1. LeftyTom

    Rockler Customer Service

    Saturday, I ordered a few hose clamps, which were clearely noted "Temporarily outsold"; no problem, I figured they would be shipped when more stock came in. Got a call from Rocker, Tuesday morning. The lady asked if I minded if they shipped the hose clamps when they came in April 3. No...
  2. TedAS

    Freud Customer Service - WOW! = Gloat

    This is what Brown delivered on Friday! I just had to take advantage of Lowe’s $99 deal this was too good to pass up.:gar-Bi As I was getting the fixed base ready to mount in my router table I made an unfortunate discovery. One of the holes in the metal casting was machined at the wrong...
  3. Tar Heel

    Good customer service from Bessey

    I bought 3 of the Bessey K-body clamps that Lowe's was closing out recently. ($10 each for 2 50 inchers and 1 24 incher). Two of the clamps did not have the plastic clip on the end. I called Bessey's customer service and told them that I had bought two of their older style K-bodies with no...
  4. TracyP

    First Customer For The Woodworking Source and a New Drill Press For Me.

    I have been wanting a new drill press for sometime to replace the benchtop drill press that I got on clearance at Lowe's. I went to see Rick DiNardo at the new woodworking store that is set to open soon and came away a very happy camper. Well the store is not open yet and he sold me the drill...
  5. gfernandez

    Great customer service!

    Wanted to pass along a good customer service story. Last week, I bought a Work Sharp 3000, and have been having trouble getting a straight edge when sharpening my chisels. I followed the directions on how to adjust the machine to no avail. The unit came with a loose bolt, and after I tightened...
  6. skysharks

    Talking with Customer Care

    You know we all have done it or dreaded doing it. Talking to Customer Care about one of our tools/equipment. Some folks are really a pleasure to talk with, while others act like we owe them something and how dare we call them up so close to their lunch hour.:rolf: This is not the case here...
  7. LeftyTom

    Waterlox, Good Customer Service

    March 31, I ordered a quart of Waterlox Finish & Sealer on their website ( I checked the calendar, and it has been 9 business days since I ordered. :icon_scra The shipping is FedEx, so I went to their website to drop them a note. Less than an hour later, I got a reply: my order...
  8. Splinter

    Rockler Customer Service

    I ordered some cabinet drawer slides from Rockler Feb 2nd and received them Feb 7th. There was new January catalog in the box when it came. Three of the slides I bought were on sales in the catalog for $2.72 less than what I had paid for them. I sent Customer Service an email and they replied in...
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Woodcraft is Open!! I was the 1st customer!!!

    I went by on my way to work and got there just before they opened. I bought some Teak oil and a couple of odds and ends and got to be their first customer!! :eusa_danc The place looks great! They haven't finish the "demo" room where classes will be taught. I recognixed a lot of the old faces...
  10. Larry Rose

    The customer is always right

    I just finished this coffee table for a friend. He wanted reclaimed heart pine. Then decided he wanted this walnut stain on it instead of a clear finish that would show off the beautiful wood. Oh well, it's his nickel and as they say, the customer is always right.
  11. Ken Massingale

    Better Sandpaper and Customer Service

    I have long been an advocate and user of Mirka Gold sandpaper. After reading raves about RHYNOGRIP (made in Portugal) paper from Industrial Abrasives and needing some fine grits I ordered a couple of 50 count boxes for the 5" 8 hole sanders. After using it for a few weeks I was sold. I do indeed...
  12. M

    Great Customer Service at Lee Valley

    I built a large Display and TV Cabinet with pocket doors for a client 18 months ago and used pocket door hardware from Lee Valley Tools. My wife and I were invited to their home for dinner last evening and the client reported to me that one of the pocket doors was malfunctioning. I looked at...

    customer has a question

    One of my customers just asked me something I cannot help with, I wonder if any one of you ppl got any suggestions? Or I can refer her to any one here willing to help / sell her what she wants. Here's her email to me: start quote: I am looking for furniture feet. My daughter has a sleigh...
  14. C

    Shop Fox Customer Service

    I bought a Shop Fox drillpress as part of a NCWWer group buy a few months ago. I posted my findings upon assembly and also measured runout, table flatness, quill to table angle, etc. My impression was and still IS, that this is not a precision's a value for money machine. I like it...
  15. mshel

    Satisfied customer

    I delivered and installed the hanging corner cupboard today and although I took several photos, this one is the only one thats even half way viewable. :BangHead: You can see the new owner in the reflection in the door glass. A sweet little lady who took a bad fall a few weeks back and broke her...
  16. C

    Plug for customer service at AS, and of course, a pen.

    This weekend, the LOML decreed that I have yet to make her a decent pen that she could call her own, and that oversight would now be set right. So she strolled out to my stock of pen blanks, like the queen of my domain she is, picked up a piece of chinawood, and said, "I want a nice pen with a...
  17. erasmussen

    Ryobi customer service

    Frist I hope this is the right place for this. I got a new ryobi table saw for xmas. I had a small problem with the sliding miter table (not enough of a problem that i couldnt use it) I sent email to ryobi explaning the problem, they replayed that they could be of no help, and to call the...

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