1. Platter table

    Platter table

    Made from Mahogany, glass and carved wood platter 9purchased)
  2. Film School

    Film School

    Made from Walnut, old film reel and mirror
  3. Clock Table

    Clock Table

    Made from Mahogany, metal working clock and glass
  4. SubGuy

    Red Cedar, What would you do?

    I just snapped to yesterday and I looked down at the ground and saw that I had been cutting red cedar down and wondered what could I do with this other than burn it or throw on the brush heap. I been told not to burn it in the wood stove because it is like burning pine. I've thought about a...
  5. Learning


    Small projects I have made while trying to learn some basics.
  6. Puzzle Boxes

    Puzzle Boxes

    pattern courtesy of SSW&C
  7. Canuck

    Christmas Projects All Done!

    Can't believe that I am on time this year!!!!!!!!!!:eusa_clap Have been busy with the Christmas gifts since just before Thanksgiving and finally got ‘em finished and wrapped. In the family tradition, Rudolf has been standing guard beside our Christmas tree for a few years. Had some...
  8. J

    Some recent projects

    Here are some of my recent and ongoing projects from my new shop. The stump table is a old Gum root I dug from my back yard and a old red oak slab, over 20 years old. The other two are examples of tissue boxes that I sell. :wsmile: View image in gallery View image in gallery View...
  9. Hook

    First Scrolling projects in more than a year

    Since my wreck, last year, I've struggled tremendously with using my hand. Alas, I've started to take an "oh screw it and just do it" attitude. Unfortunately, this does involve a good deal of pain during the blade changing process. :wmad: I need to figure out a way to modify the process on my...
  10. B

    Hurricane Projects?

    Since we're probably going to be "shut in" tomorrow, anyone planning any WWing projects? If you're close to the coast, you'll probably loose power for a bit or at least flucuate on/off. I wish everybody a safe Saturday... and if you have too, board up your windows, pack a hurricane kit, and...
  11. Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker

  12. Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker

  13. J

    Some old projects.

    Well, since I've not ever thrown up any photos of projects, I figure it's time to rectify this. First off is my last project at the NC Maritime Museum (which is actually where most of these were done). It's a US Lifesaving Service surf boat and wagon. I did very little work with the actual...
  14. N

    This Weekends Projects

    Thought I posted this, but can't find it so here goes. Another in my kitless bottle stopper attempts. This still needs a cork. Red Bed, finished with a lot of CA, we sanded with 400, then sanded up to 12k with micro mesh then three wheel buffed. This is the second in a series of bowl...
  15. Truefire

    What are your perspectives on custom projects?

    What in your mind and or perspective constitutes custom made woodworking? Is it the integration of select elements of an artist or woodworker into his/her work that display their personality and individual style in the work created? Or is it the creation created from a vast array of customer...
  16. Cutting Board 2

    Cutting Board 2

    Cutting Board 2, end grain checkerboard pattern, A LOT OF SANDING!!!!! also finished with butcher block oil.
  17. Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

    Cutting Board number one, edge grain maple and walnut, 3/8 inch round over to smooth edges. Finished with basic butcher block oil.
  18. Tools105


  19. Tools104


  20. Tools103


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