1. Grimmy2016

    Where can I find - Elm wood, Elm Trees for planting?

    So I have had a thing about Elm trees stuck in my brain for almost two years. I cant stop thinking about them.... most because I grew up on a tree lined street with these huge, magnificent Elm trees in Detroit. I dont know if they were American Elm or Dutch Elm or some other type. Just that...
  2. BKind2Anmls

    How to Identify Pine Trees

    We have lots of pine trees and I did not know how to tell the difference till I found this link: There is also a recipe for pine needle tea, here:
  3. A

    Trees on the ground in CLT

    A friend of mine posted these pics on fb of trees that came down yesterday. i told him some of yall might be interested in them. if you are let me know and i'll put yall in touch with each other. i think he lives in south charlotte.
  4. DanR

    Free Walnut Trees free mature walnut trees about 14" diameter. You cut and haul away . Serious inquiry only. Bring your tools and truck when you are coming. If interested, please include your name, contact number and available schedule.
  5. N

    ANY info on Paulownia trees market/buying please!

    Is there anyone out there that has an idea as to the market for paulownia trees? I am interested in starting my own plantation however the only information I'm lacking is Who will actually buy paulownia. I now it is great wood for furniture, instruments and such but I am very new to this, so...
  6. D

    Free wood in N Durham (trees)

    On my way home today I noticed that there are several large oak trees that are being removed in north Durham. They are on Hillandale Rd just north of I-85. You can't miss `em. It looks like they may be getting ready to widen the road. I hate to see these big, beautitful trees get cut down, but...
  7. TexasTimbers

    Inspect Black Walnut trees regularly . . .

    I know many of us sawyer & logger types are aware of the 1000 Canker Disease attacking Black Walnut, but I think it's a good idea for a reminder to woodworkers as well, since most of you often interact with sawyers and loggers. Also, many of you own property & perhaps have some BW that you can...
  8. FredP

    10 trees older than Steve! :gar-Bi
  9. WoodRose

    Have trees... need lumber!

    Due to a recent storm that damaged the tops of a few hardwood trees in my backyard I may be taking a couple of them down very soon, or more accurately hiring someone to take them down. The big tree and its twin are slightly in excess of 36 inches around sprouting from a good size crotch. So all...
  10. R

    Anyone interested in black walnut trees?

    I have 2 extremely large ominous black walnut trees looming over my house. I'd like them cut in half but I may be able to be talked into cutting them down completely. If anyone bonded and insured would like them you can have them free but you gotta come cut them down or in half. If your not...
  11. SSuther

    Large Walnut and Cedar Trees Available

    I have a friend who asked me if I know anyone who'd be interested in 3 large walnut trees (36 inch diameter) and over 50 large cedars (20 inch) that he needs to have removed from land in Rowan County. Don't have any idea what $$s he's thinking, but I told him I'd post here and provide his...
  12. M

    Fruit/Nut Trees

    I know this isn't quite wood working, but seeing as it's wood related, I'm hoping someone can help... I need to find a good arborist... SOON! We have several different varieties of fruit trees on our property... apples, sourwood cherries, persimmon, peach and pear. There's also several walnut...
  13. MarkZ

    Hickory trees

    Hi, A month ago I posted about 2 downed hickory trees on my property. I was out of town and finally had Saw4You come out with his woodmizer and turn them into about 1000bf of lumber. Thought you'all might be interested in some pictures... Here's a (real short) cool video of the woodmizer...
  14. Jerome B

    Free oak trees - Durham

    Some friends of mine have two oak trees on their property that need to come down so they can expand the house. My friends would rather have the trees turned into furniture than cut up for fire wood and mulch. I have not seen them, but am told that they have a shoulder height diameter of 2' and...
  15. BKind2Anmls

    Threat to Black Walnut Trees

    The May/June 2009 issue of Fine Woodworking posted the following letter: I a a professor of entomology at Colorado State University, where we have discovered a new insect-carried fungus called Thousand Cankers, which poses an extreme threat to black walnut in North America. Currently, we think...
  16. PChristy

    Free Trees : You Take Down and Sell or Burn (SE Greensboro)

    Might be good might not - trees do not look all that big in dia. We have some very big, tall trees that are on the edge of a large open field that need to be taken down and hauled off. We're giving them to someone who has the equipment and...
  17. Cutting Logs w 10" Table Saw

    Cutting Logs w 10" Table Saw

    Diagram of Log Cuts
  18. PChristy

    Free Wood - many kinds of trees (Stokesdale)

    Not Mine: MANY trees of all types - poplar, black walnut, oak, hickory, pine, etc. We will cut them down & take care of the limbs, if you just cut up the logs & haul the wood away. Take just what you want. We don't want the trees, but we don't need the wood. I hate to drag it into the yard &...
  19. NCTurner

    Trees for wood.. I have 2 large trees that I need to get rid of. 1 of them is a poplar that has been on the ground for about a year. The trunk has been cut into 8 foot sections and it has just sat in the back yard since it was cut down. The other is a maple...
  20. PChristy

    3 Free Oak Trees (GSB CL)

    Free 3 Oak trees huge (greensboro, nc) Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-03-24, 9:36AM EDT Might be worth looking into I have 3 oak trees Id like to have cut down. One is real big and will probably need a professional to cut down. I...

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