1. R

    Great TREND Support

    I've got a Trend Air Shield Pro and managed to break the plastic headband.:embaresse In looking for a replacement I first tried Google and found one for about $40. Since I did not know the selling company, I searched for, and found, the Trend web site. Although they offered several...

    I lost a great tool

    I lost my trusty blue grass hammer I have had this hammer for 26 years. I bought it when I got my first real job right out of high school. I was working for a local contractor and this was the hammer that he recommended and it was a great hammer. Sure wish I knew where I lost it. I usually...
  3. ScottM

    I hope you all have a great thanksgiving

    I can't think of a better post for my 5,000th post then to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have issues in our life but at the end of the day we all have a lot to be thankful for. We live in the best country on earth. We have a roof over our heads. We have food on the table...
  4. Tarhead

    Great Deal on WW'ing Books

    Lots of Tauton (Fine Woodworking Magazine) books on deep discount until next Tuesday:
  5. thrt15nc

    Thanks Moses and Neil - Great Cypress

    Made a trip to Mark Patterson sawmill and met Moses and Neil. Nice operation they have there, and wonderful wood. The sold me some nice cypress and I turned it into an Adirondack chair. Moses also gave me a nice little sample of wood that pen turners might be interested in. I'm working the...

    I have a great wife

    I really do have a great wife she never complains about my woodworking projects. she supports me in every way she evens takes on alot of my responiblities around the house to give me more shop time and never fusses about me buying new tools. Now she is starting some of her own woodworking...
  7. Tarhead

    Great Deal on Mortise Chisels

    Jump fast (like today) or they'll be gone!,44047,66737&p=66737 Special buy. Limited stock. Well made to our specifications by a small Czech firm, this five-piece set of chisels includes 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" widths. About...
  8. D

    Great Response

    Due to the great responses by fellow NCWW'ers, the ad I placed for the workbenches is closed. Many thanks guys, I really appreciate it:icon_thum:eusa_clap and as I promised, part of the proceeds will be donated to NCWW in the next few days. :thumbs_up
  9. Joe Scharle

    Might be a great deal

    if you've been thinking about one of these. I've bought a few 'seconds' from MLCS and they have all been just nicked or discolored. Not much different looking had I owned it for a month! In case you're not on their e-list:
  10. Bill Clemmons

    Another great article by Gregory Paolini

    Congratulations, Gregory, on another great article in Fine WoodWorking. That's two consecutive issues. The coffee table is really nice, w/ some very interesting joinery. Great job! :eusa_clap Bill
  11. ScottM

    Sorry and Great News

    First I want to say how sorry I am for not being around much the past month. I have some situations at work, yes more then one, that is consuming all my time almost 24x7. With luck that will all end next week. Now for the great news Greg Paolini has agreed to work at and do demo as the NCWW...
  12. Canuck

    Another Great CL Find (Gloat)!

    I had been watching this scrollsaw on Raleigh CL for about two weeks. Price was dropping and I just had to check it out! It turns out that the previous owners purchased it at a trade show, used it a couple of times and decided that it wasn't for them. The local son-in-law was selling for them...
  13. Badabing

    Great Sale at PeachTree... up to 50% off The GRR...Ripper is on sale, and many phenolic zero clearance table saw inserts, as well as a few other items. I've purchased from them in the past and they are pretty good.
  14. D

    QSRO.... awesome wood at a great price

    went down to New Hill this morning to get some QSRO boards from Scott got a tour of his shop, some really nice wood at a great price and had a great visit with him as well :wsmile: thanks for the tour, Scott , was good to meet you and the QSRO is going to make the corner display unit...
  15. NCTurner

    Great Write Up on PS, RS, and QS in oak frames and panels

    Author: Tom Sontag Paying attention to grain patterns with ring porous hardwoods like oak and ash is an important step in a woodworker's maturation adn a big part pf whether a design succeeds or not. I still have a piece or two I made before I discovered this and frankly, they are hard to look...
  16. ScottM

    Sawduster had a great idea

    Sawduster posted: I think this is something we should look to implement if the web team can figure a painless way. Maybe a special user name to PM that would send to the entire board.
  17. eyekode

    Good price on a delta hybrid (was: Great price on a unisaw) Oh... and the price appears to include a dust collector!
  18. eyekode

    Milwaukee 5625-20 (Great router for table use)

    Amazon has it for 250$ shipped. IMHO this is the best router for router table use today. You can buy it and use it in the base with a cheap plate today (with above table adjustments!) and upgrade a router lift later...
  19. C

    Great day slabbing Super Curly (pic heavy)

    Slabbed out a piece of maple I picked up the other day....I was able to get 8 slabs 86"x40"x2.5" thick....Hope you like...Also I was able to get about 30 turning blanks ready for the lathe...
  20. Truefire

    18" drawer slides, great price

    Hey guys i have over 50 pairs of 18" drawer slides, typical style with small wheels. I cannot advise any further in regards to brand name, weight capacity and such, sorry. They would make excellent drawer slides for work shop drawers and such. $1.50 set - that is two pairs, enough to...

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