1. Matt

    Woodcraft $5 Router Bits

    For those needing router bits: Check out the woodcraft website, they are doing the $5 router bit deal again. For those that don't know:
  2. chris99z71

    $5 router bits

    For anyone not already on Woodcraft's email list, I just got a e-flyer: These "WOODCRAFT Anti-Kickback Router Bits" are $5 each through Sunday, 2/19 - Normally from $10 - $22 each: Link
  3. M

    Router Bits

    I was wondering about experiences with various brands of bits. For me, I like Freud, CMT, Jessada. Every one has been spot on, rake angles best for least tearout and burning. I'm loading up on Freuds because I have a local seller. I have accumulated a hodge podge of bits over time, and Eagle...
  4. Ken Massingale

    Spiral Upcut Bits

    I visit a lot, since a BT3000 was my first tablesaw. As here, a great group of folks. One of the members is Brian, of Holbren bits. He occassionally post good deals before making them available on their website. His most recent offer for forum members is at the link below. Sine...
  5. windknot

    Router Bits

    A few days ago someone posted a link for router bits on sale. Where was that? I cannot find the post anymore.

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