1. '48 Ford Monster Truck

    '48 Ford Monster Truck

    '48 Ford Monster Truck with a Poplar body, Cherry fenders and Walnut wheels.
  2. The WoodButcher

    Long SYP on short truck

    Hi ALL, I had some long SYP to haul today & turn into post's soon. Here's a few pix, the last one is my new Black Lab "JET Black Wynn". I think he's black lab & meth lab mix. :rotflm:
  3. DanR

    Looking to rent a flatbed truck or trailer (or hire a moving service)

    Hi Folks, I have 12,000 pounds of Cypress sitting at Ivey's place in Burgaw. I need to get it to Hillsborough. I had scheduled a trailer rental from hertz Equipment and when I got there there was a problem. They then offered me a flatbed truck, but the truck won't start :( Does anyone know...
  4. CarvedTones

    Truck from Raleigh to Mike Davis' BBQ??

    A while back I mentioned that I might have wood to bring Mike at the BBQ, but might be space constrained (it will not fit in the car with the kids). Someone else posted that they were planning to go and had room in a pickup bed. I cannot remember who or find which thread. It's actually a...
  5. J

    Faster than a Speeding UPS Truck

    Recently I placed an order with Rockler for some jig parts. A couple of items were back ordered. Original order was picked up by UPS on Wednesday last week. It arrived here on Tuesday afternoon this week. One back ordered item was sent out last Saturday by USPS, and arrived on Monday, the day...
  6. AllanD

    Truck bed drawers

    I would like to get some opinions on runners/slides for extra long drawers. I am planning on building a raised floor in the bed of my 6&1/2 ft. pickup bed with about three drawers. I'm sure some of you have a similar setup for your truck or have seen some. I was thinking of making it in two...
  7. mkepke

    New truck

    I participated in several "what vehicle to buy" threads over the last couple years, so figured I better 'complete the circle' and tell that I finally bought a pickup truck. It's a 2010 Toyota Tundra crewcab (aka "CrewMax"), 4x2 with the big 5.7L engine. I bought a pretty basic model -...
  8. DWSmith

    Look What the Big Truck Delivered Today

    View image in gallery I will post more photos and details tomorrow once I finish the unpacking and set up. It was positively dripping with cosmoline!:gar-Bi
  9. steviegwood

    Small 4x4 Dump Truck W/Snow Plow Wanted

    hi folks, the wife and i will be looking for a small dump truck 4x4 with snow blade preferred. we could put a blade on later. we have a dodge dakota and want to go to a full size truck but also need a snow plow and dump. if we can find a dump reasonable enough we can just get a 1/2 ton truck for...
  10. PChristy

    Brown Truck stopped by

    I got the last of my Christmas present today - My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas six days before Christmas and I told her that I have been wanting a chuck for the lathe for the past year or so (I have been borrowing one) anyway this one came up for sale at Penn...
  11. Ye Ole Milk Truck

    Ye Ole Milk Truck

    These trucks are fashioned after the 1930's milk truck. Designed to be a bank---constructed from contrasting hardwoods and finished with oil/urethane finish. Each has their own title.
  12. MikeH

    Anyone have a big truck I can borrow?

    I am still trying to figure out how to get my Dad's deconstructed 16x20 shed from DC to Charlotte. Does anyone have a box van I can borrow for about a week?
  13. NCTurner

    Anyone with a truck?

    Man I'd love to buy this, anyone with a truck up for a ride to Roswell, GA? Seriously, I'd love to go halves with someone for Gas, and to buy this!! Anyone? Ebay 1/2 ton Oak Burl!!
  14. R

    What a cool display - Freud truck

    The Freud truck is parked here at Asheville Hardware and we're selling lots of router bits and sawblades at 20% off today! Tom Ferone is happy to stay past the scheduled time of 2pm. Enthusiasm is running high so come on by!
  15. gfernandez

    New shop is finished! Anyone have a hand truck?

    Well, after much work and aggrevation, my new shop in the basement is finally finished! The electrician should be finishing up the lights this morning as we speak. Goodby cluttered garage and hello nice roomy shop! The final step is to move all the equipment from the garage into the basement...
  16. woodnick

    Big Brown Truck just stopped

    This is to help with the "Winter Blues"
  17. K


    May sound kinda silly but I don't want an expensive one, just something to haul wood back and forth from the mill to my garage, other then that it'll sit in my driveway. Anything really works, the bigger the bed the better. Guess it's weird to ask where to buy a truck from, but im only...
  18. CrealBilly

    Free Walnut Limb - bring the truck - may need your chainsaw, too. (Fayetteville)

    CL (not mine) ---> "There is a good size walnut limb at E Lafayette and N Walnut in Fayetteville, across the street from the old St. Joseph's Church (now condos). It is in the yard of the red house on the NW corner between the house and the...
  19. S

    Project truck floor

    I removed the rear seat from my 2003 Chevy Silverado extended cab. I am currently in the process of building a raised floor, so I will have a flat surface the width of the truck. I plan on building storage boxes that pull out from underneath the floor. I used 1/2" treated decking for the floor...
  20. Bryan S

    And the Brown Truck dropped off.....

    An Incra Miter 1000SE. Thanks to some enabelers here I pulled the trigger on the Amozon deal and did this get here fast. I placed the order last Friday morning and actually went to cancel the order Monday because of all the Veternarian bills to find that it had allready shipped. UPS droped it...

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