1. BKind2Anmls

    Hardwood Dowels at McFeely's

    Good prices. http://www.mcfeelys.com/dowels-wooden-parts
  2. J

    Hardwood Flooring

    LOML wants to refinish the white oak flooring in the kitchen and add about 525 sf of bamboo flooring in place of living room carpet. We like blond bamboo solid planks in either vertical or horizontal grain. Can you folks recommend some reputable companies in the Raleigh/Durham area who have...
  3. TracyP

    The Hardwood Store

    Have any of you ever purchased from The Hardwood Store of NC in Gibsonville? I am planning on going there tomorrow morning to pick up some ash ply for my end tables and was just wandering if anyone has purchased from them. Is there anything I need to look for when buying good quality hardwood...
  4. taandctran

    hardwood floors

    My wafe wants hardwood floors. But what you buy at lowes is just outrageously priced. I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere you can buy cheaper. I would like it to be precut and groved. But I dont want it prefinished. Thanks for the help ahead of time.
  5. K

    removing mastic/glue from hardwood floor

    I saw a product, years ago, that was used to remove black mastic from concrete. The concrete looked like new after it was used. It smelled like the citrus cleaning products used for household cleaning. Anyone know where I could find this product in a commercial strenght. Any thoughts what it...
  6. D

    Looking for hardwood suppliers in north central NC

    Wondering if there is a source for hardwood lumber in the Henderson,NC area which is in north central NC. :lol:
  7. Chipper

    Hardwood flooring project. Finished!!

    OK Honey its done.:eusa_danc 520 sqft prefinished WO 3/4 T&G I reccomend getting a tennoning jig and dado blade out of the deal as well.
  8. D

    looking to borrow a floor nailer/stapler for hardwood floors

    hopeing someone has a hard wood flooring pneumatic gun laying around that i may use to lay down 1200 sq ft of flooring. :eusa_pray dont really wanna buy one, nor rent one and try to bust butt to finish fast so i dont get overcharged! anyone near my area(wake forest) that can help me would be...
  9. sediener

    Red Oak Hardwood Floors vs. Big Dog...

    We bought our house about a year ago and had them put a couple extra coats of polyurethane on the hardwood floors hopefully to protect them from our 75lb golden. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have done any good, when I do get this floor refinished in a few years, is there anything that I...
  10. huckster

    Mill Hardwood Flooring? or Buy it?

    That is a question a buddy of mine and I are considering. :eusa_thin What is necessary to process seasoned kiln dried wood into installable 3/4" hardwood planks (2"wide)? Plan the wood? Table saw it? Then shaper or router for tounge and groove? Does anyone know anybody in the triangle area...
  11. J

    Hardwood Floor Inlay

    I completed this a few months ago. Since I am working on doing better photos I figured I would post some up. We are going to be installing hardwood floors in a few months so hopefully this will fit in to the plans. For now, it hangs on the wall. It is made from Mahogany, Black Walnut, Maple, and...
  12. D

    hardwood flooring/planer question

    beginning stage of building my own home. wondering if anyone knows of a great bargain store/shop who sells hard wood flooring. pre finished okay, but would like un-finished flooring. darker color but not one sold look. brazilian walnut tops list! also thanks on suggestions on planer, but...
  13. williams130

    Novice ready to buy some hardwood, suggestions?

    Hi All, I have just recently purchased a planer, jointer, and dust collector so I'm ready to make some sawdust. Until now I've relied on home centers for most of the wood for my projects. Anyway, I want to get a small stock of wood to have on hand for learning, experimenting and most...
  14. chris99z71

    Hardwood store of NC

    Hey, this is a test linked to here... This place has a great variety of high quality lumber. Friendly folks - good customer service. I've bought small quantities from them and they've never charged me for planing/sanding/strait-line-ripping.
  15. Dullblade

    Hardwood supplies in Charlotte

    I need to know some good places to buy hardwood and exotics in the immediate Charlotte area. Preferably south of Downtown but will travel a reasonable distance for the good stuff. Thanks, Roger
  16. Small Walnut Bowl

    Small Walnut Bowl

    From a White Walnut tree, this is a burl taken from a crotch in the trunk. The grain distortion created by the crotch is absolutely gorgeous.
  17. Spanish Teak Bowl

    Spanish Teak Bowl

    Made from Spanish Teak, revolving the bowl in light presents spectacular effects as the grain direction changes. This bowl is rimmed with pure 22kt gold leaf, protected by several coats of polyurethane. A great bowl for a 6" candle.
  18. Small Sycamore bowl

    Small Sycamore bowl

    Ultra thin, only 1/8" thick wall. A sycamore bowl with a small footprint, and the typical unique color only this wood offers.
  19. Small Sycamore bowl

    Small Sycamore bowl

    A delicate bowl, only a 3/16" wall. This gorgeous color pattern draws attention where ever it rests.
  20. Medium Sycamore bowl

    Medium Sycamore bowl

    Sycamore is hard to beat for striking grain color. The contrast between sap and heart wood always creates beautiful bowls. It measures 8" x 5.5".

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