1. Gift set

    Gift set

    Adirondack set
  2. Bigdog72

    Adirondack Rocking Chair Plans

    I have a set of plans and templates for an Adirondack chair but the LOML wants rockers. Does anyone know the radius for the rocking rail on an Adirondack rocker? I figure I can build the chairs and add the rocker rails. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. F

    adirondack bar chairs

    looking someone that builds them or where i can get plans for them,,, Thanks in advance!,,J.D.
  4. Loons


  5. rcflyer23

    Jakes Chair

    Well this is my first stab at a Jakes chair. It is nowhere near perfect but it should hold together. Just need to get it painted.
  6. Jakes Chair

    Jakes Chair

  7. Jakes Chair

    Jakes Chair

  8. froglips

    Adirondack Chairs - Halfway point.....

    The Hillsborough Orange Woodworkers (HOW) Meetup has been making quite a bit of headway in our ambitious plans to group build Adirondack Chairs. Our goal is to build 6 chair/ottoman sets. With over 200 board feet of Cypress jointed and planed, whew, we have rough cut about half of the parts...
  9. froglips

    Hillsborough Meetup: Adirondack chair planning session....

    Hey gang! This Meetup is the first part of a series of Meetups where we, as a group, will build Adirondack chairs! Our very own Woodartz is hosting this meetup in his shop. Many of you have had the honor of learning from the master wood spinner himself. We are going to meet Wed. June...
  10. ptt49er

    Adirondack Chairs and frustration!!

    Since I started our garden a couple of weeks ago, we've been itching for somewhere to sit outside. Well what else does an amateur wood worker do but decide to build a pair of Adirondack chairs. So I did some digging and found this chair with free plans online. It's called Jake's Chair and you...
  11. coastal1

    New Cedar Adirondack projects

    Here is a pic of the unfinished chairs. I've been working on them over the holidays as time allowed. I still need to sand then finish them. These are built with some of the ERC I got from Alan in Little Washington a while back. I posted a few more photos of a small table also in the furniture...
  12. Adirondack Chairs

    Adirondack Chairs

    Almost done back and set completed
  13. White Oak Adirondack

    White Oak Adirondack

    My first chair, finished imCabot Helmsman.
  14. Adirondack Chair

    Adirondack Chair

    Here is a chair made from Brazilian Cherry. Very comfortable, and very heavy. It is finished withMcClosky's Spar Varnish.
  15. Gofor

    Adirondack Plans

    For those looking plans for Adirondack furniture, the latest addition of American Woodworker (#135 May 2008 ) has a full article including plans, cutlist, and instructions for an Adirondack Loveseat. Looks like it would be easily adapted to a single seater. Just info based on the number of...
  16. woodArtz

    Adirondack Set - Complete!

    Yeeehaaa! I'm done. The set is made based on some American Woodworker plans using some the cypress that I got from Reggie (via Ivey ;-)). I've made a bunch of these in the past using SYP and man what a pleasure to switch to cypress. I'll turn these over to the new owners next week and they will...
  17. woodArtz

    Adirondack chair... one down, one to go

    Finally got one of the two Adirondack chairs done. One more to go and I can get back to the lathe. How do y'all do this flat stuff all the time :eusa_thin? Tape measures, glue, screws, orbital sanders... All I need is a spinning block of wood :lol:.
  18. Adirondack Chair

    Adirondack Chair

    one part of a five piece set
  19. alleng

    adirondack chair plans

    hey guys,i was thinking about making some chairs forthe deck,i looked onl;ine and there are a lot of different one offered .just wondering if anyone had any recomendations ,cause i wont ever be able to make them without em. i just realy dont want to go out and buy them,it would be just as...
  20. Tom Dunn

    Plans for Adirondack chairs

    I did a search here on Adirondack chairs, theres some mighty nice examples! I need to make a pair of Adirondack chairs, and although I'm tempted to just print a couple pics from the search and "wing it", most of my past projects, of whatever type, tended to suffer somewhat from that approach...

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