1. cskipper

    Cathedral window

    Well, I cut this pattern at it's original size instead of following my instincts and enlarging it. There were definitely several prayer moments during this one! It is 4-7/8" wide with the thinnest walls about 1/16th" thick. The wood is cherry and I have not applied any finish yet.
  2. woodydiver

    Help on finishing window trim

    I am installing some new windows in the house and i am going to finish the trim on the inside with some red oak. I am looking for suggestions on what would be a good top coat for the wood to protect it from moisture and uv (fading).
  3. Rose Window -Bolivian cherry

    Rose Window -Bolivian cherry

  4. Trashcan Pre-Separator

    Trashcan Pre-Separator

    This is the finished project, installed and ready to use. One coat of primer and two coats of Flat Black oil base paint.
  5. Dust Level Window.

    Dust Level Window.

    The Dust Level Window is made from 1/4'' Polycarbonate. Dimensions are 1-1/2''x 11''. The back of the plastic is cut like a miniature raised-panel door; the panel extends about 1/16'' through the 1/2'' slot in the trashcan. The back side of the window is painted Black. The window is secured...
  6. huckster

    Window Carpentry Question..Disassembling Upper Sash

    Hey, I'm remodeling a room for my kid. I'm also updating it at the same time. Sorta also restoring it as well. At this point I'm working on the windows. The top sashes have been painted shut for probably 40+ years. The house was built in the mid 1920s. While I'm restoring the windows I also...
  7. S

    Mission window table

    I just finished this mission style window table, for lack of a better name. It is made from red oak, has mortise and thru tennons; and a classic oak stain with two coats of satin wipe on poly on the top. I intend to go back later and remake the drawer boxes using dovetails. I don't know why...
  8. Toddler

    Do most bandsaws have a tracking window?

    I posted a link to a craigslist saw, and noticed the newwoodworker review it linked to said the Ryobi was the only bandsaw Tom knew of that had a window to let you track the blade from in line with the top wheel. My steel city saw has one, and I just assumed all saws did. It makes sighting...
  9. C

    window sill wood stained cherry--type of wood?

    Hi- I have a client who wants 2 windows (separated by 11") to be joined by a common wooden sill that is to be stained cherry. Contemporary style, very squared off. SUggestions as to type of wood that would look good stained cherry? Also I think I need to stain it with an outdoor stain since it...
  10. Jim Murphy

    Window Stool molding

    I'm trimming out the windows in the shop and of course it's my first time and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm obviously going to have to mill something to make the 3 1/4" window stool molding work, but why is there a beveled rabbet at the back? Not so much the rabbet, but why the bevel...
  11. A

    A & C window and door casing and trim

    Anyone have a good link to pics of Arts and Crafts style window and door casing and other trim? I did a Google search and did not come up with any detailed, closeup pics or cross sectional diagrams. If I were to design the casing myself I might do a built-up system something like this: For...
  12. Joe Scharle

    Snap-in Window Grilles

    Tried making these things with band saw, scrowlsaw and chisel. Got a mullion cutter from and here's the results. Joint separated slightly for camera.
  13. Tom Dunn

    Window mullion

    I need to find a place to buy a bit of muntins strip for a window I'm repairing. It's what I call "three-step" muntins, but thats likely not the correct name, seeing as how I made that one up. I am not familiar enough with the area yet to even have a clue as to where to shop for something like...
  14. Joe Scharle

    Snap-in or pop-out window grids

    Has anyone made any of these. I want to replace the ones I have with more narrow pieces. Any help always appreciated. Joe

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