1. Adirondack Fish Chair

    Adirondack Fish Chair

    A 2 piece adirondack style chair
  2. JackLeg

    Adirondack Chairs-One More Time!

    (Coles may eat my lunch for this, but I'm kinda stumbling here trying to post the photo of these new chairs we made for Ivey and wife. Here goes one more time)
  3. JackLeg

    Adirondack Chairs & Table

    Here's a pair of Adirondack chairs and a small side table my buddy and I built for Ivey and "Mrs. Ivey." They're a "his and hers" version. Hers is a bit smaller. Hope they like them. Well, so much for that. Seems my file is too big, and I don't have a clue how to resize a jpg file. HELP!!
  4. nelsone

    Adirondack Chairs

    Had a request to make a few adirondack chairs. This is a design that has evolved somewhat over the years, but they seem to be well liked. The seats are a full 24" wide, allowing for some wiggle room. Let me know what you think!
  5. J

    Childs adirondack chair plans

    All the plans I have been able to find are basic no style. Something like the nice looking chair style that Splinter had build but of course child size. Thanks to all in advance Dwight
  6. Canuck

    Adirondack Pair ... Done & Delivered!

    Well. I spent last weekend putting together yet another pair of Adirondack chairs; this time for my daughter and son-in-laws first anniversary. They also just moved into a new home and needed some additional deck seating. They are similar to my attempts last year, but decided to add some...
  7. J

    Plans For Adirondack Director Chair

    I Have Been Trying To Find Plans For An Adirondack Style Director's Chair Its Like An Adirondack Chair But Higher. Any Ideas Thanks In Advance Dwight
  8. coastal1

    ERC Adirondack Chair

    Hey Guys I finally got the pics of my newest chair design uploaded. They are in my gallery.
  9. Splinter

    Adirondack Chairs in Place

    I have finally got my Adirondack chairs in place with a protective finish on them. The finish gave the cypress wood a nice look, eventhough they will weather with time. A neighbor came by on his boat and complimented me on the chairs and said twice that he wanted me to build him a set. I said...
  10. Splinter

    Adirondack Chair Finsh

    Jimmy at KMI suggested I use a 1/3 mix of Spar Urethane, BLO, and Mineral Spirits to treat the Adirondack Chairs. He has used this on chairs made at KMI with good results. So I have tested this recipe on a piece of cypress scrap. It gave the cypress a nice light amber color. just what I was...
  11. Splinter

    Adirondack Chairs

    I finally made the Adirondack Chairs for our dock. See photo gallery. I start on the foot rests tomorrow. I bought the cypress at Turn Bull Lumber. This was my first expierence with cypress. It was 4/4 x 6" x 12' air dried #2 common for $.90 a bf. Almost 1/2 of the boards were almost totally...
  12. DSC02653


  13. DSC02659


    Chairs with umbrella support/table attached
  14. DSC02654


  15. DSC02652


  16. DSC02648


    102 BF of air dried Cypress from Turn Bull Lumber
  17. DaveO

    Kids Adirondack chair WIP

    I have started working on the child size Adirondack chair for my wife to give as a gift and one for my daughter (to avoid the melt-down when she sees it). The prototype mock up to get dimensions and shapes: The dry fit and trying to visualize how the back's curve will be cut...
  18. Splinter

    Wood for Adirondack Chairs

    Other than pressure treated SYP what wood would you recommend to build Adirondack chairs that are going to be used on a dock? I thought about teak but it is rather expensive and I think I have heard it is very hard on tools. Is this true?
  19. DaveO

    Adirondack chairs ???

    I have been requested by the LOML to make some child sized Adirondack chairs for her girlfriend's kids. I have searched for plans but had no luck on the child sized chairs. I know the basic construction methods, and general dimensions for a child's chair. My big question is what is the angle of...
  20. A Chair

    A Chair

    Adirondack chair - joinery - sliding dovetails on arms and stretcher, mortice and tenon on back slats.

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