1. Ed Fasano

    Miter Saw Help Needed

    Miter saw help, please. I’m stumped. My Delta 36-225 10” compound (non-sliding) miter saw, equipped with sharp Freud LU85 is producing 90-dgree cuts that are crowned. What I’m calling a crown amounts to a cut that curves ever-so slightly outwards from the edge closest to the fence, reversing its...
  2. Nelson

    Suggestions needed for furniture repair

    My daughter still thinks "Dad can fix anything" even though she is in her 30's now. I'm trying to keep my image up and not let her in on the real truth just yet, so I need some helpful ideas and opinions. She sent me this picture of damage to a dresser that she would like for me to "fix" next...
  3. MrAudio815

    Exotic Scraps needed

    Hey all, I'm looking for smallish scraps from 1/4" sqaure by 12" long of various exotic hardwoods that are colorful (looking for Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Bloodwood, Padauk, etc.). This is for Jewelry for the LOML, and family gifts. I can also use scroll saw scraps, 1/16" x 1/4" x 12"....1" x...
  4. Tim Sherwood

    Face frame beading advice needed

    I would like to add a bead to the inside edges of my cabinet face frames. I plan to use pocket screws for assembly. These will be cherry cabinets with a clear finish. I have read several articles about how to do it. They all look pretty time consuming. So far it looks like I might as well just...
  5. bluthart

    Attic Insulation Advice needed...

    I have a 1963 house with a 4/12 pitch hip roof with at least 12" of blown cellulose insulation on the cieling. I put a new roof on last year a and on the advice of my "roofer" I removed 6 box vents (without fans) from the roof, but have a complete vented ridge. A different friend of mine...
  6. nelsone

    Duplicator work needed

    Does any have a duplicator that some extra cash? The lady who makes these dog beds needs someone to make the feet. If you are interested PM me and I'll put you in touch with her. Don't know the volume.
  7. Tarhead

    Ott-Lite Ballast Help Needed

    We snagged an Ott-Lite Floor task lamp on some major sale a few years ago and the ballast has stopped working. In my research on this I'm finding that Ott-Lite doesn't make their spare parts freely available and I'm not sure I want to continue with this style if it doesn't hold up any better...
  8. B

    Sliding Dovetail help needed

    I am thinking about a project that will need a sliding dovetail joint, so today I was fooling around on the router table and thought I would try one out of some scrap pine. I used a 1/2" straight bit to cut a groove to start the slot so the dovetail bit didn't have to hog out all that wood...
  9. ScottM

    We have a good problem and help is needed

    The good new is we look like we will have a record crowd for this year's picnic. The sign-up is pushing 160 with a few days to go for sign-ups. The bad news is we could use some more help with setup and clean up duties. Any one who can lend a hand will be greatly appreciated. Even if just...
  10. W

    cedar or cypress needed

    LOML has decided that she would like the easy to build glider featured in the latest Wood magazine. It calls for about 60 bd ft of cedar but cypress would also work well. I can live with some tight knots. Does any anyone have a stash and if so can you PM me with pricing information. Near...
  11. Martin Roper

    Woodworking teacher needed (Apex)

    This might be an interesting opportunity for someone who is retired and likes to work with kids. Woodworking teacher needed (Apex) Dance & Woodworking teachers needed (Apex) Date: 2011-04-27, 8:17PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  12. farmerbw

    Veneer/wood ID help needed

    I've got an old wardrobe in my oldest daughters room and the upper hanging section isn't being used very efficiently and I'd like to change that. I'm going to build a shelving/cube insert for the bottom portion and leave space above the top shelf for her to stand/sit her American Girl dolls. I...
  13. jcz

    Spalted wood needed

    Im still kinda new here and still learning my way around so if this is in the wrong section Im sorry. I am in need of some spalted wood 1''x4''x4''. If you have some that I could get I would appreciate it alot. I have a guy that wants me to make a turkey call for him. Id love to get more than...
  14. T

    Tornado Cleanup Help Needed in NE Raleigh/Forestville

    Samaritans Purse has organized a disaster cleanup effort for the Raleigh/Forestville area. They are operating out of the Wake Crossroads Baptist Church. They particularly need people with large chainsaws to cut up some big trees, starting Friday, 4/22. If you can help, or just loan them your...
  15. merrill77

    Chainsaw sharpening advice needed

    My saw is putting out a mix of chips and dust. It takes over a minute to get through a 10" oak log that had been standing dead for a few years. Perhaps my expectations are wrong, but that seems pretty slow. Last time I used it, I was cutting some smallish (6-8") freshly felled soft maple and...
  16. A

    Woodworking Summer Camp Instructors needed

    I got this email via Charlotte Woodworkers. I know some members are college/grad students so this might be of interest to them. But I also wonder if they'd Alex be a camper/instructor!!! First: Jed Last: Dorfman Address: 1000 Cape Moonshine Rd City: Piermont State: NH Zip...
  17. J

    All It Needed Was Cleaning

    Last night for part of the program on jigs and tips at TWA, I took in my band saw blade. It's a 1/4", 0.025, 6 TPI, hook pattern, bi-metal blade. It has been on my saw since 1999. I've cut hundreds of little cars for Toys for Tots program, in addition to everyday use. Car bodies are cut from 2 X...
  18. Truefire

    29" Hardwood Table Legs needed

    Hey guys i am building a contemporary style sofa table with an elegant appeal and I am in need of some block style tapered legs that would accommodate a 4" drawer space. I am need of four legs 29" long and 4 - 21" in length. preferably hardwood legs or either maple legs revealing slight...
  19. me-msahib

    boxwood & ebony needed

    I need boxwood branches, no smaller than 2" diameter. They are the traditional wood for chess sets (paired with ebony for the black side). So, I also need ebony, Macassar preferably, but any will do. Again, anything over 2" diameter, any length. And while I am making my Christmas...
  20. Truefire

    Ambrosia Maple Board Needed.

    Hey guys i am looking to purchase an Ambrosia Maple board approximately 1" x 18" x 40" +-L. Would any one know of some persons on this site that may be able to assist me in this endeavor to locate this. Thanks for all of your considerations in advance. Chris

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