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One of my customers just asked me something I cannot help with, I wonder if any one of you ppl got any suggestions?

Or I can refer her to any one here willing to help / sell her what she wants.
Here's her email to me:

start quote:

I am looking for furniture feet. My daughter has a sleigh bed, 2 of the legs a 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches and the headboard legs are 4.0 inches x 1.5 inches.

I am looking to raise the entire bed by 6 inches. I do not trust bed risers and her furniture has holes in the legs (maybe for wheels or something). I was hoping to find some type of wood that I can bolt to the legs to raise it up.

Do you have any suggestions? Since she is only 5. I need them to be really secure as not to have the bed fall.

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Where does she live? I'm sure someone here can assist. My thoughts would be glue and screw a dowel screw (Dowel Screws - McFeely's - Wood Screws, Deck Screws & Woodworking Supplies) into the hole in the existing leg; take 6" long blank of wood matching or slightlly oversized to the existing leg, finish to match the bed; drill a pilot hole for the other end of the dowel screw in the blank; screw it to the bed leg. I'm happy to help if she lives in the Charlotte area. I should be in your customer database. If not PM me for my contact details.
Mark Fogleman


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Kyle Edwards
how intricate of a carving? I know two professional carvers that do superb work especially on 17-18th century replacement pieces..

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Thanks, Mark, me thinks McFeely's may be the best place for her.
Thanks, Kyle, I'll get back to you if she wants to go ahead and get the carving done.
You guys are great! Thanks again!
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