1. M

    Fall 2011 Raffle Drawing - RESULTS ARE IN!

    Members are invited to attend the official drawing for the winners of the Fall 2011 NC Woodworker Raffle on Saturday, November 19th at 4:00 PM at Ryan's Grill Buffet and Bakery, 8601 Concord Mills Blvd, Concord, NC. It is located about 1/2 mile off I-85 exit 49 (Concord Mills exit), just...
  2. eyekode

    Results of carving class with Mark Strom

    I attended the carving class taught by Mark Strom last weekend. Thanks again to both Mark for the instruction and Bobby G for the hospitality. It was a great time! I didn't manage to finish my carving at the class but I found an hour or two last night. Here is what I ended up with :) I...
  3. Gotcha6

    Calendar Contest Results

    I just spent a few minutes going over the tallies for the Calendar Contest & wondered if this had any significance with regards to our discussion of the continuation of this event: There were 109 photos submitted by approximately 63 + - different members. In no category were more than 72 total...
  4. Gotcha6

    Calendar Contest Results EDITED

    Jim has opened the results for voting. There are actually 3 winners in each of the categories other than the cover for a total of 13. I have reviewed the voting results for the Calendar Contest & in all but 1 case the winner was a Runaway. We have one member winning in 2 categories and...
  5. M

    Trick for better water based finish results

    It's more of a cheat really... I mentioned it in the Jatoba thread but figured I'd share separately as well. A little history first: I build drums out of my shop...err... garage... My preferred method of applying finish is with an HVLP gun and my compressor. My spray area is about 3 feet away...
  6. J

    Different Ideas, Same Results

    Each saw blade manufacturer has their own idea of what is best in terms of tooth spacing, and geometry. Going through my saw blade collection, I realized I had four (4) blades specifically for cutting melamine. Two are triple chip blades, and the other two are HAB (high alternate bevel.) I don't...
  7. M

    2011 Spring Raffle Results

    We had a great turnout with great food and loads of door prizes at the Picnic today! We had nearly $1,000 in Raffle Ticket sales at the Picnic and set a new record for total sales at $5,100!! Thanks everyone for making this a great success! The weather even cooperated until all of the...
  8. Trent Mason

    2011 BoD Election Results

    Greetings fellow NCWWers, For those of you who were unable to attend the Spring Picnic today, I wanted to share the results of the 2011 BoD election. :gar-Bi First of all, I would like to thank each of the four candidates for their willingness to run and serve on the board. No matter what the...
  9. MrAudio815

    PineWood Derby Rocket Car - Pic's & Video

    Hello NCWW's, We had our Anything Goes PineWood Derby on Wednesday last week. Would you believe that another contestant brought a compressed air car. His car was cool, and I was scared I might lose...:eusa_doh: Well here are some pictures of my can and his. Not sure how to upload the video...
  10. merrill77

    Forrest sharpening service - suprising results

    Unfortunately for me, the results are not surprising in a good way :no: First, a little background. I have a Dewalt 7640, which is a 50t combination blade that was compared favorably with the WWII a few years back (2005?) - not better than the WWII, as I recall, but in the same league. I paid...
  11. Forrest sharpening results

    Forrest sharpening results

    Forrest sharpening results (before and after) on a Dewalt 7640. This is difficult to photograph. The differences are noticeable in both visual and feel. This picture depicts the difference pretty accurately.
  12. Forrest sharpening results

    Forrest sharpening results

    Forrest sharpening results (before and after) on a Delta 7657. This is difficult to photograph. The differences are noticeable in both visual and feel. However, the picture exaggerates the difference a bit.
  13. scsmith42

    NCWW Board of Directors Election Results

    I am pleased to announce the members of the 2010 North Carolina Woodworker Board of Directors. Their terms will take effect in June 2010. Douglas Robinson Tracy Pardue (TracyP) Travis Porter Rob Payne (McRabbet) Steve Coles Trent Mason Scott Miller (ScottM) Stuart Nelson and myself will be...
  14. Vetteman9956

    First Results from my new toy!

    Finally got my new laser engraver up and running and here is one of my first attempts at doing it. View image in gallery
  15. M

    Fall 2009 Raffle Results

    Well, here is the news everyone has been waiting for all afternoon! Sorry not to get it posted earlier, but I took a small detour after the lunch and drawing to visit Scott Smith's farm to see his new shop. Sorry, but it was the best time we could do it! Okay -- here are the winners: Lot 1 -...
  16. scsmith42

    Unexpected amonia fuming results -feedback requested

    Many of you will recall the post I put up last month seeking advice regarding amonia fuming: Earlier this week the big slabs went into a plastic tent structure, and 16 oz of what was supposed to be 28%...
  17. willarda

    Wallhung shelf workshop results

    Last weekend at Woodcraft we had a very successful workshop. Terry Tenhouse and Fred Ford were my guinea pigs for this workshop and did a remendous job. The only electricity we used was to turn of the shop lights. The participants had to dimension their stock with handsaws and planes and a...
  18. SteveColes

    Preliminary 4th Fiscal Qtr Donation results

    On PayPal, we received $984 in donations from 4/1/2009 - 5/1/2009, the net after fees was $945.05. This does not include my monthly contribution. I believe but am not sure that we recieved another $120 by check. So is that bad? No, is it great, no. For those of you who who don't understand why...
  19. SteveColes

    Results of 1st Qtr Donation Drive

    Our 1st quarter donation drive was very successful. We net'd almost $1400. On behalf on North Carolina Woodworker, Inc. I would like to thank you all very much for your support.
  20. prolfe

    Woodworking Showcase Results

    I would like to thank everyone for their help in making the first Woodworking Showcase a success. The display of artistry and craftsmanship was incredible.The judging teams had some very tough decisions to make. Here are the results for the Best in Division awards: Best in Youth: Alex Leniak...

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