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Ken Massingale

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I have long been an advocate and user of Mirka Gold sandpaper. After reading raves about RHYNOGRIP (made in Portugal) paper from Industrial Abrasives and needing some fine grits I ordered a couple of 50 count boxes for the 5" 8 hole sanders.
After using it for a few weeks I was sold. I do indeed find it sands better, leaves less scratch patterns and is better at not clogging.
As a bonus it is cheaper than Mirka is at Amazon.
Thanks to Ken Weaver I recently scored a German made Ridgid 2610 6" 6 hole ROS at a great price. I ordered 4 boxes of H&L paper for it from Industrial Abrasives, the price for this size is $10 less than for Mirka.
A day after I placed the online order a lady from IA called and let me know that if I ordered 5 boxes there is a $2/box discount. She didn't try to convince me to order more, just letting me know about the reduced price. Great service, IMO.
Well, yesterday in the mail was a letter from IA with a copy of the invoice and a hand written note that they had accidently charged $1 too much for shipping, $8 instead of $7.
AND, there was a nice crisp $1 bill in the letter.
To me this is impressive customer service and a superior product.

Oh, a $50 order gets a free gum rubber sandpaper cleaning stick also.


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Thanks for the input on IA. I'm getting ready to reorder some discs and I'll try IA. I'm especially impressed what you relayed about their customer service. These days getting any customer service is plus let alone the excellent service you experienced.

Dan C.


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Pete Davio
cool! as an option, they cut the sheets for you to fit your sanding equipment, too! 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 sheet sizes


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Ken thanks for the input. :eusa_thin I will definitely look into buying from them. :eusa_danc
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