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Wanted to pass along a good customer service story. Last week, I bought a Work Sharp 3000, and have been having trouble getting a straight edge when sharpening my chisels. I followed the directions on how to adjust the machine to no avail. The unit came with a loose bolt, and after I tightened it, I think it may have affected the alignment.

Long story short, I called customer service to see what advice they could offer, and they told me it was probably defective, and immediately told me they would send out a new one tomorrow. They kindly asked that I send back the defective unit AFTER I receive the new one. No fuss or mess, and very friendly. Now that's customer service!

And for those of you still waiting on the pictures of the tractor trailer, I have not forgotten, they're coming.....:eusa_danc



I am glad this appears to be resolved. Isn't it amazing how caught off guard we are when we GET good service without having to fight for it!

Beyond that, I hope you enjoy your Work Sharp - I hear they're great.


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Customer service is everything to any business and it looks like they know how to conduct business in a professional manner:thumbs_up:thumbs_up.
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A good opportunity for me to praise Rockler's customer service. Last week I placed an order with Rockler. A few days later, big brown truck stops and drops off my package. I opened it to find something unordered in place of what I really wanted. I called and was told that my item would be shipped that day and they would enclose a shipping invoice to put on incorrect item to ship back once I received my original item. That's pretty good service.


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I just hope these companies monitor the web for a mention of their name. So they can see what good customer service does for them and the results of bad customer service.

I'm glad it all worked out for ya!!


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Had the same type of experience with Fiskars. My wife bought a pair of 28" garden loppers a good few years ago ($30.00). A plastic insert in the handle disintergrated and it fell apart. I did a search on the web and found they have a lifetime warrenty. Called Fiskars to get the plastic insert replaced and they told me they do not do that. They sent me a brand new set to replace the broken shears.

Talk about suprised. :icon_chee
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