern and can't find a source of furniture grade hardwood that sells retail. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, joe
  15. dlrion

    The Hardwood Store

    I took a run up to the Hardwood Store yesterday. Earl said they treated him like a king the last time he went on a wood run, and so I had to see if this was true. I bought a couple hundred dollars worth of wood, they were VERY helpful! Great prices, and when I pulled out my NCWoodworkers...
  16. kooshball

    Dresser carcass wood design, plywood or secondary hardwood (wood movement issue)

    I am still in the final planning stages with my next project, a wide walnut dresser. I plan to use vertical grain solid walnut sides joined to the top and bottom carcass with half blind dovetails. I was originally planning to use plywood for the top and bottom carcass since it is quick and is...
  17. erasmussen

    The Hardwood Store

    I made a run to the Hard Wood Store today, I had never been there before. What a surprise, EVERYONE there was just super, They treated me like a king. The prices was right, and the wood that I looked at was good (of course I didnt get to look at all of it). They sure did right by me, I know...
  18. F

    Hickory area hardwood suppliers

    Google hasn't been too terribly helpful, so i thought i'd ask here....Klingspor's had a little bit but i'm looking for more selection. Not looking for anything particular at the moment, but i'm new to the area and would like to know where to look...
  19. F

    FREE Hardwood to good home

    Hi, first post. Woodcraft, in Matthews, NC recommended this site to me. I'm doing some garage cleaning and need to give away some wood that I collected some years ago. I can't tell you the species but it looks to be mainly oak. There may be others. It has been sitting in the corner of my...
  20. drw

    Edge Burning: Is There a Better Solution?

    I need some advice...I realize the some of the hardwoods (cherry, maple, etc) are very susceptible to edge burning during milling and sawing operations. That said, I have minimized the problem during milling operations by using a sharp bit and setting my router speed to the slowest possible...

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