1. new_turner


    Visitor to the Klingspore extravaganza
  2. BrianInChatham

    Walker Turner TS on Raleigh CL

    This looks like junk to me, but the "old iron" crowd seems to get a bit glassy-eyed when Walker Turner comes up, so maybe someone will want this: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2327442683.html
  3. First Time Pen Turner

    First Time Pen Turner

  4. Mark Stewart

    Pen turner near me

    I was wondering if there was a pen turner near me( Spruce Vegas) that might let me use there set up to da a pen. My wife is traveling soon and I dont have a mandrell. Thanks Mark
  5. ScottM

    Good deal for a beginning turner in VA

    Not mine. No connection. Just passing along a good deal I found. http://richmond.craigslist.org/tls/2090099082.html
  6. TracyP

    NC Turner is now on Staff

    Gary has agreed to be an addition to the staff as a moderator. Gary, welcome aboard. I will announce your position to the general membership on August 29, 2010. Thanks for joining the staff. Your values will benifit the Staff and general membership of NCWW.
  7. J

    NC Turner, This One Is For You

    Kroger is running 2 liter Pepsi products for $0.49 each., when bought in multiples of 10. Good thru the 24th.
  8. Y

    wana be wood turner

    any tips on starting out turning wood. Pretty much self taught on all the other things I do, but this one is kicking my back side. My tools feel sharp maybe not sharp enough. Maybe oak is the wrong wood to learn on. But just trying to go from square to round is a feat its self. The wood looks...
  9. gritz

    Walker turner table saw $150

    Not Mine...This is in Shelby, NC http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/tls/1658791991.html
  10. mbeach

    Dust Mask? For a Turner

    I have just got into turning and since I started turning, i have been having terrible sinus problems, sore throats and heavy breathing after each time I turn. I think that I am allergic to something... I am very sensitive to chemicals and the same thing happens around those... So my...
  11. steviegwood

    I get to visit a local turner.

    Hi Y'all, I was browsing the web looking for some classes on using the lathe or finding some local turners. I came across a fella in my same phone exchange just ten minutes from home. I emailed him asking if he would consider letting me pay him for some lessons to see if I would like turning or...
  12. CarvedTones

    URGENT - turner in Apex/Cary/Raleigh that can cut up some blanks

    I picked up some free cherry and I am willing to give up the lion's share, including a nice burl and a crotch, to someone who will take it and cut me a couple of large carving blanks. I have the aforementioned burl, crotch, a big round and a couple of small logs (maybe 10") about 6' long. I will...
  13. boxxmaker

    Redone Walker Turner bandsaw

    This is a bandsaw that I picked up In Tampa for 200 bucks.I raised it from an 8" resaw capacity to about 13" The riser I made is not the prettiest,but when you don't have access to a welder or torch,ya just grab a hammer an start pounding.That is 1/4" x 4" solid steel an that stuff don't bend...
  14. bluchz

    i need Walker Turner bandsaw parts?

    i need the whole top wheel assembly?any hints on where to find one it's for a 14" bandsaw? thanks bluchz
  15. Tar Heel

    NC Turner, take a look at this

    View image in gallery You recently posted a pic of an elm bowl that had a beautiful finish that really appealed to me. This a bowl turned from elm in it's natural state with no finish on it. While I like the tight grain of the piece, I don't care for the washed out look. It is too white. What...
  16. PChristy

    Turner's wrist??

    I don't know if this is the right forum but do any of the "Darksiders" here have any trouble with their wrist and thumb hurting - I don't know if I might be holding the tool wrong or I am just putting to much preasure on my thunb while cutting :icon_thum my thumb feels this big right about now...
  17. Tar Heel

    A future turner in training

    My grandkids were here today and Jason wanted to go to the shop. He was interested in the bowl that was on the lathe. A future turner maybe?????? He also enjoyed drawing lines with his finger in all the dust as shown in the first pic..
  18. Mark Stewart

    Help request for a new turner.

    Well I have done a bit of turning over the last year or so on my pencile lathe and I need some help. Is there any one who lives close that can give me some guidance on chisle sharpening. I seem clueless. I love to turn but I do need a lesson or two. Thanks Mark:embarrassed:
  19. S

    Coffee Tables - Raleigh/Triangle

    Looking for a woodworker in Raleigh/Triangle area to cut and partially assemble pieces of two or three prototype coffee tables (e.g., oak, walnut) for artistic design I have in mind. Basic tile-top design (mitre-cut frame, routered edges, straight skirt/apron). Need legs, too, so turning or...
  20. johnpipe108

    Turner's Slide-Rest, Homemade in Wood

    There are times when I wished I had a cross-slide rest for my wood-lathe, for those special cuts where precise repeatability is wanted, such as cutting an identical, angular groove in several pieces (it is this feature that I need to be able to put "dish" into model wagon-wheels, for example)...

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