1. Travis Porter

    MLCS Plywood edgebanding bits

    Around 6 months or so ago I picked up the MLCS shaper cutters for plywood edgebanding. This set here. Although this set is for a shaper, MLCS and others make sets for the router that work pretty much the same way. This set makes a tongue and groove, while others may just do a V cut...
  2. JRD

    Sharpen Forstner Bits?

    Ok, There are times when I feel infected with terminal dumb, and this is one of them. Working today, I ran my drill press at too high a speed, effectively ruining a one inch forstner bit. Can they be sharpened, or is it best just to buy another and toss the old one out? Jim
  3. Will Goodwin

    Are all router bits created equal?

    Ok for my first official question: (drum roll please...) I have a Ryobi router/table combo I don't however have any bits. This makes routing a bit challenging. Before I go out and buy the Ryobi starter set at my local store, I wanted...
  4. J

    Vix Bits- $1.36

    Lowes is clearancing their stock of General brand vix bits. They have both 7/64., and 9/64, but some stores are already out of stock. Garner store on HWY 70 had a good supply today, less the nine that I bought. For those who don't know what a vix bit is, it is a self centering bit used to drill...
  5. Travis Porter

    25% off all router bits and router accessories

    Amazon has 25% off all router bits and router accessories. The code you use at checkout is BIT2OOFF. Discount will work on dovetail jigs, router lifts, router tables etc. tive=9325
  6. C

    36 router bits, $39.99

    36 HSS Bits. Made by Mastercut. I have no experience with Mastercut. But $40, for 36 bits and a case, free shipping. May be worth it if you have light use. Router bits.
  7. Canuck

    Snappy Replacement Bits

    Well. Had an episode this evening out in the old shop. Was drilling pilot holes for #8 screws using my new set of Snappy tapered countersink bits. (They are great, by the way.) Laid the drill down on top of the TS and proceeded to trip over the cord and down came the drill and snapped the #8 bit...
  8. Jon

    cabinet door router bits

    I have never made Cabinet doors (raised panel). I have a porter cable 3 HP router in my router table. which bits should I get? I guess you buy matched sets? what brand should I get?
  9. J

    Woodcraft Deals- Wixey Gauge and Forstener Bits.

    :eusa_dancWoodcrat has the Wixey Angle Gauge for $39.99. They are also featuring a set of Forstner bits by Columbian. They come in a set of seven for about $10 and as set of 10 for about $20. The ten piece set is the seven piece plus 1 1/4, 1 3/8, and 1 1/2 " bits. Today, I used the 1" to bore...
  10. C

    Stile & Rail Router Bits

    My better 1/2 is letting me spend some money. :eusa_danc Anyway, I need to purchase a Stile & Rail Set. Appears to be many different patterns, Round, Ogee, Bead, Traditional, Classical, Straight, etc. What Pattern do you like? What Brand do you prefer?{not trying to create a manufacturing...
  11. Canuck

    Woodcraft Router Bits

    Tom's Woodcraft store (Raleigh) now have a pretty good selection of the $5.00 Woodcraft router bits available at his store. Just returned with a couple more to add to by 1/2" shaft collection. I have had pretty good luck with them for what I do! Time to stock up, if you like them and tried...
  12. chris99z71

    Brian - Holbren Router Bits

    Re: BowClamp review??? Speaking of reviews...this guy came out of batman or something
  13. DaveO

    Holbren router bits

    Are they any good. The price can't be beat. About half the cost of a Whiteside bit. I am looking to get a spiral upcut bit for mortising and dado work, but have hesitated due to the cost. Holbren is offering a 3/8" bit with 1/2" shank and 1¼" cut for $23.00 less a 10% WN disc. Holbren 3/8" Solid...
  14. jaustin

    Forstner bits

    What would the correct drill rpm's for a drill press? Using a Freud 1 1/4 Forster bit Can they be resharpen?
  15. L

    router bits

    i was searching the web for router bits & came across this site.........the prices seem to be very good, but i wonder if anyone here has ever bought anything from them
  16. J

    Router Bits

    Well, I asked a question a couple of days ago about a router table and received a ton of helpful information so that leads me to my next question. I'm new to using the router and want to collect some bits - what are the most basic bits that a new beginner must have? I probably won't be doing...
  17. hannah01

    FYI--Holbren to Sell Whiteside Bits

    FYI--Holbren is now franchised to sell Whiteside router bits:
  18. J

    Infinity Router Bits

    I am looking to purchase a raised door router bit set, thought that Soomerfield/CMT set was the way to go. But just got a flyer from Infinity that has a set for the same price and includes a glue joint bit. I have several CMT bits and know they are great pieces, but have never used an Infinity...
  19. BobN

    Jesada router bits

    Does anyone know if this company is still in business. I had heard that they went belly up as a result of a negative review in Fine Woodworking about 5 or 6 years ago. I see that Amazon still list their bits, but they are all mark currently unavailable. The only company on the net that I...
  20. W

    Cabinet Making Router Bits?

    :eusa_doh: I have been looking to buy a matched set of rail and stile bits and a raised panel bit. :help: I have seen sets for $50 to $150. Grizzly has a three piece set with undercut for $70+. :oops: Does Grizzly have quality bits? I have also looked at Bosch, but they are about $108 for a...

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