1. Monty

    A great glue spreader

    With all the rocker laminates for the rocker class, Woodguy and I have been doing a lot of glue-ups lately. We have been using plastic resin glue, and experimenting a little with slight variations in the mix and different methods for spreading the glue quickly and easily. We tried old paint...
  2. SteveColes

    The great ncwoodworker logo contest -again

    A while ago, I asked for people to submit logo designs. Well we have grown quite a bit since then. So I would like to try again. I have to stop our advertising using Google Adwords, which BTW has been the biggest source of new members. So I am looking at ways to get the word out. Imagine, if...
  3. gator

    The Great Jointer Relay Is 'Almost' Complete

    Jim just left Oxford with the jointer loaded in the back of his PU. Hope he has someone at home to help unload. Thanks again to those who helped with the transfer at Greensboro from McRabbet's truck to mine. We had a good visit and I got to show off my humble shop to Jim. George
  4. C

    Wow! What a great place!

    I am a self taught woodworker with a strong desire to get into design/build. Not much to say right now except thanks to who ever put this together and maitains this group.
  5. jtdums

    Thanks for a great site!

    Just wanted to say "hello" and thank you for a great site. I'm excited to be part of the community. I have varied woodworking interests and often find too many half completed projects in the barn. (along with too much saw dust although I just permanently installed my dust collector to try and...
  6. DaveO

    Great addition

    This forum is a great addition to a site already full of good information and tips. Ya'll know I had to be the first to post something here. Mountaincraft, great suggestion and I am glad that Steve was around to make it so, so quickly. So let's start out with 2 questions. First, we need a...
  7. L

    Thanks for a great site!

    Hello, thanks for a great website dedicated to NC Woodworkers. I am very interested in hand tools as I have developed allergies to wood dust over the past year. I hope to sell my Delta Power Tools and add to my collection of hand tools and my skills in using them. Lloyd
  8. sapwood

    Just How Many Great Woodworkers are in NC?

    I continue to be amazed by the wealth of talent NCWoodworker has exposed. And now I've discovered more award winning NC talent :mrgreen: While perusing a Woodworking magazine in the library this morning I stumbled upon this, AWFS. Is anyone familiar with these NC high school/vocational...
  9. Monty

    The great tool pilgrimage

    Well folks... today, at the crack of dawn, we set off on a pilgrimage... an epic journey... one which would take us to the very edge of the known power tool universe... We saw great and mighty power tools, the likes of which no mortal man should possess... we accomplished great feats...
  10. DaveO

    The great Cherry Run '05-long with pics

    Today my wife, daughter and I drove to the Hillsborough to get the FREE cherry generously offered by member Doug Joyce. The drive was quick, about 1 hour, but I have a lead foot. Once we arrive we were warmly greeted by Doug and his wife, and their beautiful dog Zoe. Doug and I proceeded to...

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