1. M

    Broke gal with mucho dull bits

    Must have a hundred drill bits from micro to 1" diameter, all dull as can be. Oldtimers in the days before modern gadgets must have sharpened their bits by hand, but I can't find a description of how. Please don't tell me to buy some sharpening machine, I'm broke. But I have all kinds of...
  2. AAAndrew

    Router bits, Forstner bits

    I swung by the Durham Habitat for Humanity store today and picked up some toe-kick for some cabinets we're putting in ourselves. ($5 a stick) While there I noticed a table with assorted power tool stuff including a box of router bits, a box of Forstner bits and other assorted stuff. (a huge...
  3. J

    Need Core Box Bits

    I have a small project that requires the use of 3 core box bits. I would normally just go buy them but in this case I don't know that I will ever use 2 of them again. Looking to use a 3/4", 15/16", and 1.5" on about 8 lf of walnut. Since they would run me about $100 for the three I am hoping to...
  4. CarvedTones

    16 auger bits for $30 - MAYBE a good deal

    It is from a liquidator and not really a brand I know, but their claims of "regular" price seem to usually be reasonably correct, and the regulat price quoted is over $150. Please post opinions; I am on...
  5. KC7CN

    Freud Router Bits at Sears

    This might be of interest - especially if you can find these at your local Sears store on the Clearance rack. If you must order on line, you will have to pay for shipping - probably not all that bad for if you buy more than one. I was looking for 1/4'' spiral up-cut and found some for $9.97 on...
  6. T

    Rockler deals - router bits and more, free shipping

    Rockler is currently offering free shipping through July 15th with code V9772. They have a bunch of router bits on sale, including this molding bit for $5. A few other items to encourage needless spending: Great Wood Finishes by Jeff Jewitt for $13. Not a steal, but cheaper than Amazon and...
  7. jrs

    Free guides & Bits w/ FMT And, unfortunately, I just bought one-- with all of the accessories. I am going call them to see if there is something they can do for me. A very good deal tho.
  8. S

    Porter Cable Router Bits $5-

    Under "New Items" tab, Rockler has PC router bits for as low as $5. I ordered the Tongue and Groove bit for $9.99 plus tax and ship
  9. mkepke

    Anotehr HF 'Gem': HSS spiral bits

    I've cut 152 @ 3/4"l x1/2"d x1/4" w mortises in walnut with one of these $2.30 center-cutting mortise bits. And can you believe it..that's *after* I used the same bit to grind some cast-iron. The last mortises are not as...
  10. N

    Bosch Router bits at Lowes

    Was at the Concord Lowes yesterday (near the mall) and noticed that the last of the Bosch raised panel bits reg.$95.99 were marked $42.99 I picked up an Ogee Face Forming bit reg $49.99 for $24.99. Not sure, but looks like they may be closing out their larger bits.
  11. Tarhead

    Aftermarket Replacement Bits and Blades for Domino, 160mm Saw and Kapex

    This may be old info for some of you Festoolians but for future Festool surfers: CMT has a set of replacement bits for the Domino:
  12. T

    Holbren Dado Router bits

    The Holbren website has their dado bits marked down to $2 for the 1/2 inch shank size due to a labeling error and a variance in one bit size. Not a bad price for a set that was listed at $13. Might be worth getting I ordered 2 sets delivered was $6
  13. bluthart

    Jesada bits?

    Has anyone heard of this brand and if so, are they any good? I have an opportunity to purchase a set of raised panel bits cheap. Thanks!
  14. LeftyTom

    Let's Talk Flush Cutting Bits

    I understand the concept of a top bearing (hand held router) and bottom bearing (router table), and those bits with both a top and bottom bearings. What befuddles me is the bit diameter. :dontknow:Whether the diameter is 1/4" or 3/4", it will still trim flush. :eusa_thin Are the wider...
  15. H

    Cabinet door router bits

    Today I went to Lowes and they had the Bosch ogee raised panel bit along with the ogee stile and rail bit on clearance for half off. Approx $55 for each one. The New Bern store was sold out but many other stores still have some. The 10.8 volt lithium ion Bosch batteries were on clearance for...
  16. Mrfixit71

    15% off on router bits

    Just received this via email from Woodworkers Supply. You must access the site on this link and it's only good thru 1/11. From what I can tell, it applies to all brands that they carry. Rich
  17. Makinsawdust

    Freud forestner bits at Lowes

    I happened into Lowes on my way home from the shop this afternoon and found them clearing out the Austrian made Freud forestner bits. They were marked down 75-80% off. I got what would have been $193.38 of bits for just under $40 and a $10 off my next $50 purchase. (I know, no pics didn't...
  18. Mark Gottesman

    WTB: Bits and Pieces for Delta 22-540 Planer

    Hello to all, Not sure if this should be here or in classifieds, but here goes. Hope everyone is having a good holiday. I have been cleaning up and greasing the used planer I just got. Thank you all for your input in this purchase. Looks like a good machine and I have found no major problems...
  19. gdoebs

    CMT Router Bits Clearance at Woodcraft GSO

    I was at Woodcraft today in Greensboro. They have all of their CMT router bits on clearance, 25%-75% off. I picked up a 45 deg lock miter bit for $100, reg $149. They had quite a bit left. Happy hunting! Of course I didn't get what I went for...maybe next time.
  20. DaveO

    Kreg drill bits.....

    Work best when turning in a clockwise direction. This thread was going to start as a rant about how quickly a Kreg bit will dull. I had just finished a table and used quite a few pocket screws. So I started out on todays project and decided that I would throw a few in there as well. I grabbed my...

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