1. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    General overview of bin-full window modification. Notice the two pairs of windows, providing not only obvious indication at ~70% and ~90% Full, but also allowing the use of a flashlight to view bin status at much lower limits as well.
  2. zapdafish

    window ac unit with no window

    Well, my parents can give me a window ac unit if I want it. Only problem is my garage has no windows. Its a two car garage but luckily it has two garage doors rather than one big one. is it worth trying to setup an exhaust system to blow it out the bottom and cover the rest? it's a...
  3. DavidF

    Double glazed window repaired

    We have the bottom half of a sash window where the double glazed panel has obviously failed as we see misting on the inside. Can these be repaired? if yes, where? (local to Raleigh or better still Pittsboro) if not, looks like I'll need to but a new complete window section, where would the best...
  4. Gotcha6

    Closeout door & window hdwe. @ Lowe's

    Stumbling 'round in the local Lowe's yesterday AM I saw they had closeout prices of over 50% off on selected door & window hardware. Hinges, door stops, window lifts & locks, barrel bolts, etc. Looks like a distributor is getting ready to either bring in a new line or lose their shelf space...
  5. H

    Window AC unit - worth repairing? Who?

    THe former owner of our house was a WWer and built a shop that I love. He even put an window type AC unit into the back wall. I have used AC sporadically over the 14 years we have owned this place, and enjoyed it each time. But last night it was failing. 1. Given that the unit is likely 20+...
  6. merrill77

    Wood and treatment options for window headers

    We're going to have new windows installed in a few weeks, along with new soffit and facia trim (thanks, carpenter bees) and new paint on the house. I'm going to spec hardiplank (the concrete board stuff?) for the soffits and facias. We want to add some nice trim to the tops of the windows. Is...
  7. window removal

    window removal

    finished plus the deck
  8. window removal

    window removal

  9. window removal

    window removal

    after demolition
  10. window removal

    window removal

    during demolition
  11. window removal

    window removal

    before demolition
  12. window removal

    window removal

    before demolition
  13. rcflyer23

    Window Shelf/Curtain Holder

    We finally figured out what we wanted to do as far as curtains so I slapped together this shelf/curtain holder the other night and used a TON of spray paint. I'm thinking it might be time to invest in some sprayers. It was a fun little project. I got to use my new Air Compressor and nail...
  14. woodArtz

    [Suggestion-Main Site] Flash Chat window

    This falls in the suggestion category... I was wondering if we could move the Flash Chat window above the ads on the right side of the page. I like to be able to glance over and see who's in the "lounge" without having to remember to scroll down. I've noticed less folks chatting lately ('cept...
  15. coastal1

    Window deal on Charlotte CL

    Found this and thought it would be a great deal for someone's shop.
  16. huckster

    Has Anyone Ever Made Wooden Window Shutters?

    I need to make shutters for 2 windows using Red Oak. I bought the New Yankee Workshop plans but Norm has a shaper and I don't. He uses that to make the individual shutters flanges. Anyone know of any online places to buy parts for shutters? or better, local places? Any other sources for plans...
  17. sediener

    Window A/C Unit for Garage

    I'm preparing for this summer and plan upgrade my shop by adding insulation to the garage door and a window AC. Any recommendations on which brand to get or stay away from? It's ~25x20 with 12 ft ceiling so I figure 8-10k BTU. What do you think? - Steve
  18. Window Bench

    Window Bench

    Pine w/padded top
  19. Window Bench

    Window Bench

    Pine w/padded top
  20. Window Bench

    Window Bench

    Pine w/padded top

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