1. rcflyer23

    Jelly Cupboard Build Updated 3/11

    I started working on a Jelly Cupboard for the house. I have been planning on doing this cupboard for a while not but never thought I had the skill and then didn't have functional tools. Well I finally bit the bullet skill or not how else am I going to learn. :) Anyway.. Here are a couple...
  2. decibel

    Almost started fire with CA glue

    Hopefully you guys know this or can at least explain to me why. Anyway I was glueing the tubes in some pen blanks the other day and just happened to have an old cotton rag on on my assembly table and quite a few drops landed on the rag. I'd say within 10 seconds the rag was smoldering white...
  3. CarvedTones

    started carving wet

    I took the barley twist I started at my class with the Woodwright school and started carving a snake that has a marble trail in it: It is largely complete; a marble rolls down and stops and I have set in around the head, which I will do in shallow relief. It is poplar and it was freshly cut...
  4. M

    Finally started

    My son has been after me to make his bedroom furniture. Started with the nightstands. Desk, dresser, and book cases are next. Time to get busy. All made out of Alder. MK View image in gallery
  5. FredP

    how do I add [updated to the header on a thread I started?

    I added pics to a work in progress and cant seem to figure out how to have the header show as updated.:dontknow: it shows up in the last post but not in the initial header. :icon_scra please educate me.....:rotflm: [or at least try.]:gar-Bi
  6. C

    tools to get started, charlotte nc questions

    Hey everyone, I've had this little urge to start carving wood and it's been growing for the past couple of months. I'm not particularly artistic, but woodcarving seems like it would be a lot of fun and relax my mind. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions about which tools to get...
  7. DavidF

    New project started - Finally!

    Well, for those of you that take great pleasure in letting me know how long my projects take - Travis..... I have purchased the wood and made the first cut in the Dining room table project. I got let down by East Wake Hardwoods as far as the Big Leaf Maple I was looking for, partially by poor...
  8. emtffkev

    Getting Started

    Hey everyone, I have a question that I feel fairly stupid asking, but...Here goes... I am interested in getting into turning pens. I know very little about it and I'm not exactly sure what I need to get started. I currently have a lathe, some turning tools, and an ebony pen blank (don't ask)...
  9. LeftyTom

    I started out with 2

    bandsaw boxes, that is. I was to the point of sanding the inside and outside of the outsides and insides. Amazingly :eek:, I dropped one of the drawers and one of the boxes during the process. Ah yes, coming inside with more pieces than I took outside. Of course, the remaining drawer does not...
  10. gesiak

    Turned another cigar pen and started a Classic American

    I turned another cigar pen and started a Classic American in acrylic yesterday. I like how the cigar pen came out. I havent finished the Classic yet and not sure I will be doing anymore acrylics. Just dont think paying $4+ for a plastic blank is worth the effort. I will wait until I complete...
  11. PChristy

    This is what I started off with

    I was looking through CL and came upon this - I started off with the same one and still have it - If I remember correctly I paid somewhere between $70-$90 for it about 20 years ago at Lowes - pinned blades and single speed - I thought that it was the bomb:gar-La; I use it now for the pinned...
  12. CarvedTones

    peg turning started

    I jumped in and took a whack at one to experiment: That's soft maple, which is an experiment in itself; I was going to use strictly hard but soft will probably be fine for gut or hair strung instruments. It is still in progress; I was primarily working on shop reorg (yeah, still, but I am...
  13. FredP

    wife's desk started.

    this is the project that has filled the last week or so. still need to make the top and a book case over that. also got a good start on my new desk but couldnt do em both at the same time due to space. its QS sycamore from jeff with raise panels and slide out tray's for writing or whatever.this...
  14. T

    New commision.(updated 11/22)

    Start the stop watches. You all have never seen me move this fast. I have until Thanksgiving to get a Shaker trestle table and bench seat with a back done!! This is my largest commission yet. The table is 30" x 72" An odd size to fit a particular spot. The whole project will be stained BLACK. I...
  15. Mike Callihan

    I got started

    I actually got started moving the wood for the sale today. The bulk of the wood is in an out building down at the bottom of the mountain we live on. So today I got stared with the big move. I no more than got my pickup 2/3 loaded and the skies opened up. No rain for the past 30 days or so but...
  16. R

    Who Has Started???

    I was wondering if any of you guy's that went up to Kyles have worked on your walking sticks yet. And if you have maybe you could post a pic or 2. I was thinking everyone had talked about carving. Maybe the next one we could get some carvers involved? I know it's still early but it want hurt to...
  17. TracyP

    Project Started

    I am going to try to post some photos of a new project I started this weekend using a scrap piece of walnut I had laying around the shop. The project is a box for the LOML to put her night stand stuff (pocket stuff) in when she changes clothes after a long day of nursing in a busy OBGYN office...
  18. meika123

    Finally Started

    Got started building my closet for my Cyclone which will be completed soon. I'm building it 5' x 6' and attaching it right to the side of my shop. Should be complete by next Saturday, depending on the amount of shop time I am able to get in this week.
  19. skysharks

    Started turning Bowl

    Hey all I am voyageing into unfamilar terrritory. A buddy of mine has a lathe in the back of his shop. Collecting dust, so we dusted it off and decided to teach ourselves. The first bowl came out oK, but I was wondering what the proper technique is remove the insides of the bowl. I am glueing up...
  20. lottathought

    Time to get started

    As I said earlier, I am now starting to restore some furniture from my grandparents house. I had planned on getting started last week but my Explorer had different ideas. :BangHead: :crybaby2: :BangHead: :eusa_booh ... So...I have now dropped and changed the front differential and have changed...

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