1. bobby g

    Poplar needed

    I need several hundred lineal feet of 3/4 X 3 1/2 kiln dried & pretty clear poplar or other inexpensive wood to use as baseboard in my shop and truck garage. Lengths of 12-16 feet would be ideal. It could be rough cut at 1 1/8 X 4" or 8" wide. Thanks, bobby g
  2. W

    Grizzly 0490 Jointer info needed

    I looking for somebody who has a 0490 jointer to give me a call.I have a few dimensional questions that are not answered on the website.PM me and I'll get you my number.Thanx, Greg
  3. bobby g

    8/4 Wanut Needed

    A friend of mine has a commission and one component of the piece requires a thick walnut board. It needs to be 8/4 X 16 X 4 feet, ideally one piece. He could make it out of 2 pieces of 8" wide stock if the grain is straight and would match-up nicely. His shop is in the Pittsboro, NC area. Do you...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Corporate Member Vote Needed!

    Gentlemen: As I alluded to in my earlier post in another thread, we need to have a vote of the corporate members (CMs) with regard to our non-profit status. I believe that no one here on the BoD will have an objection to this amendment. If I am wrong please call me ASAP! Tracy has told me he...
  5. D

    HDPE or similar material needed

    Anyone know a local (Raleigh/Durham) source for HDPE or similar? I know Woodcraft carries a small selection of UHMW, but I need a piece around 14"x26" in size and at least .5" thick. Thanks! Dave
  6. G

    Finisher needed

    We need a Finisher for field touch-up on a high rise in Cherokee, NC.
  7. red

    Nebo Area Bush Hog Service needed

    Hey All, I was wondering if any member out in the Nebo area (Dysartsville to be exact) has a bush hog that I can hire (or knows of someone) to cut about a 1 ½ acre lot of briers and scrub brush. Very easy terrain to work on. An added plus would be a front bucket to backfill a bunch of test...
  8. A

    Chuck Advice Needed

    Woodcraft has the Nova G3 in a good package deal right now: Chuck, Mini Cole Jaws and a couple other goodies for $ 150. I have a Supernova 2 and want some Cole Jaws to finish the bottoms of bowls...
  9. Joe Scharle

    Veneer Repair Wizard Help Needed

    :help: LOML just presented me with a project. Looks like 1920's piece with splitting, de-laminating veneer. I'm not good with new veneer! Do we have any wizards around So. Wake who feels sorry for a fellow member?
  10. ScottM

    Volunteers needed for Klingspor Extravaganza

    This will be the 10th annual Klingspor Extravaganza in Hickory, NC. As in the past NCWW will have our normal booth so we can introduce NCWW benefits to others. To make this year even more special to Klingspor and NCWW we have arranged for our own Greg Paolini to attend on Saturday October 30...
  11. R

    Needed a PSI Gatsby Kit.

    Had someone ask about a Gold Gatsby the other day.But I don't have one and don't want to pay as much for shipping as the kit.If anyone has an extra shoot me a pm and we will work something out.Please! Thanks Robert
  12. W

    portable sawmill needed

    Who has a mobile portable sawmill that can do some sawing in Mooresville.I obtained several large white oak logs and I cannot cut them up for firewood.One is 35" across .Tonite I was called about a 125 ' tall Red oak tree that is coming down and I can expect delivery this weekend.There is a lot...
  13. NCTurner

    Web Crawlers Needed- Thanks Susan!!

    A few weeks ago I found a link on how to make a Sliding thickness gauge using a steel rope crimp, I thought I book marked it, but alas no:BangHead:. I have spent hrs, and I do mean hrs looking for this site. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
  14. Douglas Robinson

    Handyman needed in Cary

    I have a friend in Cary that needs someone that can repair some external shutters on his house. I believe they need to be re-secured to the brick exterior. ANyone interested please PM me. Thanks, Doug
  15. S

    Electrician needed

    I need an electrician before to long to add some outlets in my garage. Its something I just don't really feel comfy doing myself. Anyone know of someone in the Charlotte area or near that wouldn't kill me on the costs and knows what they are doing?
  16. TracyP

    Moderator and Admin Conference Call Needed Soon

    I need to hold a conference call with the Moderators asap. Please post your availability any evening after 7:30. The only topic will be the new off topic forum. And the way the new three strike rule and infractions will be handled. I am also inviting all of the Admins to join us on this...
  17. Bas

    E-mail sent to NCWW web master address, response needed

    I'd be happy to reply this one, but given that this is related to moderation, perhaps one of the mods can take it. Don De Jong to webmaster Hi, This is the second time I have been extremely tempted to delete my membership. But I can't figure out how to do, so I'm still here. The first...
  18. Bas

    Web site redesign help needed

    Back in March of 2006, this is what the North Carolina Woodworker web site looked like: View image in gallery A few things have changes since then. The site now has some limited advertising to help pay the bills, and donations are not only accepted but even encouraged. What hasn't changed...
  19. Phil S

    Assistant(s) needed

    I am getting ready to do a wood bending demo at the Klingspor WW Show Case Sept 11. I sure could use a hand as I plan to do some chair back bending with a steambox, some walking stick bending and some instrument side bending with a hot pipe. I am just concerned about safety and need some...
  20. ScottM

    Demonstrators Needed - PLEASE

    We need folks to do demo's at the Raleigh Klingspor Show Case on Saturday September 11th. Here are some examples: Pen turning Bowl, hollow form or whatever turning Worksharp/Tormek sharpening Scroll saw Band saw Hand cut dovetails Hand plane tuning OTHER Please reply to this thread...

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