1. SteveColes

    Some testing in progress

    I have put the site into debug mode which will display a bunch of info at the bottom of each page. Ålso i may be putting in trace messages also. Please ignore this unless what I am doing is making it impossible to use the site
  2. worm1595

    My shop progress

    Here is a pic of my ongoing shop build (garage). I have been busting my *** to get it done before this fall and am quite pleased with my progress so far. I think I am finally over the hump and am coasting downhill with the wind in my face now:icon_cheers. I got my new/used Dewalt table saw just...
  3. EricS

    Unisaw rebuild progress

    After the MWTCA meeting in Hillsborough I picked up a '59 Unisaw from Jim C.(Bob,thanks for the help loading:eusa_clap). I've been working on it periodically. Here is a before pic View image in gallery and here are a few in progress pics View image in gallery View image in gallery I...
  4. 100_2228


  5. bluthart

    Bench Progress - Vise Installed

    Here is the Rockler 9" quick release vise I installed Monday. I set up a jig so I could router the recess easily. I then attached the vise, and cut and installed the jaws... With the jaws... just need to add tung oil.
  6. S

    snowshoe rabbit in progress

    This is part of a series on rabbits and trees. The idea is to carve the trees as real as possible making them the real focus of the carving. The animals are secondary but they are also an experiment with fur details. This carving is from 8/4 basswood with the dimensions at 12" x 26". The...
  7. rcflyer23

    2x4 Coffee Table COMPLETE 1/23

    COMPLETE!!!!! I have completed everything with the table and placed it in the house. The pictures aren't as good as I would like. I probably should have brought in the photo lights and used the tripod but you get the point. Thanks for looking. View image in gallery View...
  8. GrandDaughters Cradle

    GrandDaughters Cradle

    Heritage Cradle
  9. FredP

    latest project in progress

    got a little over a week in this one. it's a sewing cabinet made for 2 machines with automatic lifts. this one has been challenging. got the news yesterday that it has to be stained!:crossedlips: did I ever mention I HATE stain? well it's stained and some time after turkey dinner I will start to...
  10. nelsone

    Compass Rose (progress pics added)

    Thought I'd share the progress on my latest project. This is the panel for another serving tray. It is wetted down with some DNA for the pic. Panel is walnut, the oval is bubinga, and the rose is maple and :icon_scra I can't remember. I hope to put some stringing around the oval tonight (wish me...
  11. M

    Workshop Progress

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Well, we built the house thre View image in gallery e years ago with a dedicated area for the shop. As you can see, did not have much to start with. Things have come along nicely since...
  12. dino drosas

    Kayak progress and set up for you other tool junkies

    I have started back on building the kayak. As I mentioned, I decided to make it out of Mahogany with Tiger Maple accents. I know it will be heavier than with the traditional Cedar; but if I am going to go through all that work, might as well make it a show piece. The stripping is 1/4 x 5/8...
  13. Bas

    Workshop progress

    Progress on the new shop has been a bit slow, this "work" thing keeps getting in the way! And there are always also some other projects around the house that need to get done. I think this is the scene I last posted: View image in gallery From here, demolishing the rest of the walls to get to...
  14. Bryan S

    Kitchen remodel in progress

    Been a long time coming but the day finally arrived. We are in full swing now. Old cabinets Old cabinets and soffits gone. Old cabinets near their new home ready to be recycled. Saved the best for last If your refridgerator is setting on your back patio with the water...
  15. JOAT

    A work of "It aint Art" in progress

    I've been spending a lot of time lately over on some of the gunsmithing forums and decided I needed a portable bench with different tops I can bolt on with different tools as needed. It ain't gonna be pretty, but even if it was, it wouldn't be for long. Anyway decided you guys should know I'm...
  16. 02blues

    barley twist in progress

    Just sharing with the class. Making a barley twist candle stick as practice for a bed. The mahogany is wonderful. Make this little jig to hold one piece at a time which works well too. Will post the final when done. Cheers.
  17. Bas

    Stackable end tables *UPDATED WITH NEW PICS*

    Joe was right. You don't need no steekin' plans. Just cut some wood :-) I'm making the tables out of some QS Sycamore. It's a great wood to work with. Cuts easily, light, and no splintering. The only tough part is that the highly figured sections are prone to tearout. Man I wish I had a drum...
  18. flatheadfisher

    Kitchen Progress - The Cabinet Doors

    These cabinet doors are taking forever to complete. I am almost there, they just need a few more coats of Waterlox. I went with the Euro style hinges because they are adjustable (DaveO). It was a pain to drill all the holes - if I had it to do over again, I would have built a large table and...
  19. ptt49er

    Shop Progress...

    Due to a remodel at work, I scored a LOAD of cabinets... The shop is coming together, but I've gotta say, hanging those uppers kicked my tail. I hung all but three by myself (I'm hard headed and didn't want to wait for help)
  20. B

    New Workshop (and house) - Work in Progress

    My new home is almost finished (planning to move next weekend), so here's a few pictures of where I'll be setting up shop. Back of the new house. Bottom Left is a single garage where I'll get set up. I'll have about a 14x20 of permanent usable space, and another 10 or so feet available if I...

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