1. ezrider

    Howdy Ya'll

    I'm new to the NCWW site. I'm originally from Texas and have worked with Mesqite wood and was wondering if anyone around here has any experience working with Mesquite? Is Mesquite available around this area? I have a good selection of 4/4 and 8/4 Mesquite slabs if anyone is interested. Also, I...
  2. D


    Howdy, folks. I'm new to woodworking, but after building four solid sets of basement shelves for myself and various family members, I suspect I'm in danger of acquiring a hobby. I work in software development all day, so it's a nice change of pace to create physical things in the real world...
  3. M

    Howdy from Weaverville

    My name is Mike McCoy and I run C&M Sawmill in Weaverville.We are a small family run business.We cut all the native species.We can dry kiln lumber up to 12 Ft long we can also plane up to 19 in. wide.Our prices are completive and we are not hard to get along with.Feel free to give me a call...
  4. J

    Howdy From Fayetteville

    Hey, y'all. My name is John Dulaney, and I am currently residing in what was my grandfather's house in Fayetteville, NC, across from the Ramsey St. Walmart. The place is surrounded by trees, and I've enough space to work in. There is a detached garage out back that is my workshop when weather...
  5. D


    Howdy! I think I signed up several months ago, but hadn't posted until now. I met MarkE yesterday when I went to pick up some of the Russian Birch plywood. I'm a newbie, having started to collect woodworking tools about 1.5 years ago, but only really getting into it this spring. Glad to be...
  6. R

    Howdy from Clover, SC

    Hi all. My name is Steve, and I'm a recovering project-aholic. It seems like this is the place to introduce yourself, so here goes . . . (and I've noticed you like to see photos here - you asked for them . . .) I View image in gallery am a freelancer in motion picture / commercial...
  7. mtnfyre

    howdy from mills river

    Howdy all i am a person that has been around woodworking all my life. my father has done something with wood for as long as i can remember. I would love to learn more about lathe work. I have turned a few things that i would not show anyone but my dad says i am learning ok. About me. I am...
  8. J


    My name is Matt and I'm from Stanley NC. My background is mechanical engineering, and I've always worked with metal, but I've done a little with wood here and there. I love being outdoors and in the woods. It seems here lately I've been hauling off alot of wood for friends and neighbors. I'm...
  9. Skymaster

    official howdy

    Just fair warning to all; Skymaster has officially landed in Zebulon moved in just b4 Christmas, the shop is still just a mess of boxes, piles, etc. :gar-Cr house/shop is in Gibson Glen on 39 about 1/4 mile north of the blinker at Emit. First turn after Creeches store goin south :gar-Bi HAPPY...
  10. J


    Hello everyone, I'm out in Goldsboro, NC and my neighbor recommended the site. I've really only build small tables/shelves and some picket furniture before. But I'd like to find a lathe and start turning.
  11. Skymaster

    Howdy everyone ( y'all )

    HI; Just checking in; my name is Jack Mazzuchelli , Jack M works fine LOL. I am a custom cabinetmaker,trimmer,woodworker for a long long time :) and willing to learn the gazillions of things I dont know yet. I know this site will teach me a thing or two. Presently in NJ but having a home built...
  12. H


    I've been a technician on large woodworking equipment, primarily panel saws for quite a few years. After working for SCMI, Mayer and Schelling (panel saw manufacturers) I decided to start servicing the equipment on my own. Most of my service is on the East Coast, but I have gone all over...
  13. Kyle


    I'm Kyle Edwards the sawmill guy in Iron Station. Been posting here since the site started but never got around to telling people who I am..I saw urban wood, make live edge furniture and odd pieces and live on a century farm. I was running a sawmill business but it was too much with everything...
  14. Len


    My name is Len, and I love the smell of pine sawdust in the morning. Unfortunately, my woodworking has been reduced to 'survival level', e.g., replacing worn stair treads on the deck, cut a new shelf for the shed, etc., the last few years.:tinysmile_cry_t: If I can ever get family members to...
  15. Sealeveler


    Howdy NC Woodworkers,Been here awhile but just joined.I used to be a boat,sportfish,16' to 140' builder/repairman,fisherman,hunter and honeydo lister.I had back surgery in 01 and didn't behave and can't be fixed per Duke Hosp.I carve and scroll boats,bears,canes,signs and name plates so far.Nice...
  16. W

    Howdy from the new guy

    The name is Bill. I am fairly new to wood working. I have completed a few projects with pleasing results and I look forward to learning from the masters. I have spent years as a Jack of All Trades and a master of None. I've decided to focus more of my time and cash flow towards tools and...
  17. davejones


    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is David Jones and I have lived in NC for about 2 years now. I moved here from California, by way of Kentucky and Indiana. I am brand new to woodworking!!! I would like to learn to make some nice furniture pieces for my home. I had an oak tree...
  18. C

    New to this place - Howdy to ya!

    Hello all Western NC here. Not too far from the Asheville airport in Henderson County. Have done wood working to some degree since my high school days - thanks to my dad's influence and a great shop teacher. Thanks Mr Taylor! Married, divorced - drifted away from my tools - got most back lol...
  19. Chipper

    Howdy from VA.

    Hello from Smithfield, VA. What a great site for regional woodworkers. I hang out around the Belhaven/Pungo River area and the OBX. My shop is actually in Littleton, NC. Steve Haley
  20. Trog777


    Hello All. I love that NC has it's own (with neighbor's included) WW forum. Joined a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading the posts, so I decided I'd introduce myself. I live outside Asheboro. Been herebouts pretty much all my life. I have a 45x35 detached garage that I'm currently in the...

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