1. TracyP

    Vb4 Upgrade In Progress

    Steve Coles will be the coordinator for the upgrade to vb4. He has renewed all license necessary to upgrade. There will probably be a couple of days of down time due to the many changes that need to be made. We will keep the staff up to date when these outages will occur. We could be down...
  2. SteveColes

    Done Software Upgrade in progress

    I will be starting to upgrade one of the pieces of our software. There may be intermittent weirdness over the next few hours. Please forgive any problems. I doubt that any of the staff wishes to do this in the middle of night:no:. I know I don't.:swoon::swoon::gar-La; Since this is New Year's...
  3. S

    work in progress update 2

    I forgot to post the updates for this Raven carving so I decided to show the current status. I still have work to do but have been letting it percolate to figure out just how far to carry the details on the wing etc. I like the look of it now and just may leave it that way. What do you folks...
  4. moodyfloyd

    Glazing progress

    Here's my glazing progress on the craft table I am building. Let me know what you guys think... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  5. S

    Edge sander restoration COMPLETE

  6. LeftyTom

    Kitchen Cart In Progress

    A few months ago, I got some Ash and Oak from Rick Dinardo. Rick said he didn't want to see nay pic of the wood until it became something. So here is my work in progress kitchen cart. The final dimensions with top mounted are 30" W x 27" deep x 34" high. The top is supposed to end up 1 3/4"...
  7. farmerbw

    Workbench and re-org, finally some progress

    So, I've had a large commercial door ala PhilS that I've been meaning to use to build a movable bench on a section of base cabinet from our kitchen remodel. I've been kicking around doing it and trying to move things around in my garshop to make room to build it much less use/store it. :roll...
  8. Bryan S

    Some Long Overdue Progress on Lingerie Chest

    I started this lingerie chest over 2 years ago, since then there has been one delay or stumbling block on top of another. Finally, today I made some progress. The major problem was how to get around the varying depth of the dado's in the sides for the dust panels. My guess is that the spacers I...
  9. S

    work in progress update

    I finally got the neck feathers done. Just a ton of skew chisel work followed by even more work to get clean cuts. I then went over all the neck feathers with a small #11 gouge or "U" shaped tool followed by a white stone in the foredom to carry the cuts to the end of the feathers. Will...
  10. S

    work in progress

    Just started this panel. Shooting for a graphics art look and trying to make a three dimensional painting basically. The one photo is the initial design phase with the design and research material. The second photo is after about 12 hours of work laying out the basic contours and feather...
  11. Bas

    Backup in progress

    From RWH: I haven't experienced a slowdown, if it does at some point this would be the cause.
  12. KenOfCary

    Roubo Workbench - More Progress

    Final fitting of the legs and stretchers - Take 2. View image in gallery How we got there from the last update. First we used the Mortising Attachment for the drill press to make the mortises in the legs. View image in gallery View image in gallery[/center] After that was...
  13. KenOfCary

    Roubo Workbench - More Progress

    I finally got back to working on the Roubo Bench. So far I've got the 2 back legs fitted into their dovetails / mortises. View image in gallery Lesson learned. Don't use the 100 year old antique Mallet to pound in the legs, that's a job for the 2 pound brass hammer and a 2x4. (I was able...
  14. JohnW

    New Shop Progress Pics

    View image in gallery 20' x 28' Block wall on concrete foundation. View image in gallery Building up and wraped. Waiting for rough-in elec inspection early next week. When passed, will install doors, windows, siding to match the house, gutters and finish the interior. Then final inspection.
  15. S

    Owl in Progress

    Started this as a study for a larger piece but it came out better than I thought so I went the whole nine yards. The wood is Balsa measuring 6" tall x 2 1/2" square. I bleached with a 2 part bleach (the store doesn't carry any longer) and I will finish sanding with a nylon rag to buff it down...
  16. owl2a


  17. KenOfCary

    Roubo Workbench - Work in progress

    Some have asked to see pictures of the Roubo workbench that I've been working on for a few months. It is based on a 5"x18" Maple Slab for the top. The Slab was obtained locally from saw4you here on the web site. Jack has a lot of really nice Maple if you're in need of some. Here is what it...
  18. ScottM

    New shop progress report

    I took this week off to get some work done on the shop and other chores around the house. These pics were taken on Wednesday. Front side with over head door. I still need to finish the door trim but for all purposes the outside is done except I will be adding an over hang over the side...
  19. ScottM

    My progress report and gloat

    I too have been making progress on my new shop. It is still a loooooong way from done. The gloat part is this. While I spent the weekend working at the Klingspor Show my BIL, wife's cousin (CIL), in the picture below, shingled the roof. The tractor in the pics belongs to a neighbor. He was...
  20. bluthart

    Crib Progress

    I started making a crib for my son, who was born 10/14. My wife asked me to build it when she was 8 weeks from her due date, so I have made decent progress considering the short notice and a busy work schedule. It is poplar and I plan on using a dark (walnut) finish. Thanks for looking, and...

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